today’s lesbian visibility day, so i’m turning off the invisibility machine~


Wanted to try playing with light and shadow a bit more, so here’s a sketchy sad Scotty… maybe something just happened to one of his brothers? Is he worrying about his Father? Remembering Mom? What do you guys reckon would upset our Thunderbird One most?

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let's start a family

Jimin and you decided to break the news to the boys first. You sat everyone down and took a seat across from them besides jimin. Jimin took your hand in his and rubbed it reassuringly urging you to go on with the announcement. You glanced over at him nervously. He gave you a soft smile, telling you to, “go on.”

“Uhm, we have a baby.” You said softly, too soft causing everyone to ask you to repeat it and say it louder.

“We have a baby.” You said a little bit louder, looking down at your lap to avoid eye contact with them.

The boys were all quiet with shocked faces. After a couple seconds they began to bombard you with questions. Questions like “how many months?” and “girl or boy?”

“Well, I got him last week but he’s around 3 months old.” You tried to answer, through their loud voices.

Everyone’s face would twist in confusion until jimin ran to carry the new kitten from the bedroom.

Jimin placed the kitten in his lap and everyone began to crowd around him wanting to pet it. He looked over at you and smiled for the success in the big announcement.

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a/n: I’m not really sure what this is? The writing is shitty as usual. I really want a cat.

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whats ur fav pokemon

i havve a lot more favvs tbh but these are the first big 6 i could think of!!