bear with me here a sec idk but you know.. self-sabotage done out of desperation to prove that you’re not one particular thing? like you’re DETERMINED to do anything and everything you can to show everyone around you that you are a certain, specific way, nothing else, certainly not the opposite, and you become fixated on it and even go to extremes because no matter what you do the sense that you ARE that one way you loathe thinking of is always gnawing at you and always has been, no matter how much you ignore it, no matter every awful thing you do to cut it out and drain it from you and rid yourself of it..

and you just.. NEED to prove otherwise but it also becomes this.. drive to reassure and prove it to YOURSELF more than anyone else. as strongly as possible. no matter how drastic/awful the lengths you go to it are. and you KNOW what you’re doing. you’re very aware. you’re purposefully doing that shit because you need to show that that’s who you are and that’s the path you’re following. rather than calmly saying “this is who i am” you’re yelling it so everyone hears and so YOU hear it. so that you know. so there’s no room for doubt from anyone else but, most importantly, from you. you yell to drown out the doubt and anything that negates the idea of being who you want to be. that’s the vibe i get from ben ren. idk. maybe. perhaps


Day 13: Based on the weather - Claudia Skyes

Claudia is everyone’s favourite TV weatherwoman. Claudia makes balancing familiarity and formality look effortless - a feat made even more impressive when you consider her 3am wake-up, when she heads to work to research and prepare her weather reports. She hopes to lead by example and inspire other women to join the exciting world of meteorology.

I made a dump for some old PO!! sketches/doodles/crap I never finished/posted and since I’m tired I make bad decisions so I’m posting it like this

You know, I really do get that protecting abuse victims is important, and I know that abuse is a major issue, but I’m starting to get really tired of having assholes wander into my otp tag and tell me that that’s the only possible way to ship my otp.

No, it’s not.

And news flash, you don’t have to tell anyone who ships it to unfollow you. If you’re accusing them of supporting abuse without actually knowing what you’re talking about, then they probably weren’t following you in the first place.