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YES FUCK and dal walks in while he's posing in front of a mirror or something and he just goes almost as red as the boots and looks so embarrassed and wants to hide. but dal is like "no no no, you don't need to cover up, it's actually, uh... really hot" fuckigN

YESSS and thats how they spice up their sex life for the rest of forever

Lips Are for Biting *Cashby Smut*

Title: “Lips Are For Biting.” (Bruises and Bitemarks by Good With Grenades)

Pairing: Cashby

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Alan wasn’t the best listener and Austin wasn’t famous for his patience. The red-head needed to be taught a lesson.

Note: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your eyes and your souls.. well not really your souls because they had already been corrupted by other bloggers but I do feel sorry for your eyes. This contains some KINKY SHIT so I guess if your into that kinda stuff then you could read. Also I realized that there are not much Cashby smuts so I wanted to put some here but if you aren’t bout that life then I wouldn’t recommend reading it. Bye.

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