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rocketboytracy  asked:

😰 (and you can't say Scott), 😦 , 😨

😰  - Anon Beatcha. XD

😨 -  how many roleplay blogs have you had active at once?

Gonna answer this one before the other. XD On Tumblr? 2. Alan and Virgil. I first took up Virgil on the side to sorta do some more prosey rp that the previous main Virgil-mun didn’t really feel up to, but yeah. Stuff happened. Basically. XDDD I still have my Alan account, but it’s fairly dormant now. lmao

Now… back in the golden era of RP on Livejournal, oh gosh… on my main game I had like.. to the cap of 10… then several on the island rp… and couple others here and there… uh. TOO MANY. Which is why I did scale back progressively. 

And now I’m not journal rping at all right now. Which is very strange. (One these days I might try again… I miss some of my old muses and stuff. DW is a very different rp experience. Multifandom jamjars galore! It’s can be a blast with the right group.)

😦 - what has been your worst roleplay experience?

Man… it’s been a heck of a long time since I first alluded to it. I didn’t think I could talk about it then… but.. man, it’s been 9 months since that post, so… YOLO.

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or don’t if you’re like me and like keeping confession quotes a surprise. know though that her voice is that of a disgruntled angel ;~;