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Star Trek doesn’t always make loving female characters easy. You invest in their well being and then you go on a hell of an emotional ride. 

Like with a lot of female characters, hating them seems to be the easier choice. Then it wont hurt as much when they are treated like expendable, like baggage of male characters, like vessels suitable only for romance or reproduction, when their bodies and minds are violated and broken down. Allover again.

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hey not that it matters or anything and u dont have to answer this but i was wondering like.. are you a pewdiepie fan or??


maybe in 2012 but that was. uh. about 4 lifetimes ago

havent watched anything of his in y ea rs

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I have a renewed appreciation for your JAC response video after ep 5 came out. People are using the episode it to "prove" that Bumbleby is a ridiculous concept. It's the same tired crap about opposite-gender pairings being automatically canon when there's an inkling of romantic interest (even one-sided...), but same-gender pairings needing a fucking pride parade or else we're "reaching". Thanks for speaking up & keeping it real.

Thank you for this, I know things have been kind of rough for Bumbleby fans lately but I just wanna remind everyone to stay positive, and above all else, respect your fellow fans, whether you agree with them or not. It can be hard standing up for what you believe in, especially when so many people carry biases that they might not even recognize, but if my video helped at all then I’m glad, and thank you again :)

❤  open to females. 

❝ aw…is my little slut going to cum? ❞ nevaeh smirked down at the tied up, helpless girl, ❝ well you better fucking hold it. you don’t cum until i say so, whore. ❞ she pressed the vibrator against the girls clit harder. ❝ i think we should turn it up, yeah? what do you think? ❞ she asked as though the other could respond with that ball gag in their mouth.