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Puppet Strings

They are both puppets, being pulled from above on marionette strings.

A small Reaper76 ficlet that I thought about the other day. Happens some time after Honorable. Mostly just Gabe musing on some things because he’s great for introspective things like that.

AO3 Link.

He was jolted awake by the thought of his mortality. Again.

Gabriel Reyes didn’t move right away; instead he just lay on his side, his eyes open, willing himself to take a deep breath to steady himself. Slowly, the cold feeling of the adrenaline shock dissipated from his stomach, leaving him feeling drained and foolish. He adjusted his body, checked his limbs, reminded himself that he was still alive. While that was enough to let the feeling seep away, it also left him feeling that much worse.

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I feel like there just has to be a connection with antisjws and liking/drawing weird ass fetishes like inflation, vore and that one with the headless women - and also with the really fucking disgusting ones like ‘’futa’’ and underage characters

free speech as long as it protects their weird creepy fetishes I guess


having to adjust yourself in chairs so your wings don’t get smushed (heavy backpacks full of books are basically torture devices)
going about your day and wondering if anyone else you pass by or talk to is an angel (or demon) as well
listening to music that makes you feel even a little bit closer to home. feels good, feels organic

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