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What goddess do I petition to make the “polyamorous family” line actually be a prediction for how the main casts relationships over the season develop though ……


ok ive been on spring break and im kinda dead art wise rn but ive been considering. a zamasu/shin fusion bc theyre my favorites and uh… kibito/shin was a cute fusion so it got me to thinking. shimasu is their fusion name and hes literally gorgeous. probably has trouble concealing his emotions and is very concerned abt being a good God. a good man

also he has a lot of hair and its kinda wavy but REALLY luxurious

foreachifelse  asked:

What's your thought on role reversal between Tony and JARVIS?

… huh. That’s, hmm… interesting. Jarvis Stark and his AI, ANTHONY. Thaat’s…

 Okay I can’t really wrap my mind around it, sorry, it’s just not coming to me.

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