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it’s that time of night: after work and suffering with sheith

so let us keep this in mind. when shiro meets matt, it’s pretty obvious that they weren’t the party boys we hoped they would be however! i submit this for further review:

  • since matt wasn’t personally close to shiro, chances are, he didn’t meet keith before kerberos.
  • he did seem to warm up to keith really fast though what with that “Good to have you along” conversation. no introductions. just “thanks for joining this dangerous mission”.
    • keith wasn’t there to meet him with the rest of paladins either because he had already left
  • maybe that level of familiarity came from the fact that shiro shared a spaceship for a handful of months with matt and dr. holt (commander holt?)
  • there’s not much to talk about in space after the first month or so, and there’s only so much gushing matt can do about his brilliant little sister katie
    • it’s to the point that even shiro can point out “hey, wouldn’t katie like this?” or “what did katie send back this time?”
  • matt decides to be friendly. stop talking about himself and he puts forth, “so, shiro, is there anyone special waiting for you back home?”
    • he swears that their pilot has the softest expression that he’s ever seen - it’s only rivaled by the looks his parents give each other.
  • “i wouldn’t say it’s like that, but…”
  • it probably is like that. by the time the crew reaches kerberos, matt feels that he’s met keith personally. that he’s borne witness to this fiery young cadet who is all instinct, attitude, and beauty without a shred of respect for authority at the Garrison.
    • unless that authority is shiro, in which case, there’s respect but it’s mutual and hard earned.
  • and when they speak for the first time in deep space almost 2 years later, matt knows “yeah, this is shiro’s someone special.”

jungkook: rollercoasters, cherry cola, adrenaline, rock concerts, hickies, all-nighters, sky-diving, summer nights, cold pizza, comic books, ghost-hunting

tae: art galleries, paris, runway shows, friends-to-lovers, puppies, midnight drive-ins, giggling, piggy-back rides, honey-scented, gucci, royalty, teddy bears

jimin: airy laughs, cotton candy, hand-holding, spring warmth, blushing, i-love-yous, chaste kisses, pillow talk, plushies, cherry blossoms, pouty lips

namjoon: novels, travelling, vinyls, overthinking, the ocean, romantic nights in, museums, evening rain, road trips, 3am conversations, new years eve

hobi: sunflowers, shooting stars, sugar-sprinkled donuts, campfires, succulents, spooning, coming home after a long day, disney movies, sun-kissed skin

yoongi: neon lights, chokers, new york, hangovers, sour candy, kittens, eyeliner, leather jackets, poison, lo-fi beats, slow kissing, gummy bears, sarcasm

jin: retro-gaming, polaroids, bubble tea, surprise hugs, inside jokes, birthday cakes, pastels, pillow fights, hot air balloon rides, red lips, ice cream dates

hi uh please stop messaging people with asks like “can we be friends”

because let me tell u: that rarely works

u wanna be friends w a popular writer/artist? well first step back and look at why u wanna be friends w them because if ur doing it for the exposure or bc u wanna me friends w one persons More Popular friends - fuck off!

if u wanna be friends bc they seem cool or because u have things in common? cool! send them asks off anon or message them if they’re comfortable w it

but also if ur message/ask involves endless praise and self-deprecation, consider the following:

don’t send it

artists/writers are people too and idolizing them isn’t the way to become friends w them, thank u

We’ve talked a lot about the repeated deaths, but that’s not all that can happen in this kind of situation. What kind of injuries do you think the IPRE dealt with until the year was up and they were reset?

Magnus loses an arm. It’s an early cycle and he shouldn’t have had to make that kind of sacrifice, but he did it to help someone else and no one is really surprised. No one knows what to do - should they offer to help him with things? Would that be insulting? When Magnus comes far too close to losing his other arm in the same year, he learns to ask for help when he needs it.

Merle is too close to an explosion and loses his hearing. Lucretia offers him one of her notebooks, and it’s both a wonderful idea and a mistake because he uses it both to communicate and to leave notes all over the ship. They’re very dad-like notes, commanding various crew members to pick up this mess or go do some chore. When they try to argue Merle just shakes his head and motions helplessly at his ears, even though they are writing him a note in return. It’s not long afterwards that they reach a world that has sign language and everyone learns the basics. 

Lup has been burned, badly, but it takes a while before she lets anyone help her manage the pain because she doesn’t want to feel better when she can’t do that for Taako because he died in a fucking fire. It’s Barry who finally catches her with her guard down late one night, and he and Merle find a combination of cooling spells and herbs that make the pain (the physical pain) more bearable.

Davenport is blinded, and for a while he won’t accept any help. He’s the captain, he’ll figure it out on his own. He tries to pilot the ship with muscle memory and crashes it somewhere remote, and he just screams in frustration at losing the one thing he’s the best at, even if it’s only for a year. He’s quiet for a while, not interacting and going through the motions as well as he can, until Magnus wanders into the cockpit and asks what the big, red button is for. Davenport explains, more of the crew wander in, and he ends telling all of them about the ins and outs of their vessel. It’s a good day, and after that (both that year and after) he spends less time in the cockpit and more time with his family.

Lucretia can’t walk anymore, not easily and then not at all, so Magnus offers to give her piggyback rides everywhere she wants to go whenever she wants. Lup and Barry make her a chair (permanently levitating so that stairs aren’t an issue), but she finds she likes the company while exploring the new towns. She takes up Magnus’s offer more often than anyone expects her to.

A landslide that takes Lup catches Taako, too; he takes a serious blow to the head. When he wakes up he doesn’t speak, and doesn’t really look at anyone. But he listens to them, he can hear them, and eventually Lucretia picks up some journals and sits with him. At first she reads, but eventually she just shares interesting things that happened that day and gossip; even though his expression doesn’t change she can tell he’s enjoying the conversation from the way his ears flick around with as much movement as always. When the year is done they still gossip, but it’s never one-sided. (Except when it is, years and years later. Taako has a bad day and Lucretia offers to read to him, and he lets her. It’s a little sign that things are… better. Improving.)

One year there are days Barry hurts too much to walk on his own, and Lucretia’s chair makes a second appearance. Lup isn’t there, or Magnus or Merle, so the ship is quiet more often than not… until Taako and Barry go barreling down the hallway together clinging to the chair and targeting Davenport of Lucretia. It shouldn’t be funny but it is - one light and fun moment during a particularly bad cycle.


[1991.10.07] Happy birthday to the most talented, hard working, sweet, kind, humble, sexy, funny, cute and handsome boy out there !! i hope you have an amazing day filled with love, happiness and the people who cares about you the most. 

Te quiero muchisimo, mi angelito 💕💜💖🌺💚🎂💝✨🌈💗💐💘💞.  

i just wanted 2 say that seeing them perform these songs live really makes u realise how many more lines jin has in this album….like before the camera would only focus on him one maybe two times in the entire performance but this time even in the type of songs which ppl say ‘don’t suit his voice’ like mic drop (which is bullshit but u know) the camera was on him so many times n it honestly makes it wanna cry bc i just love jin sosososo much n i finally get to see him shining on stage like the rest of the members