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Truth or Dare?

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the avengers are playing truth or dare and the reader gets dared to give Bucky a lap dance since he’s never had one and the reader gets really embarrassed because she thinks he doesn’t like her since Bucky never really talks to her but he’s actually secretly in love with her?

Summary: Basically what the request its; you give Bucky a lap dance and you get embarrassed ;)

Warnings: Fluff and kinda angst ?

A/N: I love doing requests! Also, if I don’t get to yours right away it’s most likely because I’m busy with homework / I’m doing research for the request. I finished my homework for today so I have some free time hence why I’ve been basically bleeding these fanfictions. Enjoy!

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Shabby Sandcastles; C.H.

“Man, you’re staring an awful lot at that new girl.” Luke comments, his elbow harshly digging into my side. It elicits a raw groan from my lips, rubbing the now sore spot as I throw a glare in my best mate’s direction. “What? No man, I ain’t.”

“I hope you realise she is almost officially part of the nerds and so inevitably off limits.” Luke huffs, clearly not buying any word that comes out of my mouth, but it wasn’t like he’d be thrilled with me if I told him what happened over summer. I had met her, Y/n her name was, during my three-week trip with my parents and sister down to the beach. It was something we did every year, staying at my grandmother’s flat to have some ‘well deserved family time’ as my mom called it.

I saw it more like a dreaded, hostage-like situation where my mom would try to get my sister to talk – she was in her rebellious phase – and forcing me along to her bake-cookies-kinda-days. So one day, when I’ve had enough of my mum trying to communicate – poorly – with my sister, and her yelling constantly throughout the small space, I decided to bail.

I walked around town for maybe a few hours that day, wasted my money on snacks and drinks, but ended up on the beach at the end of the day. I was sitting in the sand, trying to make a tiny sandcastle with the sand between my legs when I heard her angelic chuckle.

I didn’t know where she so suddenly appeared from, but I instantly knew I wanted to hear that laugh more often. She was doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the sea breeze and staring off in the distance. I don’t even think she had noticed me yet.

When she does, she stills her movements and just stares at me from a few meters away. “Hi.”
“Uh, hi. Sorry, I thought I was alone.” She sheepishly laughs, awkwardly scratching the back of her neck. “Don’t mind me, just trying to get away.” I shrug my shoulders, giving her one of my more kind grins before I return back to my merged sandcastle.

“Getting away from what, exactly?” She smiles kindly as she steps closer, hoisting her knee length skirt higher so she could manoeuvre across the loose sand towards me. “My parents, my sister. Mostly everything.” I shrug again, pressing my flat hand against my crappy sandcastle.

“And then you sneak off to a secluded beach and build a shoddy sandcastle?” She chuckles heartily as she drops beside me, tucking her feet underneath her bum. I can’t help but laugh along, shaking my head before I let my gaze fall onto her face again.

“Well, what is a lad supposed to do around here to receive some entertainment?” The girl shrugs her shoulders, contorting her face in the funniest way before she speaks up. “Maybe converse with some strangers?”

“Nah, my mom told me explicitly not to do such things.” I counteract, shaking my head as I dig my fingers back into the sand. I don’t know how or why, but being around this friendly stranger makes me shy. “Well then, let’s do something about that.” She speaks, but laughs when I throw her a puzzled look.

“I’m Y/n.” My mouth forms the shape of an ‘o’, nodding my head as I hold out my hand for her to take. “I’m Calum.”
“Well, nice to meet you Calum. Now tell me, why are you running?”

I tell her about the shabby situation at home. I don’t know why exactly, because not even my best friend back home, Luke, doesn’t even know about my current home situation. But somehow, I just spill all the beans against this complete stranger and it feels like a heavy load is lifted off my chest.

“Well, it seems like you’re not in any fault here. But you could try and talk to your parents about all of this, they seem like reasonable people.” Y/n smiles, leaning more towards me as she bumps her shoulder against mine. “I wish that were true. They just don’t – don’t seem to notice me. Everything’s about my sister nowadays.”

“That’s because you’re the good kid. She needs a bit more help than you. It’s not that they don’t love you, they just think you’re mature enough to take care of your own.” Y/n speaks. She seems very wise and I somehow, deep down, know she’s right. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve some attention nowadays as well. She wouldn’t think this highly of me if she knew.

“Well, a good kid is a bit overestimated, I think. But thanks.” I smile again. I spent the rest of the day, well into the evening, after the sun had set and a partial moon had illuminated the sky. We decided to hangout again the day after, and after that. I had spent almost my entire vacation with Y/n, and I could – not slowly, rather quickly – feel myself falling for her.

The last day of my stay was coming around and we got to hang out one last time. After almost two weeks of us constantly hanging out together, for the first time in years, I didn’t want to leave this place. I didn’t even know where she was from and I didn’t mind. She was my little secret, my first – and probably last – summer love, and it felt amazing to have such a small, yet meaningful secret to myself.

“I’ll text you when I get home.” I smile down on her, letting my fingertips drag along her exposed arm, pulling shivers in their wake. “I’ll look forward to it. It was nice meeting you Calum, really.” Instead of answering, I cup her face in between my hands and press my lips gently to hers.

“Bye Y/n.”

I had texted her, but she stopped responding after a while. I know she spoke of moving and settling into her new house but I didn’t think that meant ignoring me all together. I glare at her from afar when I remember what had happened over the course of the last few weeks.

It’s immediately replaced by shock and wonder though when our gazes lock, a bright grin forms on her lips and she starts making her way over. I rack my brain for any reason to quickly bail and get the fuck out of here, but before I know it, she’s standing right in front of me.

“Hi Calum.” She smiles, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and staring up at me from between her lashes. I can just feel the judgemental stare of Luke and when he huffs, I don’t know what I can do to make Luke less like himself and not hurt Y/N in the process. But sometimes you don’t have a choice.

“Do I know you?” I grin down on her, crossing my arms over my chest. As soon as I see her face contort into something unexplainable, I already feel my chest constrict, tightening so quickly I might almost struggle to breathe. I feel my features soften visibly as I keep my gaze locked upon hers. I raise my hand to softly touch her shoulder but stop mid-air when I realise what I was about to do.

She stays quiet, searching my eyes for an answer to my behaviour. I avert my gaze, down the court yard, as I bite the inside of my lip. If she would just go away for now I’d find her later and have a proper conversation – one where Luke wasn’t eagerly eavesdropping.

“We saw you talking to those nerdy girls. Maybe you should move along…” Luke waves his hand so nonchalantly, it lowers the corners of Y/n’s lips even more and I feel horrible about doing this. I know I should speak up, but I just can’t. I’ve spent my entire high school career building this reputation of nonchalance and arrogance – something that somehow the girls found attractive – and I wasn’t willing to give it up in a split of a second because Luke was such a superficial asshole.

She turns without another word, but her face spoke volumes. I open my mouth to utter something, anything, but I come up with nothing. A simple ‘wait’ would have been sufficient, but I just can’t.

“I don’t know how you do it, Cal, but every girl seems to throw themselves at your feet.” Luke chuckles dryly as he lights another cigarette. I can’t help but ignore him and stare after Y/n as she disappears inside the building. I should apologize. And I shouldn’t wait. Fuck this. Fuck Luke. “Y/n!”


Warning: Very light light domestic violence. Please don’t read if easily triggered. Also I got the idea from Perks of Being a Wallflower, I’m not say domestic violence is ok at all. It’s very very light so please don’t be offended

Your POV

You and Harry had been dating for a year and a half. Sure there had been plenty of fights but they were mainly over stupid things like Harry always leaving dirty clothes all over the house, or he’d get mad that your never were organized about anything.

Lately Harry had been really stressed about his album. It was already made and ready but the fans had quickly found out and to say they had very high expectations was an understatement. Each day that grew closer to the release date, the more Harry got anxious and stressed.

With a big paper sack of all of Harry’s favorite things, I opened the door to our house.

“Harry I’m home!” I yell as I make my way to the kitchen to set the sack down.

No reply.

I know he’s been a bit down lately but he always greets me with a kiss when I come home.

Two stairs at a time I climb up the stairs to find Harry and tell him about all the goodies I brought him.

Quietly I open the bedroom door and see him sitting at his desk going through papers.

I lean against the door frame and just look at him for a few seconds. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and skinny jeans, meaning he probably just got back from somewhere and hasn’t changed yet.

“Hey bub.” I say walking across the room and kiss his cheek. Instantly he pulls away.

“Hey.” He mumbles flipping over a paper in his hands.

“Whats wrong?” I say running my hand through his short locks. Again he jerks away.

“Can you just leave me the hell alone for 5 fucking minutes!” Harry says in a harsh tone, yet he still wont look up.

I’m a little taken aback. Harry never curses at me.

“I’m sorry, It’s just when I came home you didn’t come kiss me so i cam-” He slams his hands on the desk knocking papers on the ground and stands up


My eyes start to get watery and I try to take a few steps back but the back of my legs hit the bed.

“What are you talking about Harry?? I have a fucking job and sorry if I wanted a fucking kiss from my boyfriend!” I yell, but not nearly as loud as he did.

I’m trying not to cry but tears start to stream down my face.

“A JOB? YOUR A FUCKING WRITER WHAT KIND OF JOB IS THAT?” Harry yells getting right in my face.


I could see his eyes go wide and then dark. His breathing quickened and I could see him clench his fist. I’d hit a nerve. Of course I didn’t really mean what I said.

Before I could even think I felt a burning sting on my left cheek, then I was on the floor.

He’d hit me. He actually slapped me. I would have never thought he would hit me. He’s so loving and well Harry.

I slowly brought my hand up to my cheek. It burned. He hit me really hard.

The tears turned into full on sobbing and I quickly scooted to the nearest wall.

“Baby, baby I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you! I don’t know why I fucking did that baby.” He says rushing over to me with tears in his eyes. He slowly tried to touch my cheek but I flinched thinking he’d hit me again.

“Y/N I’m so fucking sorry, hell I’ve just been so stressed and I know that’s no excuse, and being a writer is a job baby your so talented, baby please talk to me.” Harry says with tears streaming down his face. In any other situation seeing him cry would break my heart, but it was already broken.

The sobbing turned back into crying and I looked up at harry, his eyes widened.

“Fuck you Harry.” I say getting up. I walk over to the bed and grab my pillow and then an extra blanket.

Harry gets up and starts to follow me

“Y/N baby where are you going, please don’t leave me, I know I messed up but let me make it up to you!” Harry begs with tears still streaming down his face, his hand goes to grab my wrist, but again I flinch. Harry stops mid way and I can just see his heart break even more.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch, I uh went to the store and got all your favorite stuff because I uh new you’ve been stressed.” I sniffle looking down. Quickly I turn around and go out the door, slamming it behind me.


Sorry if this is crappy but I really want to do a Part 2 so like for part 2!!


 Imagine being the human mate of the three Vampire Kings, the Volturi’s three infamous vampires. Aro, Caius, and Marcus.

                To be honest, i’m not totally sure how I got here. I sat up on a huge king-sized bed, on a dark red thin blanket, in only the pajamas I had put on as I went to bed… As I tore through memories, hoping to find an answer. All I remember is falling asleep in my bed, after a long night of binge watching and a long day at (school/work). And then, I woke up here. In a strange foreign room, laying on a bed with a deep red blanket and white pillows, with the walls and the rest of the huge room, looking like something from a castle in a storybook. With the old-fashioned aura and everything. The gigantic room had a dark wooden dresser with a huge mirror, a couch and two armchairs facing one another around a small coffee table, with the couch against the back wall, facing you. What I believed were windows on the wall, were covered by black curtains. I could see the smooth wooden door, the handle obvious to me. Maybe I should open the door… and look around… But what if..


 I gulp, panicked thoughts racing through my head. How’d I end up here? What happened? Did someone bring me here? What’s going on? Where am I? and so on. I got off the bed and began to pace back and forth through the room. I debated with myself wither to open the door or not. And what to do. Panic and terror raced through me.

     Suddenly, making me jump, a soft knock on the wooden door startled me. The door opened slightly enough for a beautiful young girl, with blond hair, a gorgeous pale face and wide, menacingly sharp eyes, to peak in. She stared at me as horror washed through me. Who was she? What does she want? Does sh-

“Hello, Ms. (Y/N).” She smiled slightly, tilting her head just a little bit.

“U-Uh-" I stuttered.

The beautiful girl quickly explained, "The masters want to see you.”

Masters? What??

      Little did you know, this was only the beginning.




Circle of Life

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – Sam’s a civilian now, working as a handyman for a local motel and thinking he’s out of the hunting life forever.  When the owner of the motel asks him to make some repairs on a house he rents out for some extra money, Sam agrees, not knowing that the job will have him questioning his new life.

Word Count – 2,687

Warnings – None; mostly fluff, with a little bit of angst right in the middle.

A/N – Part one! Takes place between Seasons 7 and 8, when Sam became a handyman after Dean disappeared – canon divergent in that he meets Y/N rather than Amelia.  This was written for both a request and a challenge.  This request came in from @winchesters-princess: “Can you pretty please write a handyman!sam x reader based off 8.05 “blood brother” fluffy of course ❤️ that was Sam’s actual job and he was on a house call to fix something rather than the motel like in the ep.”   Here you go, Ro!  I hope you enjoy it!  

This was also written for @buckysmetallicstump’s Disney Quote Challenge.  I chose quote #1: “The past can hurt.  But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Rafiki, the lion king AND #19. “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” Lilo, Lilo and Stitch.  Thanks Bailey!

BTW – Al and Belle are based off of two of my cats, Rylee and Chloe – and if you’re wondering if the cord story is real, let’s just say that I had to buy a new pair of earbuds just last weekend!  Her full name is Chloe Elizabeth “Lucky” Cleveland!  LMAO!

Your name: submit What is this?

Sam pulled up in front of an older white house and looked down, checking the address on the paper Mr. Davidson had given him.  After ensuring he was at the right address, he got out of his truck and leaned over the back, grabbing his banged up toolbox.  He made his way to the front of the house, pausing for a moment to look at it. Though it was on the older side, the paint was fresh, with hunter green shutters framing the windows.  A flowerbed lined the front walk, and looked to be well designed and maintained – not a weed in sight.  Smiling, Sam walked up the front steps and used the key Mr. Davidson had given him to enter the house.

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“If only the world wasn’t so cruel” Pt. 2 - Loki x Reader

A/N: To my surprise, everyone’s been asking me to do a part two for If Only the World Wasn’t so Cruel and I was so shook. I wrote that fic late at night with pen and paper, I didn’t really think it would be good enough that you guys would start asking for a Part 2!? This probably isn’t going to be up to all of your expectations so sorry in advanced!! Well uh, here’s a crappy unedited part two!!

Title: “If Only The World Wasn’t So Cruel” - Part 2

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: hanahaki disease auswearing, a lil’ angst, blood, frigga feels, fluffy bits at near the end!!, thor and loki wearing midgardian clothes, the avengers are here too!! I also threw in a lil’ spideypool ;)

Hanahaki Disease: illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

Originally posted by gunpla

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Anyone remember Magical Marvin? So uh. A new magical ego appears! With really crappy quality because I tried my best at using traditional stuff for inktober but turns out I can’t afford inks, so I used my sister’s sharpies, sorry lol

anonymous asked:

Hiya Im gonna attempt to make an interesting request lol so uh- please excuse my crappy English, srry will be long. I saw this post about a necklace with charms of the moon phases each person of a couple was born under and I was thinking/ what if there were couples who were destined to be together, as in one born under halfmoon and the other born on the other half (also works with crescent and others) also remember that texting chat w/ zen when he was drunk I think lol/ about fairies cont.

This is so late! I’m so sorry for the long delay! ;_; Your request was really interesting (I’m a sucker for fantasyyy), and I hope I was able to do justice with it. Thank you for requesting! <3

Everybody who was born on this earth possessed a strange mark on their left wrist: a phase of the moon. They say that there is somebody out there in the world who possesses the other half of your mark—your soulmate—and once the two of you touch, the marks will glow and change to that of a complete full moon.

Zen was confused; he already had the mark of a full moon on his wrist. Did that mean that he already found his soulmate? His other half, and that he just missed them? Or did it mean that he was his own soulmate? It wasn’t that farfetched and uncommon, and though the idea amused him, he couldn’t deny the aching need for love and attention from someone else. The actor put a lot of focus into his work, but even so, he still wanted to know what it was like to be his other half. To feel like a whole.

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Pairings- Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Awkward Bucky. Awkward Reader. I love awkward. Steve and Nat shipping you and Bucky slightly/

Request-Hi! if youre still doing requests, can you do one where the reader is a doctor or medic or something (whatever you want!) and thinks bucky doesnt notice her or whatever but he secretly does and hes intrigued but too shy/thinks he’ll scare her? from anon

AN- I’m sorry I didn’t put it up earlier! I know I said a day but my boards are in a couple of months…. and I’m also sorry it’s kinda awkward….

  “Morning, Dr. (l/n),” someone greeted you as you walked past them. You smiled and greeted hem back, as well as returning the many other “morning”s and “have a nice day”s thrown at you.

   You saw to a few of your patients- children, mostly, before getting back to the Avengers facility. It was a part of your weekend routine- every Saturday morning you would go to the hospital where you volunteered, and treated people for free.

  Your actual, paying job was working as a doctor/surgeon for the Avengers- one of the most gifted people in your field, you worked closely with Dr. Bruce Banner.

  This particular Saturday, Steve and the Winter Soldier were set to return from a mission, and you were certain you would have to patch them up. You were on first-name basis with all the Avengers- you were quite close with Wanda- except the Winter Soldier.

  His name was apt. To you, he was cold, winter-y. But then, he was like that to everyone but Steve.

 He would talk quietly to Steve, sometimes to Nat and Wanda. Clint and Sam he would just occasionally nod at, Tony he completely (and understandably) steered clear of. And you, he didn’t acknowledge your existence. Ever.

  Which was maybe a little okay- this way, he probably didn’t notice how nervous he made you.

   You made your way to the infirmary, where Nat was cleaning up a long cut down the side of her shin with a piece of gauze.

 “What happened?” you asked, putting on a white coat.

 “Steve and Bucky called for a bit of backup around the end,” she replied with a grim sort of smile.

  “Where are they?” you asked.

  “Steve’s in his room, Banner’s seeing to him, but Bucky has a few deep cuts that need stitching, he’s in the back room with the surgery things,” Nat said, winking at you.

  “W-what?” you stammered.

  “Ooh, nothing,” she said in an offhand way. “You’ll be stitching up Bucky.”

She knows, you realized with mortification. Nat was grinning all over her face.

  You sighed and quickly went to the side room, banging the door shut behind you.

  Ahh, that sight.

The Winter Soldier was sitting back in the surgery chair, his shirt off to reveal several deep gashes down his chest.

  He raised his eyebrows when he saw you. “Dr. Banner told me to wait here for my stitches,” he told you. “He’s attending to Steve.”

  “Uh, yeah, I’m here to do you,” you said. “No! I mean- I’m not here to do you, I’m-”

  You broke off when you caught the look of confusion on his face. You realized he probably didn’t know the meaning of the term just yet.

  Tugging on a few loose strands on your hair, you quietly brought yourself up to his side. You pulled on some gloves and got a needle and some suturing thread.

 The first thing to do was to clean up the wounds- even though the super-soldier serum made  him mostly immune to germs and also made his wounds heal faster, it was always safer to clean and patch up.

 Placing one hand on his  pectoral, you began to sponge away the blood on his chest, biting your upper lip the whole time. 

  His intense gaze was on you. You glanced at his face once or twice- he was making you nervous, and being nervous annoyed you with yourself.

Not another word passed between you two. After you were done stitching him up, he got up, thanked you with a polite smile, and left. You could only sigh wistfully.

    You were out for another round of the hospital that evening- working made you feel good.

  Helping people made you feel good. The smile on a sick child’s face when you told her you would make her okay, make her healthy. The ecstasy of the poor, single mother whose baby you had treated for free. It made you feel good, and it kept your mind off of your growing crush on the Winter Soldier.

  You were just heading out of your tiny office in the hospital when-

“Dr. (l/n)?”

  You nearly jumped a mile when you heard his voice behind you- you turned around to see the Winter Soldier, the hood of his Captain America sweatshirt drawn over his head.

 “O-oh, hi!” you said, nearly dropping the clipboard in your hand.

“You’re needed,” he said, his blue eyes boring into your (e/c) ones. “Wanda had a little…accident… in the kitchen, and Wanda’s arm got slashed by one of the butcher knives. Steve sent me to get you.”

  “Oh, yeah, I was just heading out,” you said, frowning when you heard about Wanda. She was probably trying to juggle the knives with her magic again- no matter how many time you told her not to, she’d do the stupid thing over and over. She hadn’t ever gotten hurt at it, though.

 You walked out of the door with him at your heels. There was a car waiting outside with a driver up front- which meant it was you and him in the backseat.

  You sat down beside him somewhat awkwardly, holding yourself stiff and straight.

  “What do you do here?” the Winter Soldier asked, his tone curious. “I thought you only attended to us- the Avengers, I mean.”

  “I volunteer here for free,” you replied. “I treat people who are too poor to pay for long medical procedures.”

  He didn’t say anything, but you noticed a change in his expression. He looked…impressed.

Somehow, you started seeing more and more of him. You’d bump into him at breakfast, and instead of giving you a cold once over he’d actually mutter a ‘good morning’.  Your breakfast times seemed to coincide, and soon, you found that when you came downstairs he’d actually make some extra coffee for you.

  Then there would be his missions. Suddenly, he became ‘germophobic’ and began to insist that even the smallest of cuts on his body be cleaned. You obliged, even though there wasn’t any need to attend to such minute scratches.

  Oddly, you would catch him haunting the floor that had your room on it. He’d nod at you, ask if you’d seen Nat or Wanda, who lived on the same floor. You would reply, and regardless of whatever you replied he would skulk away.

 His behavior was driving you insane. You could look at him without your heart pumping as if you’d just run a mile. It wasn’t as if he was increasing in friendliness particularly, though. You were still calling each other a very formal “Dr. (l/n)” and “Sergeant Barnes”/”Winter Soldier” respectively.

 You were just on your way to Bruce’s room- passing by Steve’s, you heard your name mentioned.

  You weren’t an eavesdropper, but you couldn’t help but stand still outside.

“I can’t Steve,” you heard the Winter Soldier’s muffled voice. “I’ll….I’ll scare her away.”

 “No, you won’t, Buck! She deals with the Avengers, for Pete’s sake, have you ever met a group of more screwed up people?”

“Steve, I just can’t ask her out. What if she says no? I’m…me. Messed up and PTSD. And she’s…innocent. You get what I’m sayin’? She’s….pristine. Untainted. Being with someone as unhinged as me…it could affect her.”


“I DO!”

   You couldn’t take it.

You pushed the door open to see the Steve and the Winter Soldier standing face to face, glaring at each other. They broke eye contact when they saw you though.

  “You like me?” you asked, breathing deeply.

 He opened his mouth to reply, then closed it again.

  “I gotta go,” Steve said hurriedly before fleeing the scene.

 “Winter Soldier…” you said.

 “Bucky,” he interrupted. “Please, call me Bucky.”

  He looked mortified and upset.

 “Bucky,: you said, smiling slightly. “And you can call me (y/n).”

“(y/n),” he said, savoring the feeling of your name rolling off his tongue. “I’m…I’m sorry about what you might’ve just overheard…”

 “I’m not,” you said, blushing but still quite decided. “I-I kinda like you too.”

He stared at you for about a full minute.

  “You don’t think I’m dangerous?” he asked.

“Well, I never said that,” you shrugged. “Dangerous is quite an appealing shade on you.”

  There was awkwardness, while the Winter Sold-Bucky, Bucky bit his lower lip and you twiddled your thumbs.

  “So, uh, you wanna hang out some time? Hang out, that is what the kids say these days, isn’t it?” Bucky broke the silence, his words rushed.

  You let out a small laugh. “I’d love to,” you said.

You heard a huff behind you.

  “Really? Hang out? What are you, thirteen? Go on a date, you idiots!” Nat said. You turned to face her, just to see her rolling her eyes at the two of you in a very expressive way.

reallyyy sorry it’s turned out so weird and crappy. i swear i’ll try to do better. but i write these things at midnight when insomnia is keeping me up but also making me wuzzy because im tired and its so late g’night y’all.

Jonsa!Sense8 AU - Sansa as Riley Blue and Jon as Will Gorski.

“I was just…thinking about you” they said at the same time. Both of them smiled, looking at each other as if there was nothing around them anymore. For a moment they stood this way until Jon pointed to the table on the side. Silently, they sat next to each other. Or maybe was in front of each other? They were both in London and Chicago at this moment, that was confusing but nothing else felt more normal than looking at each other.

“I’m Sansa by the way.” She said. 

 “I’m Jon.” 

“You’re a cop ?” he nodded and added “You’re..uh, musician?”

“No, just a DJ.”

“That’s…that’s cool!”

“You live in Chicago?” 

“Yeah. You’re in..uh..London, right? Ah.. This is so cool, I’ve always wanted to go.” 

“Well, here you are.” she said looking around for a instant before her eyes stopped upon him again.

“Yeah….but…” he made a face, searching for his words at what Sansa laughed. But she understood what he felt; it was strange but she did know.

“I know…. Are we going crazy?” 

“Stay quiet” - Kim Seokjin (ft. Yoongi)

Originally posted by jinkooks

“Are you gonna be a good girl for daddy and stay quiet princess?” Jin’s soft voice echoed through your ear, sending goosebumps down your back. You were vulnerable, hands ties behind your back, face down, blindfolded, ass in the air, at his mercy.

“Yes…” your voice only came out as a soft whisper instead of a confident one as you were hoping.


“Have you forgotten your manners baby girl?” His large hands came up to smooth your now red ass cheek.

Yes d-daddy. I’ll be a good girl for you”

Hmm, stay quiet then princess”, you couldn’t see it but you knew he had a smirk on his ridiculously handsome face. Stay quiet? How the fuck were you supposed to do that when he know’s just how to make you moan.

Fuck!” snapping out of your thoughts, Jin had placed a vibrator on your wet pussy, but followed by another smack to your ass. 

Tsk tsk baby girl, what did I say to you?”

“T-to stay quiet daddy…”

“Hmm, looks like you’re disobeying daddy princess, should I just not let you cum? Is that what you want baby girl?” his hand came to your hair and pulled it so now your naked body was pressed up against his clothes chest. 

No! No daddy, p-please let me cum! I’ll b-be a good girl for daddy!”

- - - -

Yoongi’s eyes widened, his dick becoming hard from the site he saw. “Fuck why couldn’t they close the door…” he thought. He went to close the door but obviously, the door had to creak, making Seokjin turn his head towards the door.

F-fuck! Sorry hyung…I- I just went t-to uh close the d..door but-”

Seokjin just smirked towards the younger male. “How about it princess. Look’s like we’ve got a guest joining us”.

- - - - 

Okay this was so crappy, i’m a very shitty writer for any genre buuuut anywayyy. First post! 

Too much Kaisoo

1 Pabo in love

I think i’m in love with staring Jongin. Every photo i’ve seen with Kyungsoo and Kai shows an enchanted Kai, with this adorable dreamy look,  he really seems to have smoked too weeds. Maybe he’s just so madly in love he can’t look away :3

Or he’s on crack. Dunno

(Little Jonginnie trying to catch his hyung attention is priceless)

And who cares if i’m on tv, right Kai?

Or in the airport.

Or at a concert….

Everywhere, Kai is staring at Kyungsoo. And he? He’s no less so.

Kaisoo is even in official photoshoots. Kyungsoo can’t take his eyes off him. 

In the end they’re just two pabo in love with each other <3 

Kyungsoo: “Give me your love sweetie” (or something else…)

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Kick-ass cutie punk!reader x michael jones

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“ And that, is how i got this scar.” you said as you finished your story on the podcast and pointed as a long jagged white line across your collarbone.

“ Jesus Christ y/n!” Gavin said, “ how did you not get arrested for that?!” he asked and Gus let out a laugh.

“ seriously Gavin? have you not heard of the crazy shit she does??” Gus asked and burnie nodded, 

“ yeah, ive got to say y/n is a total bad-ass.” burnie said and you shrugged with a smug grin on your face.

“ what can i say? i totally kick ass.”

“ totally, maybe that’s why micoo-” Gavin lets out a loud gasp and covers his mouth, eyes wide.

Gus,burnie, and Barbra send Gavin a cold glare, meanwhile you were just confused.

“that’s why Michael what? Gavin?” you asked and the British boy merely let out a squeak and shook his head, not even moving his hands.

“ Jesus Gavin nice job!” Gus groaned and you looked at him.

“okay what the fuck is going on!?!?!” you shouted and burnie sighed. 

“you’ll find out soon enough y/n, since Gavin and his big fat mouth nearly blabbed it to the entire world.” he said and began to scroll through tweets.” anyways, “

the rest of the podcast was a blur, Barbra said puns, Gavin asked stupid questions , Gus shouted at him for it, and burnie sighed and shook his head about twenty times. but all you could focus on was what Gavin said. 

maybe that’s why micoo-

that's why Michael whats? does he hate me? does he fear me?

does he like me???

that thought send your heart racing, ever since you had joined the roosterteeth family you had fancied the curly haired rager. but never had the confidence to say anything, people usually found you rude, gruff, mean, and scary. and you didn’t want to have to deal with being told that by Michael Jones, so you kept it a secret, locking those feelings up and throwing away the key.

but now, 

“ Gavin?” you asked as you both walked back tot he achievement hunter office together after the podcast. 

“yeah love?”

“does Michael like me?” you ask and Gavin stopped in his track and went pale.

“i uh ummm…… i don’t know!why would you ask me?”he asked, his voice at least three octaves higher.

“ then what were you goin to say?” you asked and his eyes went wide.

“ umm, well ya see i was actually going to say that micoo-”

“GAVIN!!!!!” A loud shout came from behind you guys as Michael ran towards you to.

“ BWAAAHH!!! MICOO NO!” Gavin squawked and jumped behind you.” protect me y/n!” he cried and you rolled your eyes. 

“ Jesus Christ.” you mumbled and held a hand up, stopping michael from tackling both you and Gavin to the floor.

“ y/n,can you move so i can kick Gavin’s ass, please?” he asked and you shook your head. 

“ not until you tell me why your angry at him.” you said strongly and Michael raised a brow.

“why? you’ve never stopped me from beating gavin before.”

“ just answer the question Jones.” you said and he sighed. 

“ well, he almost let out a very important secret on the podcast.” he growled and gavin whimpered.

“ it’s fine Michael! she doesn’t know about your huge crush on her!” he said dismissively and his face went pale. 

“oh no.”


in all of this your eyes went wide and a smile found it’s way onto your face. “you have a crush on me?” you asked and Michael stopped chasing Gavin and sighed. 

“well yeah, how could i not?” he said and scratched the back of his neck. “your pretty, funny, and your totally a bad-ass. how could i not fall for a kick-ass cutie like you?” he said shyly as he looked at the ground.

you chuckled, “ that all you had to say jonesy.” you said and leaned in, pressing your lips to his. his eyes went wide but he soon melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to this chest.

but as soon as it started, it ended.

you pulled apart from him and sent him a grin. “you bus tonight?” you asked and he shook his head. 

“no not at all.”

“ my place, six o clock, be there and be ready to stay the night. “ you called out as you walked away with a smirk on your face, radiating confidence. 

“ uh y-yeah! Totally ill be there!” he shouted back excitedly and Gavin pouted. 

“ but i thought we were going to be playing games together tonight. “

“ Gavin, y/n just asked me to stay the night at her house. a fucking tsunami wouldn’t stop me from seeing that girl.”


yaaaayy!!!!im updating! im so sorry ive been inactive you guys! i havent been writing lately cuse of school and my laptiopo broke so i have to use my mom’s crappy one that barely works! but within two months ill have enough money for my own computer so i will be uplaoding more by like november hopefully! but i will be trying to upload like once a week so please send in all your requests!!! especially spooky scary au!!!!i really wanna write some but i dont really have any ideas for it! so please send in some ideas cause i wanna write some fics that you guys will like! well i think thats all for now, bye!


( wheEZES- AGAIN! 100+ followers already!? You guys are so amazing, seriously! Have a somewhat rushed little thing of Truly and his Boris, Curly (who looks really crappy in the ‘photo’ but uh, it’s late here so, I’m sorry. qvq

song: See you again by Wiz Khalifa

and yes, Truly’s singing because he doesn’t know anyone can hear him. )

Concert Date (Sexual Content)

Type: One Shot | Imagine About: Ross
Warning: Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,803
Requested By:

When I was old enough to move out I would. I hated being at the house because my parents would just fight and scream. I moved into a small apartment with a roommate, I didn’t know who he was but it was a big mistake living with him. He thought he controlled me since I was the female and he was the one mostly paying the bills. I stayed mostly at school because I hated going home just like before. I just needed an escape from my reality and I found that in music. I found this local band that just got their big break. They were linked up with Disney and I knew once the world heard them they would blow up big. R5 was my safe place, it’s weird to say that, but they were the best thing in my life. My reality was pretty bad, so I needed something to take it away. I never wanted to be in the situation that I was in but I had no way to get out of it. I was sitting at the kitchen table and just was on my laptop looking at different things. I found myself looking at the R5 website and I saw that they were doing a concert that was near where I lived at. I knew I had the money to go, but that real question was would Josh allow me to go.

I looked at the time and I needed to clean the house before Josh got home. I shut my computer down and started cleaning the house before starting dinner. When he walked into the house I was placing the food on the table. I knew that this wasn’t a way to live my life, but I just didn’t want to cause an issue. I wasn’t afraid of Josh but I just didn’t want to make him mad so I just did what he wanted me to do. “See your learning, ” he said as he sat down at the table. “Uh huh, ” I said as I sat down. “Cut that turn out right now, ” he said. “I’m sorry, I made your favorite” I said. “And thank you, ” he started to eat. As soon as we finished eating I went to wash the dishes and he went onto my computer. “Why are you so obsessed with this band?” he asked. “Because they are good, ” I said. “I don’t really like crappy boy bands which they are” he said. “They have a girl so it’s not a boy band” I said. “Still, they look crappy” he said. “You never heard them” I said. “I know what I would like and they aren’t yet” He said. “Well, you never know until you try” I said. “No ill pass, ” he said. “They have a concert in downtown I was wondering if we could go” I said. “You can go, ” he said. “You would really allow me to go alone?” I asked. “Hell no but you will stay close to me and when I say we leave we are going to leave” he said. “Ok, ” I said as I nodded my head. “Get tickets, when is it?” he asked. “This weekend” I said. “Alright, I guess so, ” He said as he rolled his eyes. “Thank you, ” I said as I hugged him. “If I get that response we can go anywhere you want” He said with a slight laugh. “I just really like them and I want to go see them” I said as I grabbed my laptop. I went back onto the site and booked our tickets, I was beyond happy as I was going to see my idols. The week started to go by slowly because I couldn’t wait until Saturday. Things started to get rough with Josh and I and he started to get abusive again. I tried to be on his good side, but it was tough because he was always angry. “Are you getting ready?” I asked. “Ready for what?” he asked. “The concert is tonight” I said. “Oh, that” he said as he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, you said we could go, ” I said. “Yeah, but you was not wearing that” He said. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked. “You want to be a slut?” he asked. “This skirt isn’t that bad, ” I said. “Change now” He said. “Why, ” I asked. He got up placing his hands around my neck and pushing me to the wall. “Because I SAID SO” he said.“Ok, ok, ” I said as I struggled to breath. He pushed me down, I got up and went to change and came back out with jeans on. “That’s better, ” he said. “Yeah, ” I said. “Put a scarf on” He said. “Ok, ” I said as I went back in the room. I came out once again and we finally left the house and we were off to the concert. I stayed quiet while we were driving because I didn’t want to make him mad and I really wanted to go to this concert. We finally got to the venue and I was the first one out of the car which might of been a bad idea. “Why are you so in a rush?” he asked as he grabbed my arm tight. “I’m not just wanted to get some fresh air” I said. “Act normal or when we get home, you will get it, ” he said as he kept his grip on my arm. “Everything is fine, ” I said with a fake smile. “There we go, now come on, ” he said as we started to walk towards the venue. We got into the venue and went straight to our seats. “Sit your ass down right now, ” he said as he pushed me down in my seat. “Thank you, ” I said as I fought back the tears. “Smile!” he said. “Thank you love, ” I said with a smile. R5 was doing soundcheck and I tried to be happy but it was hard to because of how Josh was acting.

“How is everyone doing today?” Ross asked. There were a few people that where there early and yelled back at him. “What about you?” he asked as he looked towards me. “Im fine” I said as I looked up at him. “Come up here really quickly?” Ross said. “Sure” I said as I got up and went on stage. “Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear. “Yea I am” I said. “Ill catch up with you later?” he asked. “Maybe” I said as I went back to my seat. The concert went on as planned and towards the end Josh got up and grabbed my arm. He pulled me out of the venue and started to get rough with me. “What did I do?” I asked. “You bought me here to this bullshit concert” he said. I felt his hand go across my face as I fell down to the ground, before he grabbed my someone stopped him. “Excuse me” Rocky said. “Stay out of it” Josh said. ‘No! She doesn’t deserve this" Ross said. “It has nothing to do with you” Josh said. Rydel helped me up and she helped me get away from the boys. “You can beat on a women because your not man enough to fight me” Riker said as he got into Josh’s face. “Look pretty boy back off” Josh said. “No! you dont like it uh? When someone gets in your face” Riker said. “Back off” Josh said. “NO! bring it!” Riker said. “Hes not worth it, he’s just a little boy” Ross said as he walked towards where I was. “Are you ok?” Rydel asked as she handed me a tissue. “Yea im fine” I said. “It looks like she needs stitches” Ross said as he tilted my chin so he could look at my bruises. “You want to take her?” Rydel asked. “Yea ill take her” Ross said as he placed his jacket over my shoulders and guided me to his car. “I’m fine, you don’t have to do this, ” I said as I got into his car. “You don’t deserve that, ” he said. “Thank you, ” I said as I sat back. He closed the door and got into the car from the other side and he took me to the hospital. I ended up getting stitches on my cheek as well as my lip because when Josh hit me his ring cut my cheek really deep. “I’m going to take you to a hotel, ” he said. “Ross you don’t have to, ” I said. “I want to so don’t worry about it, ” he said as he took me to the hotel room. “Thank you, ” I said. “It’s not a problem, he had no right to do that” He said. “It’s nothing new, ” I said. “Well, it won’t happen again, ” he said as he grabbed my hand. I looked at him and I could just tell that he wouldn’t allow me to go back to Josh or allow me to be hurt. It was good to finally feel safe, it has been a while since I felt safe but I loved the feeling. “Thank you so much, ” I said. “Stop saying that, ” he said. “It’s good to feel safe” I said. “And you are safe, ” he said as he sat down next to me. I nodded my head as I looked at him, a little part of me was dying because I was in the same room with the guy that saved me before he even knew me. “Can’t believe im here with you, ”“ I said. "Don’t look at me as a celebrity, im just a normal guy” he said. “I’ll try” I said with a smile. “"There’s a smile, ” he said. “Well, I haven’t been happy in a while, ” I said. “You should always have a smile on your face because you are beautiful” He said. “Thank you, ” I said as I started to blush. “Did I do that” he said with a laugh. “I should get some sleep” I said. “Alright Ill check on you tomorrow” he said. “I would like that” I said as I laid back in the bed. He left my hotel room and soon after I fell right to sleep.

Within a few weeks Ross and I got a lot closer and things were getting serious between us. Even though I had to stay in a hotel it was a lot better then being at a place I was unhappy at, Ross made sure I had everything I needed. We would spend so much time together that I think his brothers were getting annoyed with us. I knew we were going out later that night so I decided to get into the shower and once I got out there was a knock on the door. “Wait a second” I said as I wrapped a towel around me before opening the door. “Hey” Ross said with a smile. “I thought we were meeting up later” I said. “Just thought I would check on you” he said. “Oh, I just got out of the shower” I said. “I noticed that” He said as he kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kept the kiss between us, he placed his hands on my hips as he pulled me closer to him. He pushed us back towards the bed as he laid me down, getting over the top of me allowing my towel to be open. “Beautiful” He said as he moved his lips down to my neck. I ran my hand through his hair as I started to moan. He moved his lips down to my collar bone driving me crazy as I played with his shirt. With a short few moves his shirt came off as I moved my hands down to his pants. He got up and took off his pants and boxers before moving back over top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he moved between my legs. “Are you ready?” he asked as he placed his lips against mine. “Yes, ” I said as I held him close to me. He moved his hand down to his member and started to rub his tip against my clit before sliding himself into me. He pushed himself fully into me and started to move in and out of me. I moved my hips towards his as he started to pick up the pace as he moved within me. Our moans filled the room as our bodied, moved as one. I ran my hand down his chest as I gripped his hips. He kept thrusting into me as we both moved our hips towards each others. He started to suck on my neck as he moved his hands to my sides as he slipped himself in and out me. I arched my back and climaxed against him as soon as I did, he pushed fully into me and climaxed himself. I held him close to me as we tried to catch our breaths, he moved off of me and lay next to me. “That was amazing” He said as he pulled me close to him. “You are amazing” I said as I kissed his cheek. I pulled the blanket around us and we both fell asleep. Our relationship was growing into something we both wanted. I was falling in love with him and it was only him that I wanted. Ross was the same way with me, he didn’t want anyone else but me. I could tell that he was the one for me and I couldn’t be happier in our relationship.

Soon I moved into his place and we could finally be together all the time. It was hard living with someone but living with Ross was so easy. I guess that’s because we were in love with each other and didn’t care about each others flaws. They started to go on tour again and it was hard being away from him. I couldn’t go on tour because I went back to school and I needed to focus on my education. “Our concert is near where we first meet” he said into the phone. “Ill be there tonight, I have a surprise for you” I said. “I wonder what it is” he said. “You will love it” I said as I looked down at the positive pregnancy test in my hand. “I gotta go but ill see you later” he said. “Alright babe” I said as I hung up. I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant but I knew everything happen for a reason and I hope Ross would see it the same. I knew that we were together a short time maybe 3 months but I knew we were in love. I was late on my period that’s why I took the test but I had a doctors appointment today as well and maybe I could confirm the pregnancy. Later on that day the doctor did confirm my pregnancy and I was on my way to the concert. I didn’t need a ticket since I was dating someone in the band, so it was easy for me to get in. They were already on stage when I came in and once Ross saw me he pulled me on stage. “Everyone this is the girl that stole my heart” he said. “Ross I need to tell you something” I said. “Go ahead babe” He said. 'Ross Im Pregnant" I said. “Really?” he said as he eyes started to light up. “Yea” I said. He picked me up and held me close to him as he spun me around. “That’s amazing babe” he said as he placed me back down on the ground. “We can talk more later” I said as I walked off the stage. “Im having a baby” he said to the crowd and they all cheered. Later on that night he ran off stage and kissed me as he held me close to him. “Its a baby” I said as I showed him the ultrasound. “Wow” he said with a smile. Ross was beyond happy to have a baby and he promised nothing would change in our relationship. We were going to have a baby and we were in for the ride of our lives but we were ready. One night changed my life and even though it wasn’t how I wanted to meet Ross I wouldn’t change anything. Everything happened for a reason and I was happy my prince charming came and saved me.

Mr Nice Guy

Summary: Dan’s boyfriend just broke up with him, leaving him crying in his car in the middle of nowhere. But when a particularly kind man approaches him, things can only get better from there.

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: mentions of a bad break-up, but its all fluff after that

Word Count: 1.2k

Authors Note: okay before I say anything can I just say thank you so frickin much for you guys’ reaction to “Mannequin” Because that literally made my entire week. Thank you so much :))) Heres the second installment to this mini series thing, its not as good as I thought it would be but whelp it is what it is and I hope you like it :D

part two of “The Ways I Met You”

part one here

part three here

part four here

He fucking left me…

What am I going to do?

What did I do wrong for him to leave?

Oh god.

The pain…

…Is a fucking torture.

Where did I go wrong?

Was my love not enough?

Make the pain stop…

I don’t want to be here…

…inside my car in a parking lot, in the middle of the night, crying my eyes out because my boyfriend–sorry, I mean my ex boyfriend– broke up with me. I took a shaky breath in and repeatedly hit my head against the steering wheel, willing myself to stop crying. Was I not good enough for him? That’s probably it, that’s why he broke up with me, I’m never good enough for anyone no matter how hard I try. I’m just a weak twenty-year old with an ugly emo haircut that became outdated in 2007, crying my eyes out like a six-year old girl over a stupid break-up.  I took in another shaky breath; I’m so pathetic, why do I even try? I should just give up on trying; no one even cares–

A knock on my car window was what snapped me back into reality. My head shot up and I started to roll the window down. As I was rolling it down, I was secretly wishing that it was him, coming to say to me “I’m so, so sorry Dan, I was wrong, breaking up with you was possibly one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Please come home, I love you so much.”

But of course, seeing how that only happens in crappy cliché romance movies, it wasn’t him. It was someone else.

He had jet black hair in a hairstyle similar to mine except his fringe sat on the opposite side, pale skin and pale lips, and friendly bright blue eyes. He greeted me with a sincere smile.

“Hey, I uh, I noticed that as I was getting myself a coffee, you were crying.” The man said softly. “I don’t mean that in a stalker-ish way by the way, I just wanted to give you this. I don’t know what’s happened to you and its definitely not my business to ask but it seems like you need this a lot more than I do right now, hopefully it’ll make you feel better.”

He then slowly reached in through the window and handed me a large, warm, plastic take-away coffee cup. I took it gratefully.

“Oh,” I said, my voice still shaky from crying. “Th-thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” He smiled happily as I took a small sip from the coffee cup. It was a caramel macchiato.

“The world needs a lot more people like you.”

The man just chuckled, shaking his head slightly as he did so. “The world also needs a lot more people like you, usually most people in the world would give people like me a scowl and a restraining order.”

I laughed, although it sounded a little odd because I was still clogged up with tears. “Thanks again,”  I said. “I feel positively ten percent less shitty than I did about five minutes ago.”

Speaking of about five minutes ago, I probably look like an absolute mess. My nose and eyes were most likely swollen and red, and I knew for a fact that my cheeks were wet and tear-stained. I was an utter disaster, but this man with the kind smile had managed to make me feel less like one in under ten minutes.

“Well I suppose the coffee did its job.” The man smiled warmly again, before slowly sticking his hand through the window again. “I’m Phil.”

I lifted my arm and gently shook his hand with a small smile, “My names Dan.”

“Like as in short for Daniel?”

“Unfortunately, yes. It sounds like I’m from the goddamn eighteenth century.”

“Well Phil is short for Philip so I guess I can kind of share your eighteenth century sounding name pain.” Phil joked and I smiled again.

“Well, I better go, I still have work.” Phil stated.

I raised my eyebrows, “Work?” I asked curiously. It was then that I noticed what Phil was wearing, a plain white t-shirt with a green nametag pinned to the top right of it.

“What do you mean you have work? Its…” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and clicked the power button to check the time. “…Quarter to eleven!” I said with shock. Phil just laughed at my wide eyes.

“Well someone has to take the night shift at the coffee shop don’t they? I’m just the sucker that got stuck with it.”

It then dawned to me that the warm caramel macchiato I was still holding in my hand was definitely not meant to be given away to a crying stranger and the guilt instantly started to eat away at me.

“Oh my god I just took your coffee I’m so sorry–“

“Dan,” Phil cut me off. “Don’t worry about it, its fine. I honestly didn’t even need it that bad anyway.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to buy you another one or something because you just said you were doing night shift and–“

Dan,” Phil cut me off again, laughing. “If I wanted my coffee that badly I wouldn’t have given it to you. Seriously. You needed it more than I did so giving it to you was only logical.”

I sighed, before smiling a genuine, thankful smile. “You are too good for this world, Phil.”

Phil smiled his biggest smile yet; lips pulled back and eyes crinkling around the edges. “And from what I can tell, so are you Dan. I’ve honestly never seen anyone so concerned about a cup of coffee before.” He chuckled a little before continuing. “I’m serious, I’ve only talked to you for about ten minutes and you seem like one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Whatever happened to you before to make you cry like that, you don’t deserve it, Dan.”
I could feel my chest swell with happiness as Phil spoke. I smiled back at him.

“That had to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life and honestly I don’t even care.” I said. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it.” Phil grinned.

Jesus Christ he smiles a lot, I thought. How the hell does he do it?

“Well I better start walking before my boss yells at me.” Phil said, standing up and stepping away from my car window slightly. “See you, Dan.”

I smiled, “Bye Phil.”

Phil was about to walk away before he stopped. “Oh! One more thing.” He pulled a small notepad and marker pen out from his back pocket and quickly scribbled something down. He walked back over to my window and dropped the paper onto my lap.

“Have a good night Dan.” Phil said with a final smile.

“You too, Phil.” I replied, he waved and I waved back, before he disappeared down the street.

I smiled to myself as I rolled my window back up and placed the coffee cup in the cars cup holder, before I picked up the small piece of paper. I read it over and the happy feeling in my chest I had earlier returned a lot stronger. He had written his number and added in scrawled writing underneath:

Call me whenever you need me ^-^

~ Mr Nice Guy

daeguk  asked:

fuck it. j answer this 1. meet ugly where jungkook is a ceramic arts major and yoongi comes in to pick up one of his friends pieces and accidentally knocks over this one that jungkook worked for an entire month on right in front of him,,, so yngi has to make it up to him in some way

i know very minimally about pottery 

lapis lazuli
sugakookie; potter!jungkook


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McHanzo Week - Day 4 Role Reversal (Hanzo trying to flirt lol)

Um so about the new comic and uh how Hanzo looks in it >.> *fans self* i had a hard time with this one but, since i got inspired by the new comic, i feel like Hanzo would be such a flirt with McCree will be like “ew no bitch” dont worry they’ll get along in the future. lol 

sorry for the crappy quality , tumblr likes to fuck everything up…. 

this is the best i can do sorry. i just got back home for my break and i need to function