uh sorry if it freaks you out that they are my otp

the saga of is it a fic or are they headcanons continues.  parts one, TWO (this one!), three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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art student AU prompts


- “hi you left your sketchbook in one of the classes we have together and I meant to give it back like a week ago but everything in here is the most beautiful drawing I’ve ever seen” au

- “uh it’s nice to meet you but I have to draw someone for an assignment that’s due in about thirty minutes” au

- “you’re a sculptor and I’m a watercolorist and we just made a bet to switch mediums and the first one that gives up has to do a portrait of the other and??maybe kiss the other???” au

- “watch where the hell you’re going with your extra extra large canvas, you nearly hit me- wait oh my god you’re so talented is that a jellyfish oil painting?” au

- “I’m just a photography major but you’re a painter I guess and you’re asking me to be your model did you just comPLIMENT MY BODY” au

- “I came to class today thinking I was just going to do nude sketches of a model but you are actually a goddess and I’m so sorry I spent more time staring than drawing” au

- “i was just simply walking back to my seat with a fresh lump of clay and I wasn’t paying attention and my elbow just took off the head of your cartoon influenced sculpture of abraham lincoln I am so sorry” au

- “I ran out of my favorite paint while working on my final project and came all the way to michaels to get a replacement tube because I have no choice and you just happen to be the cashier that I rant to about absolutely everything and you look terrified” au

- “listen I know this is probably the third time I’ve been back to this print shop but I really don’t like this type of glossy finish on my prints or maybe I just think you’re cute, you tell me” au

- “you’re the goddamn loud mouth that ALWAYS goes into so much detail when we do peer critiquing but when my piece is the one in question you’RE QUIET??” au

- “I was bored out of my mind during this color theory lecture but I notice you looking at me, you keep glancing between me and your sketchbook WAIT are you doing what I think you’re doing” au

- “I was just doing some watercolor in my moleskine but oh my god I just split my water cup all over your sketchbook I’m freaking out and apologizing over and over and you’re saying that it’s okay and you’re rubbing my thigh oh man” au

- “okay when I said I would help you with your photography assignment by being your model I diDN’T KNOW YOU’D WANT ME TO GO INTO AN ABANDONED BUILDING THATS APPARENTLY HAUNTED?” au

Title:  Remember those walls I built? Baby, they’re tumbling down. 

Fandom: Sanders Sides [Thomas Sanders]

Pairings:  Moxiety


By some miracle, he allows himself to be brave. No, wait, let me rephrase that, he allows himself to be stupid.

“I…I was..I mean. I want you to be my boyfriend. I mean if it’s cool with you. If not then…whatever.”

An speaks in one breath looking at everywhere but the objection of his affection.

Then Patton speaks, “you’re asking if we could be boyfriends?”

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proudlyunicorn  asked:

15, 36, 50. You know who

I assume this is about - no wait I can’t even joke. I KNOW WHO. 

15) Who is scared of the dark?

They’re camping. It’s something Lena Luthor thought she’d never be caught dead doing and yet here she is, seated around a campfire with Kara Danvers and family like it’s something ordinary. For Kara, Lena supposes, it probably is.

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so i wrote some ransom/lardo/holster tags and @epickegster sent me a message about it and then i proceeded to instantly word vomit 1500 words about it because I WANT. THEM. TO DATE.

anyway here it is, slightly cleaned up. (rated teen)

imagine ransom and lardo hooking up in secret for WEEKS and like…. they don’t want holster to know because they don’t want him to think they’re not into him!!!! but!!!! also!!!! it’s hard to keep it a secret lmao

they regularly debate like. “should we tell him and then when we’re Established as casually dating we can invite him?? for a threesome??? would that work???” “no maybe he’d get jealous and sad and also, maybe it would be better if we both *individually* hooked up with him first and then, we could like… bring up the threesome later??”

it’s a trial and the whole time rans and lardo are sneaking off to make out. because they…. can’t figure out what to do…. but they can kiss each other at least.

(but like they definitely… talk about holster all the time whenever they’re alone together…. “haha and then holster would be like…” “yeah!! omg he would….” anyway they like him so much. it’s a problem ;__;)

and THEN


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She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mklol140. “imagine if you were able to lift heavy weights but your boyfriend, frank didn’t believe you, so you took him, to the gym you go to occasionally and lift a huge weight and he’s just freaking out in the corner.”

Frank looked down at his phone with a sigh as the two of you cuddled on his couch, listening to his favorite Bouncing Souls record. 

“What’s the matter, Frankie?” you asked, wondering what the text he’d just read was about. 

“One of my crew people just broke his foot,” Frank explained. “I’m about to start a new tour with The Patience, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without him there to help me carry all that heavy equipment into the venues.” 

“Is there time for you to hire someone else?” you wondered. 

“Not really, on this kind of short notice,” Frank frowned. “I mean, we’re supposed to fly out to Australia a week from tomorrow! I hope we don’t have to cancel any tour dates while he’s recovering.”

 “What if I helped you carry the stuff?” you suggested. You were planning on travelling with your boyfriend on his tour across Australia, the US, and Europe anyway, so why not?

 “Aw, babe, that’s really sweet, but I think the equipment would just be too heavy for you,” Frank confessed. 

“Not true!” you said, jumping off the couch. “Frank, I can lift so much more than you think I can!” 

“Come on, Y/N,” Frank shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself trying to do me a favor.” 

“I wouldn’t hurt myself,” you insisted. “I could do it.” You hadn’t shown off your physical strength to Frank very much, because you were already a little insecure about how much taller you were than him. He had to stand on his tiptoes to kiss you. And as much you joked that the two of you were “your height difference OTP”, you couldn’t shake what you’d always been taught -  that women were supposed to be small and dainty, and since that wasn’t you, something was….wrong. So, you’d faked weakness a few times before, and asked Frank to open jars for you and carry your groceries into the house, so that he would feel manly and needed. 

“But, I really am strong,” you admitted now. “You know, I go to the gym sometimes, when you’re not home.”

“Really?” Frank blinked, surprised. 

“Yeah,” you confessed. “Listen, if I take you to the gym tomorrow, and I can lift one of those big weights, will you let me help you out?”

 “……Ok,” Frank said hesitantly, and so a deal was struck. 

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Lucky Part 8

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

How y’all doing? Hopefully good. This is the last part that you may need tissues…yay! I just finished writing part 9 last night and it’s crazy fluffy! So hang in there. Enjoy!

You were almost to the front door when Jared stopped you.

“Y/N? where are you going?” You wiped your face once more before turning and looking at him.

“Uh, I just….I haven’t packed yet and there’s a couple things I need to do before we leave tonight, so, I’m sorry, but I got to go.” You opened the door and looked back at him. “I’ll meet you at the airport okay.” as you were shutting the door, you heard the back door open. You knew it was Jensen.

You did a quick jog to your car and hopped into the drivers side. As you put the key into the ignition, Jensen opened the front door. He took off running toward your car to stop you, but it was too late, you pulled away and took off down the road.

“Dammit!” Jensen watched your car disappear around the corner, then turned and ran to his car.

You pulled up to your house and got out of your car as fast as you could. You knew it was just a matter of minutes before Jensen pulled up. You were about to make it to your front door when you heard a car door shut. You pulled your keys out so they were ready to unlock the door.

“Y/N!” You put the keys in the door. “Come on Y/N. Stop.” You turned the key and opened the door.

“Jensen, just….go away….please.” you walked in your house and turned to shut the door. He put his hand up and stopped you.

“No. Not until we talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about J. We can’t do this, that’s the bottom line. Now please……just go.” you tried to shut the door again, he wouldn’t let you. You groaned.

“Just…..let me in so we can talk about this…….please. You say there’s nothing to talk about, but I think there is.” You stood there and looked at him, his eyes never leaving yours, and they’re pleading for you to let him in. You released a defeated sigh and opened the door. He waited a second to make sure you weren’t going to slam it in his face, then he slowly made his way into your house. “Thank you.” You shut the door. You passed him as you headed for the kitchen.

“You want a drink?”

“No.No, I’m good.” he waited in the living room for you. He starred at the couch, where this whole thing started. You pulled him from his daze when you came back into the room.

“So what do you want to talk about J” you were dreading this conversation, and it came out in your voice.

“Okay…..” he took a deep breath and then pulled you over to the couch and sat you down. He sat on the coffee table so that he was directly in front of you. “I have no idea what has happened the last week or so……but, I’ve been feeling different when I’m around you Y/N. I don’t know why. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. I tried to push it away, I did, but it didn’t work.” he hung his head for a second and then looked back up to you. “I need your help Y/N.”

“With what?” your voice was weak and quiet. You had tears in your eyes ready to free fall at any moment. He leaned forward and put his hands on your knees.

“I need to know how you feel.” You had to swallow the lump in your throat. They keep building up faster and faster. “Because, if you don’t feel the same…… then I’ll get up, and walk out that door, and move past this somehow.” he gestured his hand toward the door. “But if you feel the same……then…..”

“Then what? What are we supposed to do J? Go live happily ever after!? Go ride off into the sunset!?” you jumped off the couch and walked to the side of the coffee table. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” he turned to face you and looked up into your eyes trying to argue his point.

“Why not!? Are you serious J!?” He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer so he just stayed silent. “Where do I begin!? How about with the fact that your Jared’s best friend…….I’m his sister! If anything were to happen down the road, it would ruin so much……not just you and me.” He stood up now and started to walk over to you.

“And don’t even get me started on the paparazzi or the press! Could you imagine? You see what they do to perfectly normal couples.” you paced the floor a couple times before you said anything else. “Then there’s our fans. Have you seen what they’ve been putting on Facebook and Twitter?” His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head.

“No……why, what have they been putting?” You went to the couch and grabbed your phone. You pulled up Facebook and the recent photo you put up of the two of you. Jensen had picked you up and was carrying you bridal style to your trailer after you twisted your ankle. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, and you both were laughing so hard when he picked you up, that your smiles were huge for the picture. Jared had been the one to take it.

“Here.” you handed him your phone. He was reluctant to look at first, but he was definitely curious on what the fans were saying. He saw the picture and smiled. Then he started reading the comments.

OMG! They are so cute!!

Those two are my OTP!

Are they even together? If not, they need to be.

Wait….Seriously, are they together?

No, not that I know of.

Oh come on! This needs to happen!

Right! They’re perfect!!

Their kids would be so freaking adorable

It just kept going, pages and pages of how they thought you were the perfect couple. He looked up from the phone and caught your gaze.

“What….” it took him a second to find the right words. “This is a good thing Y/N. Obviously we have the support.” he lifted the phone and waved it as if to show you something you haven’t seen.

“It’s not the support J. It’s what happens if we don’t work out. You and Jared would probably barely talk. We would be all over those magazines and newspapers with fake fights that we would supposedly be having. Then are fans would be heartbroken……and worst of all……” you had to stop. The tears were about to break through the dam and your chest began to hurt. Jensen could see you struggling, so he walked up to you and grabbed your shoulders.

“What? Worst of all what Y/N?”

“I would…..I would loose….my…best friend.” you broke. No sobs or anything, just tears, tears freely slid down your face. Jensen’s eyes started to fill with tears, knowing that your worst fear was also his.

“Y/N, look at me.” he put his hands on your cheeks and wiped away the tears. “You could never loose me…..never.”

“What if…”

“No! No what if’s. Y/N, I love you, and that feeling has only grown in the last couple weeks. I don’t want to loose you either, but everything you just said, is what would happen if we didn’t work out.”

“It could…”

“Yes, it could happen. Could. I’m not saying don’t think about what would happen if we didn’t work out. You’ve always looked at every possible outcome for things, that’s who you are, I can’t change that. But let me ask you this………why don’t you look at the outcome, of what would happen, if we did work out. Because Y/N, you can’t make everyone happy. I know you try, you love making everyone else happy, but in the end, that’ll kill you. It’ll take you down. You need to be happy too. You need to ask yourself, what do you want, not, what does everyone else want, what do they want to see. What do you want.” You looked into his gorgeous green eyes and tried to calm yourself down.

“Just think, our fans would have their wish, and they would gush about us like crazy. The paparazzi and the press would plaster everywhere “Supernatural: The Set Of Love” or something stupid like that.” You chuckled. “and Jared, god Jared…. he could officially become my annoying little brother.” You laughed, it made him smile to get something out of you other than just tears. “And then there’s you. I would have the most beautiful, talented, overly caring and loving women in the world. The woman that makes my heart race, and leaves me gasping for air. The women that sticks by my side no matter what…….my best friend.”

Your cheeks are soaked with tears at this point.

“I’m scared.” your voice was weak and shaky. His hands were still cupping your cheeks and he smiled.

“I’m scare too.” he leaned his forehead against yours. “But I’m more scared of loosing you….loosing this.” he squeezed your face lightly. “We can do this. We can do this together. I know we can. Because I love you so much, and I will never give up on us. I promise you that.” he wiped away another tear. “So are you with me? I can’t do this if your not with me.” You starred at him for a long moment, still scared, but then you nodded against his forehead.

“I’m with you.” He smiled and then crashed his lips against yours. For once in a long time, you felt invincible.

Part 9

since i got asked by both crowndetective and theimpossiblecrush, here you go!!!

•Okay so pat has always been a super hard worker, pushing through medical school with coffee for blood and the occasional take out meal with bri, and he’s always tried super hard to one up his good for nothing father and medical school seemed like a pretty good option for completing that, considering being a lawyer was his next option

•And at this point, he’s only a nurse (he hasn’t got the motivation yet to strive for being a doctor), but he’s damn good at his job, even if it means taking the night shift most days and begrudgingly handling paranoid drunks and the occasional drug addict, so he’s not all that surprised when tall blonde and handsome comes in one night saying he has a dislocated shoulder, the owner of said shoulder claiming to have been playing football too roughly even though /it’s one o'clock in the morning/

•So since there’s no other doctor in that isn’t busy and Pat knows handling this would be his job anyway, he takes Achilles (Pat only learned his name two minutes ago when he asked this stranger for his name) into a vacant room and has him take of his shirt (which reveals bloody amazing abs and muscles, with creamy pale skin that’s lightly tanned and pat is a /professional/, thank you), only to realize Achilles shoulder isn’t even sprained. There aren’t even any bruises.

•And Pat should have known this would escalate to Achilles coming in nearly every night, his excuses for being there getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on.

•"I stepped near a snapping turtle and it got me. Take a peak at my heel?“

•"I was climbing my favorite tree and I slipped. I think I landed near a highly dangerous and poisonous snake and it took a bite out of me. Check for any cuts and possible poison, please, babe?”

•"Yeah, my stomach has been hurting for a while now… I think I might have had too much pizza tonight, but I can’t be sure. Check for internal distress?“

•And by this point, not only has Pat taken up more night shifts (if only to hear Achilles’ ridiculous stories every night), he’s also become so infatuated with his blonde headed, tan skinned, curly haired freak so much so, that he even gets coffee for the both of them as he waits for Achilles to come in specifically during Pat’s shift

•And one night when Achilles comes in without an excuse for once, Pat takes the time to finally ask, "How about you come over mine tomorrow? For dinner? I’d suggest coffee in the morning, but I’m rarely ever up before noon on night shifts like these. Um. My roommate is usually the one that’s up quick in the morning, but uh, I can kick her out for a few hours. If you decide to come, that is! That’s your choice completely, uh..” All jumbled and nervous with a cute blush on his dark cheeks, rambling on for a few seconds and trying not to stumble on his words, and when he looks up at Achilles, his face has gone bright red with happiness (and maybe a little bit of nervousness).

•"I’d love that.“

Inspired by this post’s wonderful AU: ‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’

(sorry if I made mistakes in RUssian and sorry for not writing in cyrilic – it’s simply because I wanted others to understand how it’s pronounced, and if I even messed that up, please tell me)

Da, da … Nyet, spasibo. Haroshevo dnya, mama. Poka.

Dean quirked an eyebrow as he entered the elevator with Sam, who nodded politely to a man already standing in there.

“New guy?” he murmured to Sam.

“Yeah, works on my floor,” Sam said back. “Castiel Krushnic. And before you ask, yes, he’s from Russia.”

The dark haired man looked up at the mention of his name and smiled politely at Dean, who absolutely did not gulp when the ocean blue eyes faxated on his, even if for only a brief moment. He nodded at Mr Krushnic and turned back to Sam.

“Hm,” he said and pursed his lips in approval. “He’s hot.”

The elevator dinged and the door opened, letting Dean out. Little did he know he left two pairs of raised eyebrows behind him.

“Does he know I can …”

“No, I don’t think so.” Sam laughed. “Oh, this is hilarious!”

Even Castiel managed a small smile, which didn’t at all cover up a faint blush.

“Maybe you should tell him,” he said. “At least he would be less embarrassed by the next time he’ll see me.”

“Are you kidding? No way!” Sam refused with a big grin only little brothers could pull off. “He embarrassed the hell out off me when I first brought Jessica around for family dinner. Let’s just say this is my payback.”

“You are just as evil as my brother,” Castiel chuckled. “But alright. It’s not like I can’t forget one compliment.”

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anonymous asked:

Before the Olympics, Jonny and Patrick make a bet. Whoever wins gold has to get a tattoo of the other one's flag.

“I’m coming!” Patrick shouts at the incessant knocking. He peeks into the peephole and sees Jonny rocking on the balls of his feet.

“What?” Patrick says, opening the door slightly.

“Can I come in?” Jonny asks.

Patrick sighs and retreats back inside his hotel room with Jonny following closely behind.

“Look, Jonny,” Patrick says, sitting down on his bed. “I don’t want your pity. And I definitely don’t wanna hear you gloating.”

“I’m not here for any of that,” Jonny answers, leaning against the dresser that the TV sits on. “I just wanna hang out.”

“You better not have the medal on you right now,” Patrick warns.

Jonny laughs, “I gave it to my parents to take back and lock up in a safe.”

“Same,” Patrick says and then groans because it’s not the same. He gave his parents his silver medal. Silver is decidedly not gold.

“I don’t want this is get between us,” Jonny says as he walks over to squat down in front of Patrick. “We promised it wouldn’t, remember?”

“I know,” he sighs. “You just gotta give me some time to get over it, okay?”

“Um, do you need that time to be Jonny-less?” Jonny asks, resting a hand on Patrick’s knee.

“Nah,” Patrick relents.

“You’d be miserable, eh?”

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Prompts Of The Week #5 - #6


(Author does not suggest using Titles straight from Short And Quick Prompts due to possible repeat use.)

  • Break it down to build it up
  • Even If It Existed
  • Don’t Chase Me
  • I’m Lost But It’s Okay
  • True Hatred Is Knowing Love


(Author suggests researching each word before using)

  • Zealot
  • Morbid
  • Gruesome
  • Horrifying
  • Truth
  • Consciousness
  • Vicious 
  • Despicable
  • Confidence
  • Botheration
  • Animal Behavior
  • Vexation


  • “Loosen up. The world really does look like a bad place if you have a stick up your ass.”

  • “The word you’re looking for is trust and no, I do not trust you.”

  • “And it was in that moment I realized I had done fucked up.”

  • “Harmless, they said. Harmless!”

  • “The last apple, though…”

  • “Try the oranges, I hear their peachy this year.”

  • “So I’m in love with you… basically.”

  • “I’m such a freak show.”

  • “Oh no, I’m fine. Nothing hurt besides my glorious ego.”

  • “Well that was humiliating. Thanks for that.”

  • “It only takes one breath of your same air to realize they love you.”

  • “It’s this all knowing thing… We call it the Internet.”

  • “Thank you for acknowledging my existence, now we’re going to work on not pissing me off.”

  • “Tell me if you find your heart somewhere in this junk you call knickknacks.”


  • “So… you’re telling me I’m the only one who can save the world?”
    “Well, the world is fucked.”

  • “It was just a book, okay! It’s not the end of the world.”
    “Uh… It kind of is though.”

  • “If I took the last cookie would you be mad?”
    “Oh, then (insert name here) did it.”

  • “We’ll be best friends forever.”
    “I fucking hope you die first.”

  • “People like to pretend they know me.”
    “I know you.”
    “Sure you do.”

  • “The point isn’t that I hate it, the point is that I’m the boss and I fucking hate it.”
    “Well then just get rid of it. I don’t know why you asked for my opinion.”

  • “Humans just crave attention. The feeling of importance.”
    “Well…you have my attention and have since the start, and if this is any help, you’re very important to me.

  • “Human validation, it’s basically the part of the human physique that has to justify their actions so therefor-”
    “Therefor I could justify punching you in the face right now because you wouldn’t shut up?”
    “Uh… yeah.”


  • A keeps trying to find the perfect nickname for B. B is not amused.

  • A always goes to B for advice and always has. A, now working as the head of a very big, very powerful, company, goes to B for advice on a client only to realize they’re really not supposed to when B flips out and tells them no.

  • A and B accept the fact that their doom to friendship and only friendship. Both thinking the other is very uninterested, but that not being the case at all. 
    When A is grabbing ice cream, though, for B after their first marriage fails, is kidnapped. B being their only true friend, and A being an adult so therefor not a missing person, works out a way to find A before anything too intense goes down and maybe a little confession happens when B finally finds A. 


  • we’re on the same ‘travel-across-a-continent’ holiday plan why don’t we just stick together for the whole trip - 

  • Polyamory Soulmates AU where some people have one soulmate and others might just have two.

  • we’re the only two people left who are single in our friendship group and they all decide to try and set us up with each other au


  • The sun was burning a bright brand in the sky, around high noon, when they arrived. 

  • Snow layered over the places where (he/she/they) remembered grass being, lush and swaying during the summer. With each step (he/she/they) could feel the grass that had been frozen over too fast crunched under (his/her/their) weight.

  • Even looking up at the stars couldn’t change how (he/she/they) felt anymore.

  • (he/they/she) couldn’t even feel how that should have hurt, so far past numb.

  • The kid sat and watched the eggs every day, praying on might hatch before they had to leave for the summer.

Unnecessary Writing Tips


Been sick… SORRY!!! Hope this makes up for it.

Judging You Softly - Pt 13 (End)

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So I was gonna wait till tomorrow but I couldn’t help it XD I’ve had this finished since like 1 oclock and haven’t been able to post until now. I’m like blown away that people actually like this fic, and tbh, I’m glad I wrote and you guys got to learn a bit about me. I probably won’t have to many fics up in the coming months (I start school back on the 2nd) So this final chapter is dedicated to all ya’ll who’ve stuck with me through random ass spam updates XD 

This chapter is alll smutty for those who’ve been waiting. 

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as sweet as sugar

Summary: Adrien decides to give Marinette a little gift before he takes a small vacation in New York.

Day #1 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is kisses! (You can check out the full calendar on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here!

AO3 link here! 

“I, uh, wanted to give you something.”

The blush that crept onto Marinette’s face was not one she was unfamiliar with. She stared at the green-eyed model in front of her, before asking, “You mean the script for our group play?” Marinette asked, telling herself not to expect anything else. She, Adrien, Alya, and Nino had been grouped together for a project, and Adrien had promised to make the script despite his busy schedule. The script was probably the only reason Adrien would want to give her something.

“No, but I’ll send that to you later.” Adrien smiled apologetically.

“Oh, no pressure!” Marinette squeaked. “I mean, you really didn’t have to do this, and if you want, I can -”

“No, it’s fine!” Adrien laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean, I really want to do it since I might not actually be there for the play.”

“Right, New York.” Marinette nodded for a while, but then froze when she realized Adrien hadn’t told anyone about his trip to New York. In fact, the only reason Marinette knew about the trip was because she had been listening to him talk about it over the phone with his father. Adrien had thought she was sleeping, and with no one else in the room, he had jumped to the wrong conclusion that no one would overhear him.

Introducing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

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Sweets (RWBY)

Based of this amazing picture here. And because I don’t see enough fluff about my RWBY OTP, Arkos. Enjoy!


Jaune collapsed onto the ground, breathing heavily. He dropped his sword and shield, falling onto his back staring up at the darkening sky. “That. Was. Intense.”

Pyrrha stashed her weapons on her back smiling, a bit winded herself. “You’re doing amazing! You’ve made so much progress.” She beamed happily, reaching down to offer her hand to Jaune.

Jaune took it, before being pulled up very quickly, stumbling at how forcefully Pyrrha had pulled him up. He flailed a bit, before regaining his balance.

“Now, onto Aura.” Pyrrha said turning to him. “So Jaune…” Before she could continue she was cut off by the sound of Jaune’s stomach growling.

“Uh sorry. I haven’t eaten all day.” He said, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly.

Pyrrha frowned at that. “Keeping a proper diet is important, perhaps we should get food and continue this later.” She offered.

“That sounds great!” Jaune confirmed. “I could kill for a donut hole.”

Pyrrha cocked her head slightly, confused. “A what?”

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30 Day OTP Challenge: exR - Day Three: Pick-up Lines

Day One || Two 

On AO3

Grantaire hands the cup over to the cute blonde with a smile. ‘I’m sorry about Marius, he’s just… he doesn’t know how to flirt and instead makes weird noises before he runs away.' 

The young woman lets out a chuckle in reply, shaking her head as she adds a sachet of sweetener to the saucer that the large mug sits on. 'No, don’t worry about it. I found it rather cute.' 

She digs into her satchel bag that’s slung over her shoulder and pulls out a pen and a piece of paper. She then jots something down and Grantaire watches her with a small frown. 'Tell him that talking through text may be easier at first, and if he is interested… here is my number.' 

She hands Grantaire the piece of paper which has her number scrawled beneath her name; Cosette

'Oh my God, seriously? This is your real number?’ Grantaire questions as he stares at Cosette with a sceptic frown on his face. He runs his free hand through his hair, ruffling his black curls as Cosette nods her head in reply. 

Wow,’ Grantaire lets out a low whistle before he chuckles, vaguely aware of the bell above the door chiming, signalling that someone has entered the coffee shop. 'I never thought I’d see the day I’d be craving Marius Pontmercy’s flirting techniques!' 

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Could You Save Me If I Asked You To? (Emison Prompt)

********WARNING VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: there are triggers for suicide and cutting in this fic so please please please don’t read it if you think it’ll trigger you!!*********

Prompt: Can you do a prompt where Ali finds Emily hurting herself and comforts her and takes care of her and confesses her love and they make out

“Hey, Em,” Alison says, walking into the brunette’s room, stopping short when she sees Emily sitting there, crying. The brunette furiously wipes at her eyes with one hand, while sticking the other quickly behind her back. “W-What are you doing here?” She says, trying to keep her voice steady. “I heard about Mona, I wanted to see if you’re okay, your mom let me in. I’m so sorry, Em. But I had nothing to do with-” “You shouldn’t be here,” Emily shouted at her furiously, pulling the sleeve of her sweater down lower, and putting her arms behind her back. “Em, please, listen to me,” she begged stepping closer to the brunette, reaching out a hand towards her, making Emily flinch, a silver sliver dropping to the floor from her hand. Alison knew what it was as soon as she saw it, and a wave of nausea flooded over her. She had considered doing it a million times; when she was all alone stuck in some dank warehouse somewhere not knowing if she would survive the night, when she was running and had no one to turn to, when she got that scar on her thigh, even recently, when the girls wouldn’t even look at her without disgust evident on their face, when Emily had given up on her…but she never found the courage to. As much as she hated herself, and she really really did, she would let the blade hover above her skin before freaking herself out enough and putting it away, she had never actually let the sharp edge kiss her skin, never let it hurt her. And she never thought Emily would let it hurt her either, hadn’t even considered that the brunette may have thought about it. She knew Emily had been going through a lot lately, they all had, but Emily was strong, stronger than anyone she knew, stronger than her, too strong for this. “Em-” she gasped, her eyes widening with concern for the girl who she loved more than she loved herself, way more. “I didn’t do anything with it…it was just…I just…it…” “Let me see your wrist,” Alison said sternly, stepping towards the brunette who wouldn’t even look at her. “Alison…” She flinched at Emily calling her by her full name, had they seriously gone back that far? It hurt to hear it, she would give anything for her to just call her Ali again, she wished she could take everything back, do everything again, differently this time. She would endure all the horrors she faced, again, if it meant going back to normal with Emily. “Let me see it,” Alison repeated, grabbing the brunette’s wrist hard but carefully, so that it wouldn’t hurt her, before she could pull away. She brought Emily’s wrist close to her face, taking in the scent of Emily’s sweet perfume, and it reminded her of the night they spent together, as Emily was pressed against her, her lips pressed hard and needy against hers, and Emily’s perfume clouding up her thoughts. It was different this time though, there was something bitter to the smell, something new, the scent of fresh blood. She gently pushed up the brunette’s sleeve, revealing tan skin, and a cut slithering like a snake across the veins of her wrist. It wasn’t a deep cut, it didn’t need stitches, thank god, because she could definitely NOT get that past Ms. Fields, but it was a cut, and blood trickled out of it, sliding against her smooth dark skin. “I need to bandage this up,” she said, running a hand through her blonde hair. She felt sick at the sight and the tears pouring from Emily’s absent eyes definitely did not help. She had no idea what to do, she’d never been faced with a situation like this before, and she felt helpless. But she also had no idea who she could call for help, Emily would kill her if she called Pam or any of the girls, or just about anyone, and that would only push her farther away, and while she knew it was selfish and now was not a time to be selfish, she couldn’t deal with Emily not talking to her now that she knew what was going on. “Do you have any gauze? Tape?” Alison asked, examining her wrist carefully. “I don’t know, maybe downstairs,” Emily said quietly, the brown of her eyes being laced with exhaustion and she looked like she was somewhere far away within her mind. “Okay, I’m going to go find some, okay? Don’t move.” “Don’t tell my mom,” Emily said quietly, pleadingly. “I won’t, Em. Just, uh, sit down,” Alison said, laying the brunette on her bed, and picking up the razor from the floor and sticking it in her pocket before leaving.

“Do you have any gauze?” Alison asked Ms. Fields, trying to hide the panic in her voice. “What happened, Alison? Is Emily okay?” “Yes, she just scraped her arm and I wanted to be extra careful,” Alison lied, with a smile. “Let me come up and help,” Pam said, trying to walk past the blonde, who politely stepped in front of her. “No! I don’t want to freak her out, it’s nothing bad, I can handle it, I promise.” “Okay…” Pam said, her voice wavering, obviously unsure. But she got the first aid kit out of the cabinet and handed it to the blonde. “Call me if you need me.” “I will, I promise,” Alison said with a smile.

When she stepped back into Emily’s room the brunette was in the same exact spot, tears still running down her face, her arm stretched out in front of her and she was holding it tenderly. “I got the first aid kit,” she said, re-shutting the door behind her. Emily glanced towards her, but she was talking more to herself than she was to the brunette. She knew that Pam wouldn’t be able to hold off for long, and would come in any minute to check on them, especially with the door shut, so she tried to work fast. She cleaned the cut with soap and water, and Emily flinched at the sting but didn’t say anything. In fact, they sat in silence, Emily laying there with her arm out, Alison cleaning it and covering it in gauze, taping the gauze to her skin with medical tape and hoping it wouldn’t bleed through, until Alison had finished, and it was Emily who first broke the silence. “This is embarrassing,” she whispered, almost to herself. “It’s not,” Alison said, gently brushing strands of dark hair from Emily’s face. “I just wish you told me, I could’ve helped,” she whispered, trying to hide the hurt in her voice. “When would I have told you? When you were gone, when I thought you were dead? When you wouldn’t stop lying to us? When, Alison?” She practically scoffed, but the look in her eyes was tired and pained and it hurt Alison more than her words. “Have you done this before?” She asked, not really wanting to know the answer. “Once,” Emily admitted quietly, “when they found your body. Or, what they thought was your body, anyway.” It felt like knives being stuck into her heart and being twisted, to think that she was the one that did this to Emily. “Em-” “Stop. I don’t want to talk about it. I’m exhausted, honestly, I just want to go to sleep, Alison.” “Okay,” Alison said, helping the brunette who was obviously weak, exhausted, and still somewhat crying, get under the covers. “Are there any more blades?” “No, that was my only one.” “Promise me you’ll never do this again, Emily,” she said, sternly. “I won’t,” she whispered. “Promise, Em.” “I promise,” she mumbled. “Good, goodnight. Call me in the morning, please, Em. I need to know you’re okay.” She knew Emily wouldn’t call her, but she had to say it, had to make sure Emily knew she truly did care. Because it killed her, to think that Emily actually thought she would want to hurt her, or any of the girls, but especially her, when, in reality, she loved her more than she could ever imagine. And it killed her, killed her that Emily would do this to herself, and she just needed to know that Emily would be okay and never ever do this again, even if they would never discuss it again. Because the most important thing to her was that Emily was okay and happy, and she would give anything for that.

Alison was almost out the door of Emily’s room when she heard Emily call, “Alison,” from behind her. “What, Em?” She said softly, turning around to face her. “Can you stay, at least until I fall asleep?” “Okay,” she responded quietly, knowing it was a disastrous idea. Emily was with Paige now, and she wasn’t sure she could deal with that rejection from the girl she so desperately loved, again. Plus, she was one of the main reasons why Emily had done this to herself in the first place. But she couldn’t say no to Emily, never could and never will be able to, especially not when Emily was this distraught. She slipped off her boots and got into the bed next to Emily, keeping a good couple of inches between their bodies, which Emily didn’t complain about. However, as Emily drifted off to sleep, she rolled over, resting her head against Alison’s chest, draping her bandaged wrist over the blonde’s stomach, and Alison laced her arm gently under the brunette, wrapping her arm around her, holding her protectingly. She had a feeling she wasn’t going to be able to leave any time that night, but suddenly, with the heat of Emily’s body pressed against hers, she didn’t seem to mind.

anonymous asked:

I know I shouldn't be sending you prompts because I know you're trying to get a big fic done but I just couldn't resist sending this one,sorry (and I don't mind waiting a lot of time i just didn't want to forget it): pack nights usually last a whole weekend in the renovated hale house. one time stiles forgets his pillow and scott accidentally let everyone know stiles can't sleep without it, derek goes above and beyond to try and make something work, in the end his shoulder/hug does the trick.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m always accepting prompts. It might (by which I mean it will) take me a while cause I’m slow and tend to procrastinate a lot, but I’m always happy to receive them.

“I know this is pack weekend,” Derek started, bending down to grab the abandoned and empty bag of chips on the floor, “but could you at least try to clean up after yourselves? I don’t want to spend a day cleaning up after you guys have left.” He paused, sending them a look. “Again.”

“Isaac stayed back to help last time,” Stiles commented from where he was laying upside down on the couch, legs over the back and head hanging over the edge, neck on display and Derek tried very hard not to look. “And it’s not like you’re not messy yourself, big guy.”

Stiles squawked and flailed as the gummy bear Erica threw missed his opened mouth entirely and instead bounced off his forehead, the room erupting into laughter as Stiles ungracefully tumbled off the couch.

Derek stepped over Stiles currently sprawled out on the floor and rubbing at his forehead, and he said, “But unlike all of you, I don’t leave my mess behind.” With a heavy sigh, he sat down on the comfortable chair on the far end of the living room.

Only to shoot back up and grab the crumb filled bowl he had accidentally sat on, tossing it toward the rest of the pack. “Seriously?”

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