uh rudeness

Jealous Sf9

Inseong: jealous inseong is a petty bitch. Will be really obvious and salty too.

Him: So did you just get done cheating on me? How was it? Fun?

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Youngbin: the type to keep it inside and not tell you, but you can totally tell something is wrong with him. If you give him attention and a cuddling session filled with kisses, he will get over it. He just wants to be reassured he’s the only man you need in your life.

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Jaeyoon: Offended. Upset. “Uh Rude.” He will say to himself when he sees other idols/guys hanging near you. 

You: Are you Jealous?

Him: I don’t know, am I?

Zuho: Rough in a sexy wayyy . Doesn’t hesitate to drag you away when your talking to other guys or confront guys when they are staring at you. “You’re mine.” Be sure to show him often that you are his if youknowwhatimeannn.

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Dawon: plays it off like he’s just joking around, but the cutie is actually jealous and wants you to tell him you love him.


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Taeyang: More cuddly and in need of affection. If you were unaware and didn’t give him enough affection,he will give you affection instead. 

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Rowoon: Literally tries to be a better boyfriend. Acts more cute, cooks for you more and just become irresistible. Shes like it when I’m cute. Let’s do what she likes, she will never leave me.


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Hwiyoung: Tries to be manlier and tough despite his age, but you know inside he’s very sensitive. The minute you ask him if he’s jealous, he will prob break, but instead of asking him if he’s jealous, just tell him how much you love him and how cool he is. It will reassure him alot.

“How do I look today? Can you spot what changed?” (literally just new hair gel)

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Chani: the cutie isn’t used to being jealous like this, so he just tries to figure all of this out himself or asking the other members for advice. When he’s with you, he is still sweet as always. Even a bit more needy. Tries to be a better boyfriend to you so you don’t think of leaving him.

Inseong: flirt with her like you two are still in that push and pull phase before dating. 

(one day)

Him: Hey!

You: Sweetie, I got to go. I’m busy.

Him: Wait! 

You: Yes?

Him: “Seeya later cute stuff.uh..sweet thanggg”

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  • Middle of a meeting, Lance has been trying to explain his opinion but:
  • Lance: -and can you stop twitching your ears Keith? It’s distracting!
  • Keith: Well if you weren’t screeching in my ears they wouldn’t be twitching
  • Lance: Uh, rude much? I don’t screech
  • Keith: See, I see your lips are moving so I assume you’re saying something
  • Keith: But all I hear is SCREEEEE-
  • Lance: SHUT UP KEITH!
  • Keith: SCREEEEE-

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👞 ( from @monachopsis-space-princess )

Thace was walking down a corridor, his thoughts going every which way about what had to be done and what he could do to pass what little time he will soon have to himself… Until-



The Galra held his ear in pain, hissing through his teeth, looking at his hand to see a trace of blood on his palm before bringing it back up to hold it again. He looked down to find a shoe… A. SHOE! Bending to pick it up and inspect it, he noticed a small group of soldiers flinching as he stood up. The lieutenant looked at them with confusion, wiggling his ears in reflex to his emotion…..Wait…..His left ear, it’s not moving! It’s limp! Oh no. When Thace made to tell them it was okay they all ran in fear. “Wait! Soldiers!…” He spotted a guilty stranger and walked up to her. Pointing at the shoe with slight anger in his eyes then at his ear, now numb and slack. “You. Shoe. Ear. Why?”

any other day i see a baby and im Want One Immediately Right This Instant Guess Whom Is Ready To Raise A Child but currently nobody under the age of twelve even.. exists to me. they arent even concepts. do not talk to me about childhood, do not talk to me about development, do not talk to me about childhood development, i haven’t slept in twenty four hours and i’m running on coffee and prescription stimulants

Person: You’re STILL not better? I mean havent you been sick for a couple years already??


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That last ask was uh..... rude as hell????

I agree it could have been worded better but everyone’s entitled to their opinion.. and I guess their’s was just in the minority… I didn’t take it too personally because even if you get hate mail people are going out of their way to notice/send you something… am I right? So technically I still made it lol

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Uh... not to be rude but I don't understand. What is cis? I haven't heard the term before and I'm not sure what it implies. Thanks.

Cis people are people who are not trans or nonbinary

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5, 8, 15, 34 aaaaand can't leave out 47 and 48 😂

5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile? 

 My moms. She does and says some shit that jus’ makes me laugh mad hard.

8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed? 

Yeah. You know angry tears? That.  

15. personality description

Uh sarcastic, rude, lazy, goofy and maybe a lil bit of misanthropy. I know.

47. turn ons

Looks, mad waist-line movements and Ass… Personality key though.

48. turn offs

Feet. Heavy breathing. Trying too hard. too much cleavage- Issa instant no.