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Pietro Maximoff #2

Hello everyone! There’s my 2nd note and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I was suprised that you liked the first one so much! If you have any request about any Avenger od X-men please let me know!


It was Friday night. All Avengers were taking rest after busy week. They were sitting on couches, watching film and eating popcorn. You were sitting on sofa with Tony and Steve. Movie was quite boring, so Tony tried to make you laugh, by mockig actors. You giggled every time he commented the script. It was pleasant evening. Everyone were relaxed.


Everyone except Pietro. He was sitting with Wanda and Vision, but he didn’t talk with them or ever watch Tv. He was watching how Stark was making you laugh all time. All fucking time. Pietro clenched his fists.

“Pietro, keep calm"whispered Wanda. She touched his tightened arm.

"You promised not to read my mind” Pietro growled silently.

“I didn’t want to read them, but they were so loud that I couldn’t miss them” she explained with repentance.

“Sorry. I just don’t know how to handle it. It torment me so much, you know?” he sighed.

“I know. Everybody knows. But she doesn’t. You have to tell her, Pietro. You suffer too much” Wanda stilled him gently.

“I want to, but how should I do that? I won’t tell her: Oh, hi, you look nice, Y/N. By the way, I like you so much. More than much. Shall we date?” he scoffed.

“Why not? It wasn’t bad. Do anything, she’s not mindreader! If you won’t tell her, someone will anticipate you”

“You’re right"he sighed."But not today. I’ll wait for a better moment” Pietro decided.

“Yes, few months more won’t change anything” Wanda rolled her eyes, and put head on Vision’s chest.

Pietro went quiet. He knew that his sister is right, but he also thought that telling Y/N about his feeling is senseless, becauce it was obvious that she didn’t reciprocate them. Nevertheless, he couldn’t hide them anymore. It was too hard and exhausting.


“Oh, what a pity, the film ended. The ending was so suprising! I am very suprised!” Tony laughed when the movie ended at least.

“You know, it has a few more parts, we can watch them” you answered with grin.

“Sorry, honey. I give up. I need some sleep” answered Tony and kissed you on your cheek. “Goodnight everyone”

“Bye” choursed others.

Everyone stood up and headed to their rooms. You stood up too, but you went to the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” Nat asked curiously.

“I’m hungry"you grined."I’m gonna make some toasts, anyone want to join?”

“Are you kidding? I’m going to bed” Nat yawned.“Bye”

“Pietro, you said, you’re hungry. Maybe you should accompany Y/N?” Wanda asked with grin on her face.

“Come on, Pietro. I don’t really like to be alone at night” you said as your heard lost its rythm.

“Uh, okey” he sighed and sent punishing look to his sister.

“Have fun, kids!” Clint laughed and winked to Nat.

When you were alone with Pietro in the kitchen, the awkward silence came.

You took the bread form the shelf and wired up the toaster.

“Can I help you?” Pietro asked quietly.

“No, thanks. I manage that” you answered and your cheeks blushed.

“So, did you use to living in tower?” you asked after few moments.

“Yes, sure. Everyone are very nice here. You received us with open arms” he shrugged and rippled his hair.

“Yeah, I felt the same when I joined the team. I think they’re done. Do you want some ketchup?” you asked while drawing toasts.


You sat beside Pietro.

“Bon apetit” you laughed. Pietro pulled up his plate and bit a piece of sandwich.

“Tastes better than when Wanda do it” he frowned. “How long are you here, with Avengers?”

“Probably few months. It was horrible at the beggining. I was so tired every day when I finished trainings with Nat and Clint that I haven’t any time for relax, because when I crawled to my room I fell on bed and slept til morning” you recalled.

“I know how it feels"Pietro grined.

You talked long time about your and his childhood, favourite music, things that you hate or love. Your heart jumped every time when Pietro smiled or laughed. To your mind, his smile was the cutest one all around the world.

Then you heard steps on the corridor and Tony walked in.

"Y/N, you didn’t tell me that we have coven tonight. I’d wear my cape and take wand” he yawned and headed to fridge.

You saw that Pietro tensed up when Tony sat in front of you and took a sip from his glass.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked looking at Pietro and you.

“Talking” you rolled your eyes.

“Am I bothering you"Tony rised his eyebrow.

"Exactly” you grinned and he stood up. He grinned as well and winked to you.

When Tony was out you asked Pietro

“You still don’t like him, do you?”

“Not much. He’s my opposition. He’s funny, social and loud and I’m..”

“You’re too shy” you smiled and stroked his arm gently. His eyes widened.

“I think we should go sleep. It’s very late” you frowned but nodded.

“If you want to” you shrugged your arms ant put plates into sink.

You walked to your rooms in silence.

You probably lost your last chance to tell her that you like her, you fool, thought Pietro. When you stopped in front of your’s room’s doors, you looked in Pietro’s stunning blue eyes.

“So goodnight” you whispered.

He caugh lock of your hair. He stared at you and parted his mouth. He leaned and slightly dabbed your skin with his lips. You shivered. He wrapped his one arm around your waist and the other put in your hair.

You touched his neck and then your lips met. This kiss was so sweet and tender that you felt like your heart melt. You stood on you tip toes and wrapped you tounge around his. Pietro pulled you closer to him and started to kiss you passionetly. His arm roamed through your back. You felt like you were in heaven nothing around you mattered.

Except him.

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"Sylviaaaa!" Wander hopped onto the Zbornak's head. "I just had the most romantic dream and it had you in it! Or, at least I think it was a dream.. Well, it was cool! Wanna hear?" he grinned, hanging his head upside down and setting it in front of his best friend's face. (( And no this is not sylander related, instead this will be another ship. .3. ))


“Uh…sure? Go ahead…” she frowned.