uh oh. spaghetti o

Want Sum Fuk?

All was quiet in the fort, except the sounds of nature around them. Five people laid silently in the tent, and decided it was a good time to head to bed. They were on the brink of sleep all except for two of their party members. You and Prompto. Still wide awake from all the happenings of the day.

“Heey, Prompto?“ You whispered, hopefully loud enough for him to hear you from where he laid beside you. “Are you still awake?”

“Yeeah” He drawled. “Whhy?”

You could barely contain your excitement over the discovery of a few words that got the two of you to erupt into a fit of laughter. You had accidentally let it slip when you dropped your phone in the car this afternoon.

“Uh oh spaghetti o’s”

In the darkness, you heard Prompto’s muffled laughter followed by yours.

“Uh oh spaghetti o’s!” He repeated, voice high pitched from laughing. “Where did you even get that? Why is it so funny to me?”

“I think I found it online somewhere. I guess it’s like that bird meme we accidentally happened across today.”

Again, you two were back at it with the muffled laughing at the memory.

“Will you two just go to sleep!” Ignis grumbled from the other side of the tent. “Other people would like to sleep too!”

“Sorry!” You both apologised. But did you two really mean it? Probably not.

You two laughed until your lungs protested and your laughter faded out. You sighed in content and turned onto your side to face Prompto. You heard him shift and sigh too. Once again, it became void of human chatter.

Your brows furrowed when you felt warmth really close to you. You froze as lips ghosted over yours all so gently. You remained silent. Surely you had fallen asleep and this was all a dream.

The lips disappeared from yours, only to reappear on your neck. A quick gasp escaped from your throat and a sensation ignited down below. It become worse when he opened his mouth and started to suck. Your eyes fluttered shut on their own accord.

But still being in the playful mood. You couldn’t help the next thing to fly out of your mouth.

“Wanna smash?“

That was it. The “mood” was ruined. Prompto detached himself from you and collapsed into laughter all over again.

“Right!” Ignis yelled, sounding similar to a mother scolding their children. “That’s it! We’re separating you two right now!”

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Tell us about this thing with emmet's leg?

OOOH ok so, in the scene where they stop the kragle, first business kragles Emmet’s leg so he can’t move, but eventually business puts the piece on the kragle and it explodes, in the movie I guess the explosion unstuck Emmets leg, but I don’t really think the glue would just,, unstick so he’s leg gets torn off when the explosion goes off, and uh oh spaghetti o’s we’ve got a problem

Uh-oh Spaghetti-o

*checks tumblr* Well fuck this, no one’s really talking to me right now. *closes laptop and goes to head downstairs* *ends up falling down the stairs and landing awkwardly on her leg* SHIT SHIT SHIT. *takes out phone and texts @hello-panda-unoffical* IS THERE ANYWAU YOU COILD COME TO MY HOYSE AND TAKE ME TONTHE HOSPIRAL?