uh oh. spaghetti o


he’s terrified. god, he’d been trying to hard. well, semi hard. okay, he wasn’t really working hard at all. he hadn’t been given very much to do lately– and he just wanted to spread it out. he hadn’t realized that jack actually wanted these things done fast. fuck.

“ i– i’m not– fuck. fuck fuck fuck. i’m sorry– i’m so sorry. fuck. i’ll–i’ll start. i swear. fuck. ”

           The sound of heels circles around the edge of your desk as you take your sweet time in standing before the man, an imposing height only adding to the tension. Your anger was always dealt in delicates,concealed behind action and carried over your shoulders like dragging a velvet cape. Perhaps it wasn’t your place to find your temper in short supply over other people’s business, but as far as you were concerned, anything that happened with the crew was your business enough.

    “You know, you’re a smart boy… I expected better from you.          The hook of an index finger finds the soft skin beneath his chin, propping his head up just so that you can look him in the eyes.

                      “ I sincerely hope you won’t upset me again Gavin…

Uh-oh Spaghetti-o

*checks tumblr* Well fuck this, no one’s really talking to me right now. *closes laptop and goes to head downstairs* *ends up falling down the stairs and landing awkwardly on her leg* SHIT SHIT SHIT. *takes out phone and texts @hello-panda-unoffical* IS THERE ANYWAU YOU COILD COME TO MY HOYSE AND TAKE ME TONTHE HOSPIRAL?