uh oh oreo


I just reached 200 followers last night! This is so awesome!! A milestone!! In celebration of this milestone, I’m going to give a shout out to all the good friends I’ve made since I started my blog:

@sonias-world-of-fandom - Hey Sonia! I haven’t known you for very long, but from what I’ve seen of you, you are a really cool person, and I love talking with you. ❤️

@malecispurelyamazing -  Hi! My first biggest follower! I don’t know what I did to make you like all this craziness so much, but I’m happy to have become friends with you, and to talk about Malec with you. 💕

@daddarios - Hey Mavra! A fellow Matt Daddario fan and an Alec Lightwood analysist. I always have fun conversations with you, and I’ll never be able to figure out why people are so mean to you. You’re just too nice of a person. You also made me those really cool icons for me that one time, so thanks for that too! 💖

@phildrawsfanart - Hey Phil! I saw your beautiful art not too long after I made my blog, but I didn’t start talking with you, I think, until just before season 2B started. Why did it take me so long!? You are super nice, and you are a great person to talk to. 💝

@anjawritingsx - Hey Anja! I first discovered you on Ao3 after I read on of your fics (I can’t remember what fic it was now). That’s when I first spoke to you, too. Fanfic really does bring the fandom together, huh? Lol! Then I found you on tumblr, and I found that you have really great opinions on things about the show that some people don’t really think about, and you just turned out to be a great person to meet! 💗

@magnusandalexander - Hi! I first found you on here when I saw your asks from your unpopular opinions ask meme in the Malec tag 😂. I really enjoy talking with you about the craziness that goes on in this fandom sometimes, and I think I may have asked you a rediculous question once or twice. 💞

@evak-malec - Hey! I found you on here from seeing my other friends reblog your posts, and tag you in things. By doing that, I found out that you are really nice, and I love sending you asks about to cool ask memes that you reblog! You are also really talented at making gif sets, even if I don’t watch all the shows that you make gif sets for. 💓

@blj2007 and @ladymatt - Hey Brit and Michelle! You two are such friendship goals, I always love seeing your posts where you converse back in forth! Brit: You’re always so nice whenever I talk to you, and you’re always giving such good advice on things. Michelle: You’re my go to person for talk about all things Magnus Bane! Also, thanks for that one time you had to emergency beta a fic for me. You really helped me there 😄. 💕

@damnyoudaddario - Another fellow Matt Daddario fan, and a fellow ace! Though we don’t talk much, I always enjoy our talks whenever we do. I’ll always remember the post you made about a llama at your church named Cuzco! I always thought that was so funny 😂. 💖

@loudlewdlyricalmiracle and @spooky-mormon-hell-dream - Hey you guys! My go to theater nerds for whenever I need to geek out to someone about my favorite musicals. You guys are awesome, I love talking with you guys, and I hope we are able to talk more soon. 💗

@soft-raphael - Hi Shaz! You’re one of the earlier friends I made on here. I discovered you because you were doing blog rates! We’ve had some good conversations from college life, to your confusion over Uh oh! Oreos. I may not ship some of the same things you do, but I can always find some way to talk to you about Malec, lol! Also, your time with The Idris Chronicle may have been short lived, but you and the others have helped me a lot with it in the early stages, and helped make it the success it is today. 💗

@jacehvrondale - Hey! A fellow Malec, Jessa, and Jem Carstairs lover! I think you were one of the first friends that I made who loves The Infernal Devices more than I do, and that’s saying something, lol. I always enjoy talking with you, and I hope we can talk more in the future. 💞

@wildflower-clace - Hi Isabelle! You are also one of the friends I made early on. I just wanted to thank you for the times you’ve helped me out. I remember back in Febuaray/March I was planning a fandom project that I was really excited about, and I went to ask you for help with the nitty gritty because a rude anon made me afraid to ask for help publicly (you know which project I’m talking about). You also helped me a lot with planning for The Idris Chronicle, and you’re still helping me out with it! Thank you so much! 💖

@sallsmum - Hi! I discovered you through your awesome fanfics, and I even gave you some prompts! You’re always an awesome person to talk to, and maybe we can co-write something together in the future? 💝

@gallavich-malec - Hey! You were the first friend I made here, can you believe that? You gave me my first Malec prompt, and we became good friends soon after. I know you haven’t been online much, and that you have a busy life, but we should start talking more once you get everything settled. 💕

This got very deep, but I don’t care because I love you guys. This height challenged 21 year old college student still has a lot to learn about the fandom world, and I’m so lucky to have met you all. In conclusion, I’m going to give you a gif of Malec hugging because I wish I could give you all a big hug right now. Here’s to another 100!