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Forgetting to specify where in the scene a few characters are so your mental picture ends up like

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Sordid Sorting

Godric Gryffindor: “Sorting Hat, you are my greatest creation. It will be up to you to sort every Hogwarts student into the house where they truly belong.”

Sorting Hat: “I shall strive to be fair and equitable, master.”

GG: “What?! No, forget that noise. I made you and you’re going to put the kids where I tell you.”

SH: “Oh, uh OK. What did you have in mind?”

GG: “First, put all the cool kids in Gryffindor. Then put the jerks in Slytherin, the nerds in Ravenclaw, and everybody else in Hufflepuff.”

SH: “Don’t you think the other founders will object?”

GG: “Nah! We’ll just tell Salazar he’s getting all the ‘ambitious kids,’ we’ll tell Rowena she’s getting the smart kids, and Helga… Y'know, Helga’s pretty chill. I don’t think she’ll bug us about it.”

SH: “OK, whatever you say boss.”

GG: “Dang straight.”

~You Moan as They Playfully Spank You~

Jin: “Are you okay, baby?”

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Yoongi: *does it harder*

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Hoseok: “Uh oh! Somebody likes this too much!”

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Namjoon: “Did I hit a nerve?”

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Jimin: *freezes and cautiously spanks you again*

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Taehyung: *gives you another*

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Jungkook: *this was not suppose to end like this*

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You just know when the relationships going to be good when Katie gives her co-star that sad love-sick puppy look.

Ahhh yes! The beautiful and famous Katie McGrath Puppy Heart-Eyes. Let’s take a look at a single example, shall we?


Yes, I would say you are correct. Uh-oh anon… Did you just inspire my next Katie gif set?? I think you might have!! Let the heart melting begin!

Eduardo: Jon have you seen- Uh?

Mark: Jon are you ok?

Jon: G-Guys I don’t feel so g-good…

Eduardo: What the hell?!

Jon: W-What’s h-happening to m-me?!

Mark: C-Calm down! 

Mark and Eduardo: JON!

Jon: U-Uh…?

Mark: Oh my god…

Eduardo: Did he…?

Jon: I-I’m a ghost again…

Mark: We should have known this wouldn’t last long…

Eduardo: Well things really won’t change right…? I mean he will still be here! R-Right?

Mark: I guess so…

Jon: … G-Guys I need to go see someone 

Mark: What? Right now?

Jon: Yes…It’s important…  

Eduardo: Sure go, I guess…If you really need to…




It was so strange… he was right here… the man you loved, the man who was the father of your child… now he was gone. Now there’s another guy here, someone entirely different that you didn’t recognize. You watched it all happen and it was weird for you.

“Doctor?” you asked shakily.

The new man turned around to face you and then his eyes grew as they went down to your stomach. “You’ve swallowed a planet!” was all he could say. “What type of creature are you?”

“I’m a human,” you told him saddened… he had known you were a human, what was wrong with him? Had he forgotten you?

“How did you get a planet inside of you?” he wondered curiously.

“It’s not a planet, it’s a child… your child,” you told him.

His face went from wonderment to a downtrodden look. “Oh, uh, I did?” he questioned.

You nodded sadly… he had forgotten. 

“Was it when I was… different in the face?” he asked.

You nodded again.

“I’m sorry, I really am, I wish I could remember you,” he apologized. “You seem like a really interesting person, well you must’ve of if I had… y’know… done that.”

You couldn’t help but crack a smile at his new naiveté.

“I can’t remember you, but maybe you could help me,” he suggested. “We can go places we’ve gone to in the past and then go to new places. We go wherever and whenever you want. I promise I’ll try to make this work.”

You smiled and hugged him. “Thank you,” you told him.

“It’s not a problem,” he replied.

I,,, may have drawn a draw the otp meme,,

This one to be exact! 

credit to the original artist for the draw the otp meme ;w; 
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Peter Parker |Chatroom #2:Matching

Tony has created a chatroom

Tony has invited Y/N, Peter, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, T'challa, Wanda

Loki has joined the chatroom

Y/N: What do you want Tony?
Tony: What makes you think I want something? And HOW DID LOKI GET HERE?!
Peter:Oh- uh Mr. Stark, I’m kinda busy, can we talk later?
Loki:…………I have my ways.
Bruce: Tony…. You better not be doing what you were talking about earlier…
Tony: You’ll see science bro.
Natasha: Ugh, make it quick. Clint and I were training.
Clint:……I’m trying so hard not to stab Loki right now, but hi
Steve: Hey guys :D
Wanda: and I was baking cookies.
Y/N: Can I have some?!
Wanda: Sure, but don’t eat too many, I’m saving some for Natasha
Tony: So, do any of you have plans for Halloween?…
Y/N: I would but I don’t have any friends to go trick or treating with… me rn
Tony: and you Peter?
Peter: No, not really Mr. Stark.
Tony: Great! And I told you to call me Tony
Steve: I’d rather not go to whatever you’re planning, but yes, I’m free.
Loki: I agree with the Captain.
Clint: So are Natasha and I.
T'Challa: I don’t care.

T'Challa has left the chatroom

Tony: Geez. So rude
Wanda:I am free.
Bruce: You are doing exactly what you were talking about earlier. I’m free, but I’m not going to take part in your little scheming.

Bruce has left the chatroom

Tony: I’m not scheming!  Anyway, since you are all free, let’s have a Halloween party! I’ll even make sure there’s no alcohol!
Natasha: That’s hard to believe. But I’ll come anyway.
Y/N: Yay!!! I’ll have something to do!
Steve: Sure, I’ll come.
Peter: I’ll come since I don’t have anything to do…
Wanda: I’ll come as well.
Tony: Great! Also I have all your costumes planned out!

Tony has left the chatroom

Natasha: I’m not going to wear the costume he gives me.
Clint: Neither am I.
Steve: Yeah that’s not going to happen.
Wanda: I am wearing my own costume.
Loki: I do not want his costume.

Y/N has left the chatroom
Peter has left the chatroom
Natasha has left the chatroom
Steve has left the chatroom
Wanda has left the chatroom
Clint has left the chatroom
Loki has left the chatroom

~The day before Halloween~

Private Chat between Tony and You
Tony:……So no one except Y/N and Peter are wearing the costumes I picked?…
Y/N: Yeah…I guess so?
Tony: Ok. Well, Y/N you’re going as Cinderella/Rapunzel/Ariel/Aurora you choose , the dress should be in your room, I had Natasha put it there.




Tony: You’re welcome! Now I’m going to tell Peter what his costume is! See ya!

~The day of Party~

 Your PoV

“Are you sure Nat?” Still not sure if I was ready. I was curious to see what everyone else’s costume was, since we all agreed not to tell. T'Challa didn’t come because he was busy, and Bruce is here, but he didn’t want to dress up. Since Natasha, Wanda and I were getting ready together, we all got to see our costumes. I was (Your Choice of Costume), Natasha was Minnie Mouse, and Clint was going to be Mickey Mouse. Even though Nat didn’t want to dress up, Clint somehow managed to convince her to be Minnie. Wanda was going as Alice in wonderland. my costume is alice in wonderland btw xD

When we all went to the floor where the party was going to be, I looked around, and saw everyone’s costumes. Many people were here, but just a few people were in costumes. We were the last ones to arrive. Tony was Batman, which I expected, Steve was wearing a werewolf costume, Loki was…….Thor?….. and… Peter was….(Cinderella’s/Ariel’s/Aurora’s prince or Eugene). Tony must have known my crush on Peter!!!! do any of you guys play Avengers Academy? When Peter and I looked at each other’s costumes, our eyes went wide and our faces were red. When Natasha saw where I was looking at and why I was all flustered, she smirked and practically dragged me over to Peter while Tony: did the same and dragged Peter over to us. “Well, we’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” Tony winked and walked off and Natasha went over to Clint. “Uh- You look beautiful Y/N, I mean, not that you d-don’t always but  What I uh- meant was- you look really pretty.” Peter stuttered out. “Thanks! You look handsome too…” I said, my face still red as a tomato. “I-I know this is late, but I was wondering, if you would like to be my date?…” Peter asked me, while he was fidgeting with his hands, looking nervous. “Of course! I actually wanted you to ask me…” I responded shyly. “Well, do you want to go dance?” “Sure!” I took his hand and pulled him over to the dance floor and we started dancing with each other.

3rd person
“I told you this would work Brucie!” Tony said, with a smug grin on his face. “Fine, it did work, but it still could’ve gone horribly. They are cute together.” As Bruce finished his sentence, the other Avengers joined in their conversation. “I’ll have to admit, they’re pretty cute. Good job Tony.” Steve said. “What did you do?! My sweet little Y/N is going to start dating your spider son!!!!” Clint asked frantically. “Chill! They look cute!” Natasha retorted, trying to stop Clint from going over to Y/N and Peter and ruining the cute moment. Wanda just squealed and took a picture.
The night went on, and the new couple had goofy smiles on their faces as they went to their rooms, Tony happy that his plan worked, and the rest of the Avengers happy that they didn’t have to watch them be so awkward around each other, and Clint was mad that his little Y/N was dating a spider.

A/N: AHHHH I’M SO SORRY THAT WAS TERRIBLE I really wanted to get a Halloween chapter out yesterday, but I didn’t know how to end it! So I finished it today with a horrible ending! >~< the next chapter will be the next part to Capsicle! Please like, comment and reblog if you liked it! 💜 (none of the pictures are mine)

romantic or sexy quotes to include in your smuts!
  • ‘oops’
  • ‘nah. maybe later.’
  • ‘uh oh’
  • ‘i thought you were waiting til marriage??’
  • ‘wait, how did we start doing this again?’
  • ‘turn on the air conditioner first’
  • ‘bro…..’
  • ‘…………..bro.’
  • ‘oh… oh, oh……. shit! i left the water running at home!
  • ‘so have you ever read the milk fic?’
  • god…. honestly, you were so much better than your mother.’