uh oh hotdog

/co/ related fun and jokes, I just had to doodle it! 

>Everybody listen up! I’m rounding up a search party! Steven’s gone missing!
>Alpha team searches uptown, Gold team searches downtown. Any questions?
>shut up Ronaldo

>Look Pearl! We found Steven!
>That’s just Garnet shapeshifted to look like Steven!

Garnet: ahuhuh. Uh oh hotdogs

>They all hide in Garnets afro.
>Even Garnet some hides in there.
>Pearl just finds a cube on the ground and thinks nothing of it

I understand that the dress code has done a lot of female students wrong but in my opinion people shouldn’t come to school in like clubbing attire. You’re here to do schoolwork and get an education not go down the freaking red carpet. Trying to look good is different than being in clothes that aren’t appropriate for school.