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“you only like thomas brodie sangster cause he’s attractive”

First of the Until Dawn requests done ( and I got to utilize my ‘new’ office space, which is uh-mazing ).  This one is from @grandmakai, who requested “Emily being a badass in the mines.”

I think this is the first time I’ve drawn Emily ( aside from a goofy one a little while back ), and I really enjoyed it.  She’s growing on me… slowly.
And I’m really excited because the piece turned out just how I pictured it when I read the request.  Yay!

I hope you enjoy, @grandmakai - thank you so much for your request!  You’re rad.

Image © Brennan “Lovely Bonez” Strong 2017 | @lovelybonezproductions

          If this sketch of Alex hugging Michael isn’t enough to show you guys how much I am grateful for this then I don’t know what will tbh BUT before I can continue on with this sappy journey of mine, I would like to personally thank Shinjikun from @drawsrs for making this touching piece :’)) her art pieces give me LIFE and you guys should DEFINITELY commission them once their commission slots are open!!
          But yes, as I’ve learned from the last bias list that I’ve made, I wanted keep things short above the cut so: for those of you who haven’t seen my SAPPY MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE in the GIVEAWAY post, you can read it HERE  { it’s under the cut btw }; I’ll expand my never-ending gratitude and love further under the cut for this post as well. After I’ve tagged my mutuals for the bias lists, I’ll tag my closer mutuals afterwards for a special message that’s also below the cut!! 
          Alright before I get on with the business, I just want to let you guys know that even though you aren’t mentioned on this list, I’m still grateful that you chose to follow me and just..put up with all of my rping stuff. I would’ve left a long time ago if it weren’t for you guys continuously showing interest about my muse and the game she’s from and..I don’t know if I can ever say this enough but- thank you. THANK YOU for making my experience on Tumblr a phenomenal one!!

THE BEACH BASH HYPE aka the mututals from night surprise studios { or oxenfree fan artists in general }, and the mutuals who’ve always liked my posts- i see you, and you’re not getting away so easily without a shoutout!! 
olly.     @edwardsisland, @michaelstrietz, @firstorderelite@zctsubou, @paytno, @audgpog, @sanzuwuya, & @kalreyno!!

THE COOL KIDS ON THE DASH aka the mutuals who i adore from afar & the mutuals who are pretty chill. you guys are awesome, and keep doing you!!
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& THE BREAKFAST CLUB aka the “fam” in “oxenfam,” you guys are the real mvps. check out your special message under the cut!!
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A few more of my fave Sonny Carisi moments for @do-me-carisi and whatever treat she has in store for us!!  I hope it’s not to late to submit more. 

A while back, an anon asked me my top 5 fave Sonny moments and I never got around to answering. I’m SORRY!! Life has been hella hectic. So please accept this as your answer too, though I don’t know if I can pick only 5 and not sure I can get an absolute fave moment because Sonny has so many facets to his personality that I love. <3

I know a lot of people are probably going WTF? this is a fave? lol. It is and allow me to elaborate. While a lot of fans were distracted by the stache and the lame new guy schtick, I was totally fascinated with this awkward, brash character and it was in this scene that I realized that underneath all the silliness they brought him in with, Sonny was a “think outside the box” seeker of justice kind of character and was going to be hella entertaining!   I’m STILL lol'ing at Liv saying “we don’t do that here”  OMG HAHAHA. OH GIRL YOU KILL ME!! Have you met YOU??  Sonny had already sized the situation up and he was dead right. That girl smelled the sympathy bullshit a mile away, she needed a man to shoot the shit with her because that’s all she was familiar with. Sonny’s initial instinct was the catalyst to solving the crime and right here in episode one, Sonny was right!

More faves under the cut to save your timelines ;)

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BUCKET LIST: by @honestgrins

“The Caroline Forbes, Get the Hell Off My Back and Find a Life While I Finish Finals, You’re Done with College Bucket List.”

“One, you must finish these tasks in order (no peeking!) before graduating Friday evening. Two, keep Nik with you. I already dragged him into town but I can’t give him my attention, and you’ll need the company. And make him pay for everything, he can afford it. New York’s expensive, and I need you to save your money. I’m not visiting you in a shoebox apartment. Three, take pictures so I can better visualize when you tell me all about this AFTER FINALS. Four, don’t text me, I’ll text you. I’m studying.”

twins? no tripplets ? no uh oh god


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anonymous asked:

Your art is UH-MAZING!! Are you still into South Park by any chance? :))

Thank you so much! I stopped watching south park a long while back. But I mean, I still get nostalgic about the sp kids. especially craig and kenny haha,, 

Flowers (Murphy x Reader)

Request: omg your oneshots are uh-mazing! I also wanted to request one with murphy being a worse asshole than he is on the show and verbally hurting the reader (has been a long time) and she finally fights back in front of everyone and he snaps and kidnaps her and tortures her and maybe some sexual teasing(?) for embarassing him but he actually likes her but shes always with bell, not the basic ‘I treat you like shit cause I like you’ because hes murphy, hes a hot psycho and he doesnt need a real reason

A\N: awe thanks so much, I’ve been pretty stuck with this request so i hope it’s okay x (sorry if it’s shitty, also i didn’t write in any torturing, sorry. x)

Originally posted by youmissedthewholeshow

warning: swearing, verbal abuse 

As you walk through the crowded camp, you carry fresh cut wood in your hands ready to start the fire for tonight. Placing the heavy wood down, you exhale at your accomplishment but your stomach drops as you hear a deep laugh, “She’s finally pulling her weight around here,” Murphy states and you glare at him, “Well I mean not really her weight because you’d need more wood for that." 

People nearby stop and some even laugh at Murphys rude comment. You see Bellamy in the distance and he catches your eye as he watches on. You remember what he told you; you don’t have to take shit from anybody, especially Murphy. Feeling anger bubbly inside you, you cross your arms. "Are you done?” You question, shifting from one door to another. Murphy furrows his eyebrows - you’ve never talked back usually you just walk away and take it, “I don’t have time to waste on brainless, pathetic, losers like yourself and your piece of shit friends.” You sneer, hearing whispering and laughing from the crowd that had formed around you. 

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Jealous Doesn’t Suit You (Lucifer Morningstar)

Originally posted by lucifer-ellis

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 1587
Warning(s): Some swearing, jealousy
A/N: Jealousy is such a hard thing to write but I am willing to try it. Enjoy!
Request(s): Could you write a one shot where the reader gets jealous of lucifer spending all his time with Chloe and he reassures her that he’s all hers ;) ;) 
Can you do a one shot with lucifer and oc already together and she’s jealous of him spending time with Chloe so she acts out around her (Chloe) or something and he reassures her of his love but she doesnt believe him because hes the devil but in the end he proves himself to her

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Strange Happenings - Ch. 5

Originally posted by reylo-musings

Summary: After leaving Kylo home alone for the first time, you come home to learn some new and surprising things about him. Particularly, a lot about where he’s from.

A/N: This was interesting to write, lol, 

As he settled himself on the couch Kylo continued eating his breakfast, staring at the screen. Despite his large frame, if you had seen him, he would look like a child about to get deep into movie night. As he pressed play he put his legs on the couch, crossing them under his weight. The screen went black for a moment until the infamous blue text appeared, 

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… 

Kylo quirked a brow at that, figuring you must have chosen this for him because it was about space. He wasn’t going to complain though, the fact that you were even considering him and what he wanted at all was a welcomed change. 

Another crunchy bite went into his mouth as the grand intro music filled the room. As it kept going, Kylo subtly perked up. Though he didn’t enjoy many things, he certainly enjoyed the orchestration this film had. He appreciated the dramatic sounds of the instruments. Getting distracted by the sound, he stopped paying attention to the text going up the screen. As the music grew softer and he saw the text disappeared he finally brought his full focus to the screen. Finally finishing his breakfast he watched as the first shot came onto the screen. 

Observing the spacecraft approaching a sort of light grey planet, he squinted. That kind of craft looked like old ones his family would have likely traveled on. Obviously by its design it was not advanced. 

Interesting, he thought, this film galaxy has similar transportation to mine

Suddenly an alien creature with a sort of formal headdress appeared in the screen of this ship, as it communicated with the pilots. His appearance making Kylo even more fascinated as he looked exactly like a Neimoidian. It had the same facial features, skin texture, even the eyes.

“We would be happy to receive the ambassadors." 

As the familiar craft flew into the round bases landing dock Kylo was completely drawn in. The design of the giant base was quite interesting. Shaped like a crescent moon with one large orb in the center. Was this a design he had seen before? If he had, it was probably different, or so long ago he couldn’t remember the exact details.

Now there were droids, ones Kylo was sure he had learned about in his younger years. Their tan colored metal and thin build seemed all too familiar. Their narrow heads that slanted forward in smooth lines. Their robotic claw like hands holding standard black blasters. Kylo’s mouth went still entirely, ceasing to chew anything remaining in his mouth.

The more images passed on the screen the weirder it got for Kylo to watch. There was a blast door opening, similar to the ones he was all too familiar with back home. As it slid open, revealing a silver droid extremely similar to C-3PO, guiding figures in cloaks similar to Jedis into another room Kylo felt himself focus all of his attention to the images. How could your universe possibly have an exact replica of a droid such as C-3P0? Even if it was only in a film, it was far too similar. The cloaks as well, you hadn’t taught him about anything that would wear such attire yet.

His eyes were intently locked to the screen, had someone broken into your apartment he wouldn’t have noticed. This was getting too odd for him. It felt as though his mind was playing tricks on him. How could this fake galaxy possibly have so much in common with his? Your planet was solely filled with humans and different animals, there was no way to possibly know what these droids or aliens would look like to a tee.

As the men removed their hoods Kylo’s entire body froze stiff in shock. He had seen these faces before, though not in the flesh he had most certainly seen these individuals back home. Their facial features were far too familiar. He was positive there had been a lesson in the Jedi academy or a story retold to him that involved them.

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no but i fucking love the idea of the story ending at the maze.

of it all having been an experiment. no sun flares, no flare, no cure, just a twisted illegal experiment and a bunch of kids released to the streets with patchy memories and more disorders than they can count on one hand.

they stick together at first. a huddled and terrified pack of boys and girls wandering the streets of a city so big they could never have imagined it existing.

their numbers drop by half within a few months, too many disappearing and dying and running away from it. after a while the last group split into a few groups.

and in one of them there’s thomas, and newt, and minho, and alby, and teresa, and chuck. finding places to stay and working odd jobs until they have enough for a tiny apartment. and they don’t have enough furniture or even breathing room really, but they sleep in piles on the floor where they’re always close enough to wake each other and hold each other when they have nightmares.

and they’re always having nightmares.

and maybe things slowly get better. maybe, after hundreds of odd jobs and saving up the money to take the odd class here and there (to get educated beyond how to survive), they start getting better. stop being afraid anytime they’re out of each other’s sight. stop flinching at every quick movement, every shiny metal edge and sound of rocks grinding together.

after a few years, someone from one of the other groups comes out with their story and they see his face all over the news, hear their story everywhere they go. 

and maybe because of that they’re finally ready to spend a bit of their savings on therapy. so they go as a group and they talk and they cry and finally get a new apartment with separate bedrooms because no one’s having nightmares as much and their therapist thinks learning independence is the next step. 

it takes years and the first few are messy and bloody and sometimes they wish they were back in the maze.

but slowly, eventually, they’re okay.

This is SUCH a white whine but I’m having trouble finding a pool. I want to swim because running is increasingly tough on the ole pelvis. Plus being in water feels uh maze ing.

The hotel in town that offers pool memberships closes the pool from 6-7:30 every night which means no option to go right after work. Lunch time swim does not seem like an option wrt hair and makeup. Morning is …. ugh.

There are private swim clubs in town but they’re impossible to get into. The Y has pretty bad hours (all the local schools use it for swim practice, which I get).

My newest idea is this country club nearby that has a pool and currently no membership fees for under 35 year olds (!!!). I just need to figure out what that means. I think Adam would still have to pay cart & greens fees to play but… would the pool be FREE?

Cuz that would be bomb.