uh im so sorry

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okay so im the thicc anon and uh 1. i'm extremely sorry and 2. do you have more of those reaction doodles that you use on terrible anons like myself

tbh i only have that one, and its ok lmao



I haven’t animated in so long??

things nursey did to prompt the nursey patrol (and other miscellaneous drunk adventures)
  • fallen asleep in front of the ordering window of a starbucks
    • it was just him front of the ordering window for cars, with no car, in the fetal position
      • holster found him after like an hour and carried him home though
  • put like three packets of smarties in a bottle of water and then chugged it all and then threw it up
    • he thought he could make redbull
  • asked chowder to do the splits on his face
  • told bitty that his chocolate pecan pie wasn’t that good
    • definitely lost his pie privileges for like a month
  • toppled headfirst into the chocolate fountain at a wedding. that he Was Not invited to
  • told a grocery store clerk to suck his left nut
    • was banned from the murder stop n shop
  • made out with a dude on top of a mini cooper
    • fell off of a mini cooper
      • kicked the mini cooper, dented it, and just fucking left
  • woke up wearing only one gucci sandal and thats it
    • lost one of ransom’s gucci sandal
  • bought a Zune???
  • Put a dildo in the freezer
    • Where’d he get a dildo???????? BItty?????????
  • made fun of rent for like five minutes straight while at a mcdonalds drive thru (int he passenger seat of holster’s car, no less)
    • cried for rent for the next ten minutes
      • Let his mcdonalds ice cream melt onto holster’s mom’s minivan’s seats
  • Confessed his love for chowder in a haiku
    • “C you are the best; if i had just one dollar; it would be for you”
  • got a tattoo of a singular oak leaf
    • before you ask, yes it was on his right ass cheek
  • did a cartwheel and crashed into jack
    • jack took it surprisingly well but nursey said “jack im sorry i fucked it” and it was defs a haus meme 
  • ate taco bell on accident
    • [a snapchat to ransom at 3am, nursey sitting on the haus vomit couch with a crunch wrap supreme]: “guess who has two thumbs and isn’t a fucking vegan anymore” [nursey takes a huge fucking bite and immediately chokes for a split second as the snap ends]
  • went to an estate sale at like 7am, still drunk??
    • how’d he even get there????
  • bought a goldfish
    • he kept it and named it dex because it always hid and seemed like a republican

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

@justwritins  and i were talking about earring magic ken(t) over breakfast recently 👀