uh idk anymore

why is it that every morning i wake up i feel like disgusting garbage. 

angededesespoir  asked:

C: Where I would like to live, M: Random fact about me, S: What's my ringtone, T: Favourite male character from a TV show, & U: Favourite female character from a TV show!

C - uh idk really anymore
M - i can make my eyes crosseyed but have my right eye move around its weird
S - Payload circulation
T & U - uuuh i dont watch tv shows often and i think anime/cartoons would be cheating

my favourite ash gifs || masterpost by meee


ok I got together my favourite gifs of ash that I’ve saved off my Tumblr feed - sorry I don’t know who to give creds to for un-watermarked ones bc I wasn’t planning this post and just randomly saved ! Enjoy this & play some cute music. \(^o^)/ 

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