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Omg your art style is so cute!! I love it! If you're interested in prompts, maybe one with Lan/ce cudding with a very sick Kei!th, who is so miserable and exhausted that he doesn't have the energy to move when he sneezes so he ends up sneezing into Lan#ces chest?

(I started with an outline to come back to and draw, but it turned into a drabble?? I’m going to still tag it and come back to it later, but I hope this short blip is okay for now)

Lance absently eyed the raindrops drumming against his apartment window, feeling his eyelids droop as he traced Keith’s palm with gentle, sloppy circles.

It was blissful to finally hear the faint intervals of Keith’s airless snoring, escaping his mouth among his frequent heavy coughing fits. For a few hours Lance had been lost in thought on the living room couch, exhaustion clouding his brain from taking care of his boyfriend all night.

There was something inexplicably calming to Lance about Keith being tightly bundled across his lap. Despite the nasty fever he couldn’t seem to shake, the warm figure secured closely into his side made Lance feel relaxed somehow.

Keith stirred, breaking Lance’s train of thought as he cracked open his eyes pitifully. His cheeks were still notably flushed, and his breathing was labored by a thick congestion.

“Can’t sleep for long, huh?” Lance sighed sympathetically, running loose fingers through Keith’s fringe. “I lost track of how long you were asleep, but I know it was longer than you slept earlier.”

Keith’s expression shifted slightly enough to indicate that he heard his boyfriend’s words as he rolled onto his side to bury himself in Lance’s chest. A strained groan escaped his lips as his hands shakily gripped Lance’s shirt.

Lance frowned, securing a loose blanket tightly around Keith as he pulled him close. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Everything is spinning.” Keith spoke through his teeth gritted in frustration, his voice warped and raspy.

“Just keep your eyes closed, okay?” Lance soothed, pressing his face into Keith’s messy hair with a soft kiss. “The more you sleep, the quicker you’ll get better.”

“Either that or I’ll die first-“ Keith slurred, his voice cut off by coughs relentlessly rolling out of his lungs.

Lance steadied Keith into a sitting position as he miserably choked out one cough after another, nearly collapsing against Lance as his fit began to ebb away.

“God,” Keith sniffled, trying to collect himself from his disaster of a virus. “I need more tissues.” His face was pressed into Lance’s chest, muffling anything he said.

“All I heard was ‘tissues’, so let’s go with that.” Lance said worriedly as he leaned over to grab the box of tissues from the coffee table.

“Class is going to suck tomorrow,” Keith opted to whisper, not dedicating any more energy to raising his head to look at Lance.

Lance snorted, glancing down incredulously at his boyfriend. “There’s no way you’re going to class tomorrow.”

“But-“ Keith sniffed as he feebly reached for a tissue, his other hand pressed against his irritated nose as he huffed. Before he could reach for a tissue, he jolted his head into Lance’s chest in a last stitch effort to suppress a sneeze. “’Htch’oo!”

Lance winced as he glanced down at Keith, who hadn’t moved and was groaning in agony.

“I’m sorry,” Keith whined inaudibly, keeping his face placed in Lance’s shirt.

“That’s it, you’ve infected me! I guess I have to stay home tomorrow and take care of you too.” Lance dramatized. “Also, you’re disgusting.”

“I tried to grab a tissue!” Keith croaked, weakly smacking Lance’s shoulder as he remained face down.

“I’m teasing you. You’re sick, it happens.” Lance chuckled, pulling Keith close as he plucked a few tissues from the box. “Would letting me take care of you until you’re better be so bad?”

“It would be a miracle for you to put up with me much longer, honestly.” Keith whispered, pressing the handful of tissues against his nose.

“I love you, it’s kind of my job.” Lance said, shrugging.

“I love you too.” Keith mumbled as he curled up against his boyfriend, feeling his thoughts fade away to the sound of the rain as he fell back asleep.  


I’m feeling bored, so tell me to add your Wizardess OCs to Tomodachi Life. I don’t have anyone to add anymore on Gedonelune Island so again, feel free to message me to let me add your OC. I’m feeling like it 😂 further explanation will be repost later on idk

your political integrity lasted for about as long as it took for Jack to bring up make up sex

the widow

The ‘serious’ publications at least waited ‘till the end of the month to find you; but those barbs you were used to, somewhat.

You knew these fuckers in politics and their false friendly smiles; you were one of them mostly, since that was usually were the goldmines were. Stories where you could dig and dig and keep fucking digging until you were up to your shoulders in shit, but at least you had the most pieces of the puzzle; and putting that together, knowledge, always felt like armor for you.

Jack, though? He gave you tunnel vision, since the moment you met him, you suspected; even if it had been easy in the beginning to see him and Overwatch as separate things, you were well aware of how those two concepts had gone blurry the more time you spent apart, especially in the last few years.

You had stayed as far as you could from any claim related to corruption and mismanagement in the organization; not that anyone would’ve wanted you there. Every swing taken to Overwatch felt like a direct threat to Jack; and by the time you got to Switzerland permanently, you were so starved of him that you couldn’t have seen past him if you had wanted.

Which now left you feeling naked and raw in front of people who knew you; who had met you, tangentially. People who wouldn’t believe you when you said you didn’t know a damn thing about your husband’s job beyond how it affected your sorry, selfish ass; no matter how true it was.

The reporter this time was a man you knew, were friendly with, actually; that assured you, for what it was worth, that he’d do you the courtesy of salting your wounds to your face. That was why you had agreed to the interview this time; maybe if they realized just how little you knew, they’d leave you alone.

So you sat there at the kitchen table with him and a couple cups of coffee, took the cigarette he offered and behaved when he asked you if it was true the tabloids had run you out of D.C.

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this is Slea but in- uh- le random (strip club?) Au that suddenly appeared on @ivywolf777 (s) blog

Once again!
Thus was lazily drawn–

(oh btw, shes wearing black heels hA-)

Idk anymore
Here her age is 17 pfft-

I dont have a much to say qwq

Uh- Call her “cherry”!
Thats a fitting name I guess-

(oh also yes, she has le ecto{?} body
If you even know what that is– lol)


( @sexy-bloody01
Hey look I actually created her- qwq)

my favourite ash gifs || masterpost by meee


ok I got together my favourite gifs of ash that I’ve saved off my Tumblr feed - sorry I don’t know who to give creds to for un-watermarked ones bc I wasn’t planning this post and just randomly saved ! Enjoy this & play some cute music. \(^o^)/ 

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