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i love the la la land recast idea but i really think the male lead with the jazz obsession should be black yknow? who can we get

uh if this is re the “omg oscar isaac and janelle monae should have been the leads in la la land” post i made at 2 am last night right before falling asleep… i mean sure and i do get where you’re coming from but latin jazz is very much a real thing that developed alongside african-american jazz actually to the point that the two are inextricable in many places… i mean latin musical influences are integral to jazz?? latin jazz bars exist? i’m on mobile so i can’t hyperlink this but http://americanhistory.si.edu/smithsonian-jazz/collections-and-archives/latin-jazz lol here is my historical and cultural justification for thinking oscar isaac would have been good in la la land instead of ryan gosling being like “ewww samba music is the worst”

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*Enters, looking nervously to the floor* Uh... i Just wanted to ask... What did you think about that cuddly alpha and angry Omega idea? I don't know... I just got really insecure for a second :,> sorry to bother

I really liked it!! It was so cute, I was reading it while wrapped up in a warm sweatshirt and drinking hot chocolate, and it honestly made me so happy and really jealous that I don’t have someone to cuddle like that because I too am an angry little person

Rocknaldo Episode

I must talk about the Rocknaldo episode that just aired. The episode was just played and there’s already a lot of hate and backlash. I must agree I was a tad disappointed about the Bloodstone ad that was posted. But it was a nice and funny episode, we don’t see a lot of side characters in Steven Universe. Yes we know Ronaldo can be uh… annoying? But he is still a vaild character. I think they made this episode to take our minds off the diamonds. A lot has happened with that. And we must think about the animators and actors, they took their time from family and friends to make that episode. So please show some respect. No more hate, this is a loving fandom.


Made a lemonhead lemonkid plushie for a friend!! I’m totally inexperienced when it comes to sewing round things, but I gave it a shot q-q

It’s stupidly soft, and surprisingly durable!! I’m gonna make a few for myself- Probably a big one I can use as a pillow…

I definitely took some artistic liberties, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!!

[Lemonheads/kids belong to @loverofpiggies!!]

{Bonus under the cut}

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can i just say one (1) thing: if, IF, big if, if it doesnt happen, (which i think it will) but if it doesnt, on the off chance, i know “gay or trash” and i too will feel betrayed but lets not….uh….well, it’s been a very big part of a lot of our lives. especially a lot of our mental health. so on the off chance its trash not gay, lets not look down on anyone who still loves the show or the characters because that could be a Lot to divorce one’s self of

Translation of “Føler det du føler” (Feel what you feel)

Text message from Isak’s father:

Hi. I’ve bought tickets to the Christmas concert at Sagene church next week, was thinking you and I could bring mom, it would mean a lot to her.

Even (off screen): That’s thanks for letting me use your shower.

Eskild (off screen): Did you use our shower?

Even: I’ve used your shower.

Eskild: T-the hair products aren’t mine, or like, not all of them.

Noora: No, but you can use whatever you wanna.

(Isak enters)

Even: Hey! Good morning!

(kisses Isak)

Even: I made us breakfast. Oh! (brushes something off Isak’s cheek) I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause I’ve made lots of food.

Noora: Yeah, uh, should we..change to…on the..should we go and change at yoga, or.. yeah.*

Even: Oh, you’re taking yoga class?

Eskild: We’re not taking yoga class.

Noora: Yes, we are.

Eskild: Oh! That kind of yoga! Err…yep. Oh, I’d forgotten. We’re going to yoga class now. Water yoga.

Even: Water yoga?

Eskild: Yes, at Bislett pool. So, I think we just have to…

Noora: We just have to go.

Eskild: But please help yourself to cayenne pepper in the freezer, or in the cupboard, right in the middle of the fridge..So..Bye! Yes, bye-bye!

Even: Listen, I didn’t know what you liked so I just made everything. What movie?

Isak: Movie?

Even: Taste this. Is it good?

Isak: Mhm.

Even: The secret is one spoon of sour cream.

(silence, radio playing)

Isak: When I woke up…I thought you’d left.

Even: Hey you, I was only in here making breakfast. And chatting to your friends.

Isak: Does Sonja know..where you are?

Even: Fuck Sonja. We’re not together anymore.

Isak: But last time you said it was over you made out with her two days later, right. It’s not so easy for me to just give a shit about her, Even.

Even: Well, what you need to understand is the thing about Sonja is that she’s so in control. Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself, because everything she says is true and…that’s what I’m so sick and tired of. I feel that…she can’t feel the things I feel, or think, for that matter. You know?

Isak: It’s only you who can feel what you feel.

Even: And I haven’t felt like this, ever.

Isak whispers: Me neither.

(new song starts playing on the radio)

Even: This song, or what?!

Isak: Huh?

Even: Gabrielle?

Isak: Are you kidding?

Even: No..!

Isak: Oh my God, this is a hashtag, what the fuck..!

Even: What?

Isak: When you’ve found the man of your dreams and it turns out he likes Gabrielle..!

Even: Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: Well..

Even: Or what..*looks around* are you talking about me? Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: That what the hashtag is, you know that..!

Even: No, excuse me, you just said I was the man of your dreams!

(they kiss)

Even: Say it again.

Isak: Hm?

Even: Say it again.

Isak whispers: You’re the man of my dreams.

(they kiss)

Isak: It’s shite..!

(Even sings along; Isak’s embarrassed)

Very roughly the lyrics of the song (sorry I guess it doesn’t make much sense in English), what Even sings along to:

Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!
If there are five hot guys, doesn’t matter, ‘cause there’s no one else I’d rather do this with.
Maybe we’re a bit dirty, but what does it matter when it no longer is day?
Five hot ladies, standing in line, dancing alone, but we do it together.
You get me to so pumped up, and there’s nothing that can deflate me!
You get everything to burst boiling hot, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with!
Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!…

Guys, sorry this was so late, I was asleep..But what a dream to wake up to!

(And Noora and Eskild’s utterly unintelligible, awkward exit…oh my god 😂  what they say literally makes no sense in Norwegian either…!)

Levy : Uh.                

    Levy : Turns in full circle                

      Levy :  I think we lost Natsu.               

      Erza:  I’ve got this.                

      Erza : Cups hands around mouth                

      Erza :  LUCY IS CRYING AGAIN!.               


      Erza :Found him.                

      2014 tumblr post

      hey guys did you hear this floral shoppe/death grips mashup? you’d think it’d just be a shitpost but its actually really good. also check out this meme i made its shinji ikari as the feels guy. because he uh doesnt have a girlfriend. i found it on 4chan but i only go there ironically haha.

      Highlights from newsies live

      - crutchie believes every thing Jack tells him!! He’s gonna ride the ponies some day!
      - how les is so grown up in his mind but still looks back to his big brother for guidance
      - LET THE MAN THINK so uh Jack, ya done thinking yet?
      - David is so affronted by the whole thing he’s just here to sell his papes he didn’t ask to help lead a strike wtf guys
      - Medda’s riffs are literally goals??
      - Kara was so funny during watch what happens I could see every transition from each thought I really enjoyed it
      - literally all of Santa Fe?? It’s so intense omg
      - When Race sticks out his his tongue at “it’s my city, I’m the king of New york”
      - Andrew Keenan Bolger made me cry during letter from the refuge ahhhh he looks so hopeful like he wants Jack to know it’s all going to be ok but he’s not sure himself but like he knows Jack can do anything
      - Jack looks so small and scared while talking to Katherine right before something to believe in, my poor child!!!
      - When spot puts his hands in a fist to stop the applause, he is so cocky he knows they’d do pretty much anything he’d ask and he lives for it
      - hernst’s son doesn’t skip a beat just like yep that’s me
      - after shaking Roosevelt’s hand Jack turns back to David like oh my god did you see that??
      - When crutchie hits snyder with his crutch like yes you go crutchie!!! he deserves it what an asshole
      - Katherine smiling while kissing Jack, they’re so in love awww
      -Each ensemble character had an individual personality i loved watching them all

      Sordid Sorting

      Godric Gryffindor: “Sorting Hat, you are my greatest creation. It will be up to you to sort every Hogwarts student into the house where they truly belong.”

      Sorting Hat: “I shall strive to be fair and equitable, master.”

      GG: “What?! No, forget that noise. I made you and you’re going to put the kids where I tell you.”

      SH: “Oh, uh OK. What did you have in mind?”

      GG: “First, put all the cool kids in Gryffindor. Then put the jerks in Slytherin, the nerds in Ravenclaw, and everybody else in Hufflepuff.”

      SH: “Don’t you think the other founders will object?”

      GG: “Nah! We’ll just tell Salazar he’s getting all the ‘ambitious kids,’ we’ll tell Rowena she’s getting the smart kids, and Helga… Y'know, Helga’s pretty chill. I don’t think she’ll bug us about it.”

      SH: “OK, whatever you say boss.”

      GG: “Dang straight.”

      So I totally failed Inktober. Haven’t drawn since. Last night I needed to stress draw and it randomly ended up being Mob from Mob Psycho 100 so uh here he is (It’s all my roommates fault. We watched One Punch Man together awhile back so she made me watch this with her too and after I had to read it because addiction. It’s honestly even better than OPM I think).

      i’ve never shared this fact with you but now that something is happening i will:

      this is oswald

      he is a little shit who ate up ALONE a whole plant of mine and he grew BIG because of it. as you can see, he still is

      we usually kill these caterpillars because they eat and ruin plants so yeah. 


      i kept this little big fella with me. i gave him leaves to eat and made him a little home far away from the plants and flowers



      The Holmes - Request

      Requested by anon:  I have a request: could you do a one shot in the episode when Sherlock parents come to visit him and when you come back from work you meet them but they think you’re dating him but you’re just friends and they invite you to dinner.

      Summary: Everything from above.

      Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

      Word count: 2,344

      Warnings: None.

      A/N: I couldn’t help my self and made it extra fluffy.


      Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

      221B was loud that afternoon. The clients – whoever they were – had talked about a lottery ticket for almost thirty minutes straight. (Y/N) was impressed that Sherlock hadn’t shut them up and kicked them out already.

      “Is he sick?” (Y/N) whispered to Mrs. Hudson. They were huddled outside her flat’s door listening.

      “Uh… I think you should go up and figure it out.” The old woman suggested and sneaked into her flat without leaving any time to argue.

      Mrs. Hudson had always shipped John and Sherlock, that until (Y/N) appeared and so her ship changed. “Unbelievable what Twitter can do to a woman like Mrs. Hudson” Watson had said, but he was inertly please because he also liked Sherlock and (Y/N) as a couple.

      The girl fixed her clothes and got upstairs confidently and ready to pretend she hadn’t heard the whole conversation. She opened the door slowly.

      “Did you find the lottery ticket?” Sherlock asked. He looked bored, but he wasn’t acting like usual. Instead, he was sitting at his seat while the two clients – an old couple – sat at the leather couch.

      “Yes, turns out he had it on his back pocket.” The lady giggled, “So we had time to…”

      “(Y/N)!” Sherlock cheered as he saw the girl appear behind the door. He jumped out of his seat and rushed over to her. “Kill me.” He mouthed jokingly. (Y/N) chuckled in silence and Sherlock winked at her. The old lady cleared her throat, capturing Sherlock’s attention back.

      “Am I interrupting, Mr. Holmes?” (Y/N) inquired, using her professional voice tone.

      “Not at all, my dear.” Sherlock said, “They were about to leave, right mum?”

      “Mum?” (Y/N) gasped.

      “Yes, sorry.” Sherlock dragged her to the leather couch as the couple got up. “Mum, Dad, this is (Y/N).” Sherlock introduced them, “(Y/N) these are my parents.”

      “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” (Y/N) smiled warmly.

      “The pleasure is ours.” Mrs. Holmes said. She had a strange look on her face, and same look was shared by her husband. Both of them alternating their gaze between Sherlock and (Y/N).

      “You came, you talked non-stop, you met (Y/N), and now you leave.” Sherlock urged to say, “Tell Mycroft I say hi.”

      “But Sher…” His mom tried to argue, but Sherlock was already pushing them out. His mother stopped right before she stepped on the hallway and Sherlock couldn’t help but to stop pushing them due to the authoritarian look on her face. “Dinner, at eight today.” She said.

      “I’m working on a case.” Sherlock argued.

      “The victim is already dead, however we are not.” Mrs. Holmes snapped back, “Dinner at eight today.” She repeated and then looked at (Y/N). “Bring her.”


      “William Sherlock Scott Holmes, you better be there with her or else…” She threatened.

      “Yes, mum.” Sherlock nodded.

      “Good boy.” She palmed his cheek and then left. Sherlock stood still, frozen in place until (Y/N) walked closer to him.

      “I’m afraid you have to come as well… She can be scary when she’s mad.” He mumbled. (Y/N) giggled, guiding him to his seat.

      “It’s fine; I’d love her to answer some questions for me.” Sherlock chuckled, finally relaxing from his sudden terror.

      “There’s a list, she knows it by memory.” He commented.

      “A list about common questions about you and Mycroft?” She inquired.

      “Oh no, just a list of me.” Sherlock explained, “Mycroft’s got a whole file… She still doesn’t memorize it.” (Y/N) laughed loudly and Sherlock soon followed her.

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      Just imagine it: Wright and Edgeworth in a retirement community.

      God. Think of the calls Trucy would get.

      • “Your father has been banned from bingo night. He yelled ‘objection’ and accused another resident of cheating…again. For what it’s worth, he made a compelling case.”
      • “Your father and Mr. Edgeworth disrupted dinner for approximately four hours last night. Wouldn’t let anyone eat until they finished an impromptu trial they started…someone’s guide dog was the defendant? I don’t know. I heard he won. But anyway, can you ask him to…uh…not do that anymore?”
      • “Mr. Wright stole Mr. Edgeworth’s wheelchair again and now Mr. Edgeworth is hitting him with a cane. They’re both fine. Just thought you should know.”
      • “Sigh…your father…he convinced Mr. Justice he was dying in an attempt to ‘escape’ the community…Please come over immediately, preferably with Miss Cykes. Mr. Justice won’t stop crying.”
      • “Your father may or may not have gotten married to Mr. Edgeworth last night. It was really unclear.”
      • “Please tell Mr. Edgeworth to stop smuggling in dogs. And forcing everyone to watch that decades-old cartoon in the community space.”
      • “Your father went wheelchair racing in the streets and ran into a truck. Don’t worry; he’s fine. Kept laughing the entire time.”
      • “One of our residents passed away and your father and Mr. Edgeworth keep telling everyone it was a murder. Please tell them to stop.”
      • “Actually, it turns out they were right. Sorry.”




      I made that. 

      I was thinking about “upgrading” Hunter’s outfit for some times now and uh… 
      Would I be able to re-draw it like that everytime ? Probably not. BUT.

      I-…I still think he’s cool. But I’m afraid that this outfit is “too much” ??

      Also yeah I messed up the feet and I might change some colours and stuff later, don’t… don’t take it too seriously yet.