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Bite Me [A Simon x Baz One Shot].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! So, I uh, am absolutely in love with SnowBaz at the moment, so here’s another one shot for you! I was inspired by the lovely @syncdical, based off this! I was so happy I was able to write this, thank you so much for letting me! <3 Really hope you like it ;)

Pairing: SnowBaz (of course!). 

Warnings: Swearing, biting, kissing, sexual content - basically NSFW. Please only read if you’re an adult! 

Disclaimer: I own no one, nothing, not even the song (that goes to the lovely 5SOS boys). 

P.S: This has been edited, but sorry if there are any stupid mistakes! 

“I don’t wanna say goodbye to another night, and watch you walk away, I don’t wanna let it burn in the city lights and make the same mistakes.”

Simon couldn’t believe they were arguing about this again.

It was the same every time, Simon would end up fuming, frustrated and wouldn’t talk to Baz for a good few hours. Baz would win every time and Simon didn’t like losing. He never lost and as much as he loved that smirk Baz so often wore, he also didn’t like it when it was shot at him.

Why can’t I come?” Simon huffed, crossing his arms over his chest, “I don’t understand why you won’t let me do this.”

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Colored a little doodle of mine!

This one is for @bleepbloop6969. My wonderful, wonderful beta. She sends me the cutest pics and sketches when I’m down, and is so freaking nice! :D


I’m going to cry y’all this is just. fuck.

Ok so I gotta tell you that out of all the characters in the show, I identify with Leorio the most. He’s loud, rash, abrasive, and easily irritable, and these are things that I struggle with a lot (more internally than him, but still). So when Melody, the one who can listen to your heartbeat and know you from the inside out, says that Leorio’s heartbeat is soothing, and that he’s a warm and compassionate person, it makes me think that maybe me too? Because like Leorio, I have a tendency to be the parent of my friends (well some of them, others parent me more), and despite how rude and irritable I might seem I’m actually a giant marshmallow. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MELODY SO MUCH Y’ALL.

So. Uh. Tender moment here. Carry on. 

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Arya and Gendry faking being married so her parents won’t try to marry her off to a Lord, and realise there are certain “things” married people have to do

Arya didn’t know where it come from, one second her mother was going on about her marriage prospects to all these various Lords, and the next she was blurting that she and Gendry had gotten married in secret.

Her mother stared at her in shock, before quickly transforming the look into anger, “What did you just say?” she hissed, Arya could see the whites of her knuckles as she gripped the proposal letter too tightly.

Arya had no choice but to continue with the lie, “I married Gendry, the, uh, the blacksmith, if you-“

“I know who he is.” Her mother snapped, “How did this happen?”

“We uh, well I love him,” Arya stressed, trying to mimic Sansa in that moment, “But we knew you would never approve, so we went to the Godswood in secret and he gave me his cloak.” Arya finished the sentence with more confidence, trying to remember the sappiest parts of the love stories her sister was always spouting.

Her mother glared furiously at her, “Arya! How irresponsible of you, wars have been started over less than this!”

“But I love him!” She whined out, “and you haven’t promised me to anyone yet, so I thought it’d be ok.”

Her mother sighed, anger diffusing only minimally, “Fine, show me,” And stood, motioning Arya to lead.

Arya stood automatically and started to head towards the forge, internally panicking. She hadn’t thought this through, while she liked Gendry, loved spending time with him, they’ve never kissed or anything of the like. Her face heated at the thought, he was strong.

And now, well now she was saying they were married, and married people did stuff together, they touched casually, kissed, and the whole bedding ceremony. How would anyone believe them if they wouldn’t do anything like that.

She crossed the threshold of the forge and Gendry glanced up from his work, greeting her, “Arya-“ he paused eyes widening when her mother came into view behind her. “I mean, m’lady, how may I help you today.”

When Arya glanced at her mother it was to see raised brows, Gendry’s lack of formality with Arya was helping make the story more believable.

Arya walk up to Gendry, reaching up to hug him, whispering against his ear, “Play along.”

He stood stock still, staring over her shoulder at her mother, probably scared of getting in trouble. Arya pulled away, with her back to her mother, facing Gendry.

“I’ve told mother that we got married, Gendry. In secret.” She said, stressing each of the words.

At that Gendry’s gaze snapped to hers eyes widening in shock, “What?!” he spluttered.

Arya glared at him, teeth grinding as she begged him to play along with her eyes. “Yes, she was talking about making a marriage alliance, and I decided I couldn’t be silent anymore.”

 Gendry did not speak, eyes darting between Arya and her mother. Finally he spoke, addressing Lady Catelyn, “Please, m’lady, don’t kill me.”

Arya snorted at that, forcing a laugh from her throat as she leaned into Gendry, placing a hand on his chest, turning to look pleadingly at her mother, “Don’t be silly, Gendry, mother would never hurt you.” That last bit she forced out a bit more firmly.

Her mother sighed, “Let’s go see your father,” and with that she beckoned them from the forge.

She made Arya and Gendry stand outside the chambers as Catelyn spoke with her father. While they stood Arya whispered quickly what had happened, Gendry groaning and moaning about her getting him killed, but finally agreeing to play along for her sake.

After what seemed like forever, they were called into the room. Arya grabbed Gendry’s hand so they presented a combined front to her father.

When Ned’s gaze found their hands he sighed warily, gesturing them to sit, and that’s how they found out Gendry was the King’s firstborn bastard, placed in Ned’s care after his mother died. How they were not to do anything together until Ned had the chance to speak with Robert, and then they would be married officially, presented as an alliance, as if it was planned all along.

And just like that, Arya was going to be married after all, only she wasn’t too upset by the match after all.