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I can finally show you guys my Halloween costume!!! Silent Hill Princess Peach, who I’ve lovingly nicknamed Princess Plum. No, I don’t care about the Mario Golf character.

I sewed and tea-dyed the dress, turned some plain white tights into a varicose nightmare, and dyed and cast that epoxy chest brooch all by myself. funny story, I actually keep catching the holes on my dress on god damn doorknobs and making them worse. or. better?

Bubblegum & The True MVP Series | Fem! Natsu 

For @raezora and most lovingly for @doublepasse

Every day is a great day to encourage women of all ages to redefine what others think of them to something they are worth and someone they want to be.

Also I mean, in general Emma Watson is pretty hella. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

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1. a fresh bruise may actually be reddish

I have never seen you that angry.
don’t touch me. in the coldest voice
you’ve ever spoken with,
accusing all of my friends of
a conspiracy that didn’t exist,
you overestimate my ability to open up.
flowers only bloom when watered.
“you will never find anyone
as good as me.” because you know
all my weak spots
better than anyone else,
you take the knife I’ve used against
myself so many times,
reopen every wound I’ve tried to heal.
I can’t lie, it was reassuring
to realize that you could be angry,
even if you apologize immediately,
even if you cry.
I know which things you weren’t taking back.

2. it will then turn blue or dark purple

I know it wasn’t actually raining
but it feels like it should have been,
even though it rained the first time
we had to talk. But in a bookstore,
pleading for things you do not want,
I do not want, reaching out to
touch a reflection of an idea of a dream.
but I still can’t remove myself
completely from my actions,
and I know, I know, I don’t know.
why cannot be the question,
there are only ever love songs playing
on the radio.
you pull over and I try
to run away from emotions again,
I cannot be the one hurting.
looking at the clouds and thinking,
oh, god, I am sorry.
we turned the radio off,
complete silence until you’re ready.
when is ready?
I cannot be the one.

3. then yellow or green as it heals

I don’t know if green is still your favorite color,
two months is longer than most
realize. the scales tipped in my favor,
a scorpion stung me, an
arrow shot through my whole
entire being. I see the future in my
dreams and have so much to say
to you. still? still? still? such silence
as cannot be crossed,
I do not know how long one waits
before it is no longer considered
insult to injury. thirty cans of pineapple
should cover it, but twice that,
and I am still hiding everything
I want to scream about. I know you
stopped looking, following, caring? my
roommate says you search
for me through her eyes. funny,
we rarely cross paths anymore.
stop trying to erase me? meet me,
somewhere bruises don’t turn jealous colors,
I cannot be sorry for being happy.

—  healing? by maeve white

lovino takes partners out 2 drink with his sibling and horrible german, regrets decision, life, etc.

If you hate Snape for mistreating a teenager, you should also hate: A) Hagrid for attacking a innocent muggle child; B) McGonnagal for forcing a teenager to sleep outside of his room while there’s a supposed mass murder around; C) Dumbledore for letting Harry stay in a abusive household; D) Any of the teachers who allowed a impoverished student to use a broken wand that was clearly harming him.


so self are u done falling for those really incompetent but overdramatic villains yet

self: /sees ludo’s design

don’t do it

self: /watches clips with ludo in them

stop that

self: anyway

self: /watches entire episodes

these are like really embarrassing first doodles of a new character for me too orz i haven’t ventured into a new fandom in literal years please don’t mind me crawls back under the rock

anonymous asked:

I think we should start an Anti-White club. No more of the Whites please and thank you. There's not one of them that I can stand.

You know what anon, honestly I do actually like and enjoy most of the Whites but… the show makes terrible choices with how to use them and that makes it difficult to stay engaged with what’s going on with them. They were a lot more entertaining when Rob and Chrissie were together, I think - but it’s been years now since they split and they need to have storylines away from Robert, with other villagers. They’re so so far removed from the rest of the village (and this is a complaint that people have had for a long time but they’ve never taken the time to fix it?)

Like, if they want to keep them as the family to root against, pit them against other characters that aren’t Robert because… ah it’s so old, it’s so done and it’s not good for the development of any of the characters. The rivalry between the lot of them isn’t compelling enough to maintain a years long feud tbh. Give them some sort of storyline that involves… literally anyone outside of the Sugdens. Honestly. And make it something interesting because… so far even the nom-Robert stuff they’ve had has been boring tbh tbh. Idk they just really need something new.

So. Yeah. I just think they need to find something interesting to do with them.

(Although yes, out of all of them, I love the weird relationship between Lawrence and Robert, I don’t think there’s enough to it to support a storyline so)

I dunno. I did not intend to turn this into a big rant lmao but here we are.