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may is next month…. dan and phil’s lease… .. it runs out in may… .. the box in the ‘wot in tarnation’ video…. dan’s room…. void of decorations…. … … it’s all comin together.. .. it all makes … …… sense….. … they’re moving pals… … it’s the end of an era… … … …..

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fyi the reason there's not gonna be a liveshow is because theyre going to Australia, i dont think its related to the move (if there is one)

… .. their conventions are the 15th and 17th.. . unless they’re taking a prolong vacation, i’m pretty sure visiting australia doesn’t take 3 weeks. .……

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give us the halsey rant dark zoe,,,,

ok so i’ve watch the music video and calmed down a tad as you can see there’s a greater plot and she’s obviously put a lot of thought and hard work into the album, that much is evident,, however, i will give you my initial thoughts, this song sounds different from anything out of the eps or badlands, it sounds much more produced, much less personal and much less individualistic, it sounds like a top 40′s song. not that there’s anything wrong with liking the top 40′s but hey i’m a pretentious snob who doesn’t like what they’re playing on the radio anymore how about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,, her last album was described as being reminiscent of alanis morissette, now i haven’t listened to anything from her oops but i got the idea that people were saying this because her albums were angry. and i got this vibe from halsey’s first album,, it was angry, dealing with topics of sex love drugs feminism and just all around hard times and shitty people. this single feels ingunine, impersonal and just like it’s out to be a thoughtless hit that people love for no other reason then it’s catchy and relatable,, i’m sorry i sound like a ccondescendingc**t lmao sorry,, it is a bit premature, i’m not judgnig the whole albulm based off of this single… but i can just say it’s not something i will be listening to on repeat…