uh help please

my kink: chat getting flustered and stammery when ladybug goes off the flirt-and-rebuttal script and starts complimenting/flirting with him back

Imagine that Gabriel is sassy in front of the Winchesters, but that he’s nervous when you’re here

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“Gabriel, we need your help! Are you even listening?” Sam asked, frustrated 

“Oh, please. Keep talking.” the angel yawned. 

“Oh, sorry, are we annoying you?” Dean asked, his voice full of sarcasm.

“No, I always yawn like this when I’m interested.”

*walk in the room* 

*Gabriel go rigid* 

“Hi, y/n” the angel greeted shyly. 

“Gabe! I’m so glad to see you.” You smiled. “ Did the boys already tell you? We need your help. Please?” 

“Uh, s-sure. A-an-anything for you.” He answered. 

“Thank you!” You kissed his cheek and left the room. 

“D-don’t mention it.” He murmured, blushing.

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Okay, so I stumbled onto your blog while googling, and I think you can help me? If not, no worries! It's not a huge deal. So, I was on FB and saw a video where an artist went layer by layer, I think PaintSAI was the program, erasing each layer, which was clothing, until the character was almost naked. And apparently this was actually a meme and a craze on Tumblr? I couldn't find the name for it or anything, and I'm completely stumped on how to find others like it. So, uh, help please?

I haven’t seen a specific meme post for it but I have seen a bunch of variations of the concept, most with having a specific pose drawn of the character and then ‘dressing’ the character in the layers that the wear their clothing or in different outfits. 

I’ll search around for a meme post and if a lovely follower has seen one please let me and anon know!

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“oh my —,” she squealed, tripping over some of the balloons, before making her way to the door. this was her first birthday off the isle, and it was a little weird, if she was being honest — but, she was excited. of course all the balloons were payback for what she had done. she loved them, but what was she supposed to do with them all?? she opened the door, noticing someone walking past, as she pushed some balloons out of her way. “uh — a little help, please??


Charlton was always known for having its mood swings when it came to the weather and even though it was summer in the town, today was unusually cold and rainy. Which was exactly why Maia had snuggled her self up in her favorite hoodie and was now hiding in Charlton’s store trying to grab the box of pop tarts on the top shelf. Her leg brace put a limit to what she could usually do, while it was thin and flexible it also stopped her from jumping up and down or climbing to get the box. Feeling a presence nearby, without turning around Maia asked, “Can you uh help me please? I can’t seem to reach the box.”