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5x23 Wishful Thinking No. 7

Oliver: Right, so we only have 30 minutes to pull off this wedding before the captain says we have to leave. Thea, you’re on on made of honor duties. Felicity, your job is to just be you beautiful self. Curtis, can you pick some flowers so she has a bouquet? Slade, make sure the ship’s captain is here to conduct the wedding. Samantha, can you make sure William is ready to be the ring bearer? 

Felicity: I love that you are doing all this, but how can we have a ring bearer with no rings?

Oliver: I, uh, fashioned some quickly out of scrap metal from the plane. 

Felicity: Who are you? 

*They kiss, get married and live happily ever after.*

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okay but I need to know, are there any more comics with Gladstone suffering BAD luck?

Oh my friend, there are so many! Certainly there’s many where he loses his good luck, but if you’re going to ask me that particular question I can only link you to the mother of all bad-luck-Gander comics which is the classic The Sign Of The Triple Distelfink (which I believe was made to celebrate the character’s 50th anniversary?). It also gives some explanation as to why Gladstone has good luck the rest of the time! Anyway, it’s made of gold.

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The shitty sketch version (which I drew in my history class because I was bored :L):

1950′s themed tomtord, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with the 1950′s.

I made the good choice of spending all the time I had to draw this instead of doing my homework, studying for tests, and drawing actual art. :) Imma be hella regretful in the morning

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James March: “If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity.”

James is sitting on the edge of the bed smoking out of his pipe watching you get ready to go out tonight with your girlfriends. It has been a weekly thing lately. James was never comfortable with you going out, especially a night out drinking. But, the both of you made an agreement that he can have his ‘hobby’ as long as he lets go out and do as you pleased. You never cheated on James and the thought has never occurred to you. You just enjoyed hanging out with your girlfriends instead of being stuck in the hotel all the time. 

James always worried for you every time you stepped foot out of the Hotel. He would always think the worst. Many scenarios would go on through his head, from someone harming you, or even worse, killing you. If anything, he’d rather have you die on the grounds of the hotel so that he would have you forever.

“Darling?” James looks at you with a worried look on his face.

“Yes James?” You reply as you’re putting on your ruby red lipstick wearing nothing but your light pink silk robe.

“What sort of mischief will you and your lady friends be getting into?”

You start walking to your closet to put on your dress. “I told you yesterday. We’re going to that nightclub that’s two blocks away from here.” 

James sighs. “You know that I feel the most vulnerable when I’m not there to protect you.” He stands up and starts slowly pacing as he’s still smoking out of his pipe. He was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable about you going out.

“Yeah I get that but I’ll be fine. Like, what do you expect me to do anyways? Just stay in the hotel all the time?” Once your dress was on, you straightened it out, then grabbed your heels so that you could sit on the edge of your bed to put them on. As you walked out of the closet, James noticed the dress you had on which stopped him from pacing. His eyes grew wide and he clenched his jaw to help control his anger.

“What on earth are you wearing?” He looks you up and down repeatedly with a disgusted look on his face. You were wearing a short black dress. It was short, but it wasn’t THAT bad. James is just really old-fashioned.

“Uh? A dress? God James, I forget sometimes that you’re so old-fashioned.” Your heels are on so you stand up to grab your perfume from your vanity. James stops you before you could grab your perfume and tightly grabs you by the wrist. His face raging with anger. “This is nonsense. I can’t have my lady wearing such vile clothing!”

You weren’t phased at all from him yelling. “Well you’re gonna have to get used to it. Unless you want to retire from your hobby.” 

James was about ready to yell at you again but instead, he took a deep breath because he realized that you were right. There was also no way in hell he would want to give up his hobby.

“Very well then, dear. You may do as you please. But from now on, I need you to protect yourself.” James lets go of your wrist. He inhales from his pipe, then grabs a pocket knife from his drawer to give to you.

“Really, James?” You say to James as you’re rolling your eyes holding the pocket knife in your hand.

“This is for your protection. If you were to die outside of the hotel, I will never see you for all of eternity. I cannot have that. I will not.” He quickly shakes his head in disagreement.

“Okay fine.” You put the pocket knife in your small purse then you go to your vanity to spray your perfume on while James is still standing there with a concerned look on his face. He just kept telling himself that he needs to stop worrying and accept it. 

Your phone goes off and it’s one of your girlfriends texting you: ‘be outside in 5′

“Okay, I have to go now baby.” 

“Ah, yes.” James rolls his eyes.

You put your phone in your purse, then you grab James’ face to give him 3 kisses on the lips. “I’ll be back around the same time as usual. I love you!” You rushed out the door, with James replying, “As do I.” His heart dropped a little as he watched you walk out of the bedroom door.


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HAVE I EVER POSTED THIS?? NO??? (i made these last year)

well, last year I watched all of Star Trek TNG for the first time and was OVERWHELMED WITH JUST HOW 80S THE WHOLE THING WAS. So, I decided to, uh, update (?) the fashion of the ladies of TNG, starting with Tasha. 

Yeah, I kinda wanna do one for the boys, but there are just SO MANY BOYS!!! Maybe in the future…