uh dare


uhhhh oh shit? Oh? oh fuck? fucking shit?

My friend is Sam and im Dean. Nuh uh, don’t you even dare to talk shit cuz you gonna eat some shit in return

  • Hannah: hey, it's Hannah, Hannah baker-
  • Harry: *pauses episode*
  • Louis: no-uh don't you dare harry *tries to reach and play the episode*
  • Harry: *catches his hand* I-
  • Louis: harry no.
  • Harry: *twitches* Iusedtobeabaker
  • Louis: ... you got issues.

… How dare Cheritz use my weakness against me… I’m so weak against girls… so when that happened with you-know-who… I’m like WHAT THE HELL DON’T– NO DON’T… STAY AWAY. I can’t believe them alksdfjlskdj But it just makes everything so much more interesting… LMAO


If Oliver and Felicity finally tie the knot, can I be the ring bearer?

S: Uh, no.

E: How dare you?!

S: I don’t know Doug!

E: I know Doug!

"Truth or Dare?" "Dare."

The ever cliché drinking-game-turned-threesome scenario.
Pairings: Tyler Joseph x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader, Brendon Urie x Fem!Reader x Tyler Joseph, and heck even small bits of Tyler x Brendon are thrown in here
Warnings: alcohol consumption, choking, daddy kink, wow lots of dirty talk in here, subtle tones of sub!tyler, slight over stim./edging, double penetration
Word Count: 5.2k

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jimin scenario | my lie for you (pt.1)

part one | part 2 | epilogue

♡ He’ll keep up this lie to keep you smiling ♡

genre: angst, romance

word count: 6.1k

warnings: mentions of alcohol

Jimin hates playing truth or dare. Always has.

To be more specific, he hates the ‘truth’ part of truth or dare. Dares are fine. He’ll do whatever - get people gasping, “I can’t believe you did that!” – anything, so long as he can avoid ‘truth’.

That’s because Jimin lives a lie. Yes, I’m fine. I’m happy with my life right now. People want to believe it, so they never stop to question. After all, he’s one of the most popular boys at school, blessed with good genes and rich parents. He gets every girl he wants, he has solid seeming friendships, and classmates clamouring to talk to him. Even the boys from the school’s poetry club, the opposite of the popular jock culture Jimin stands for, show interest in him. That’s what it means to be admired. Jimin has everything that leads to happiness, everything… except you.

And so every day Jimin lies. Every morning he wakes up, rubs the sleep from his eyes, and repeats, “I’m okay, I’m happy, I’m not in love.” But he’s not okay, he’s not happy, and he’s hopelessly in love.

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Bering & Wells: Split Screen #46

I Put A Spell On You (1)

Summary: Roman never should have made a deal with the devil, but he did and now he had to suffer the consequences.

Genre: Fluff (with minor angst later?)

Word Count: 1586

Warnings: brief mention of death, let me know if you need anything tagged though!!

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In the beginning their was nothing. Just a vast emptiness stretching throughout a universe that hadn’t yet been created, a lonely existence if anyone where the even exist this far back. Except one day someone did, and a being with a flickering form created the world from nothing. Galaxies fell from their hair, planets from the tears they cried and stars from the songs they sung.

And this being was worshiped like a god, praised for giving everything a defiant spark of life, until the humans discovered Knowledge and Family. The Creator was exiled, they became nothing more than a story told to children to scare them into obedience as the world evolved without them.


Roman Sanders was a prince, in fact many would even consider him to be a king. He ran his kingdom fairly and listened to the concerned and suggestions of his subjects, yet it was his kingdom that got attacked by a dragon. It was his people that where left homeless and helpless. It was him that the universe decided to punish, and he was the one that would deal with the carnage that the foul beast caused.

His people ran and screamed as their houses where burnt to the ground in front of them, destroying their whole lives quicker than they could blink. Villagers where injured and dead on the streets whilst their ruler was helpless to stop it, mothers searching for their children in the sea of terrified people. His knights had failed, the surviving ones had ran away after seeing the size of the beast they where to fight, and Roman was alone - fighting the dragon with nothing but a sword.

He quickly sheathed it before grabbing a screaming child and sprinting away from the chaos behind him, he couldn’t stay in his city; there was only one way to save his people.

“King Roman, what do we do?” One of his subjects yelled as she hugged her child close to her chest. She was trembling like a leaf, whether from shock or cold no one really knew.

“I must travel to The Cave and make a deal,” he replied, trying to keep his fear from seeping into his voice. He had to be strong for his people, he was someone they relied on in times of danger and fear…. and this was definitely a time of danger and fear.

“Sire, you can’t! H-it is dangerous there, what if you don’t return?” A member of his court, and one of the only loyal knights, yelled frantically. Roman understood why, The Cave had been off limits to mortals for as long as they could remember as their ancestors had sensed danger radiating from it.

“If I do not return Joan shall rule, but I am certain that I shall return with some way to help our kingdom. But I must depart now if I wish to reach The Cave before nightfall,” Roman replied, before taking the reigns of one of the horses that had been freed from the stabled and mounting it. “Farewell.”

With that the horse galloped off, and the burning kingdom faded as Roman went against everything he had ever been taught and slowly began his journey to The Cave. He delved into a dark forest, fear overtaking his systems and causing everything to blur around him. The horse was fast, and his mind focused on every blurred abject around him as he tried to distract himself from where he was going, and what he was doing, yet far too soon he found himself at the bottom of the mountain that The Cave was in.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Roman breathed out before dismounting his horse and climbing upwards, towards his childhood nightmares. His heart raced as he thought about the laws he was breaking, there had to be a reason that they weren’t allowed up their. He didn’t, however, have time to dwell on the fact that he could be exiled for his actions as he soon found himself unable to concentrate on anything other than the mounting that he was climbing up.

When he reached the top (and gods that was high) he didn’t know what he expected, but a beautiful cave with gems twinkling light stars was not it. Maybe he was expecting harsh jagged rocks and shadows so dark they seemed like a bottomless pit, and whilst it was still dark the shadows had some sort of softness around it; it was welcoming, inviting him in without needing to say anything.

He entered, walking through it whilst barely restraining his hands from trailing over the walls, only to stumble into some sort of kitchen.

His childhood nightmare, much like the cave, was not what he had been expecting. He had been told of it’s horrific ugliness and the way it seemed to tear yo apart with its gaze, yet the… the man in front of him was nothing like that at all. He had short hair that seemed to be a galaxy, pitch black eyes with swirling gold and silver dancing through them gracefully, his body was covered with a plain black robe yet his plain white shirt was covered in scribbles. The man was holding a kettle and softly singing to himself, which is probably why he hadn’t heard Roman enter.

“….Aren’t you meant to be evil?”

“Uh. How dare you enter my cave mortal… uh,” he stopped as if deep in thought, “what do evil people act like?”

“Like… Never mind! I want to make a deal,” Roman said, slowly walking towards the other man (was he really a man?), who just poured himself a cup of tea. The mans behavior struck Roman as odd and the prince tried to compare the man in front of him to the beast that he was told about during his childhood. This was not the same man that had books written about him. this was not the man that terrorized the dreams of infants… this man seemed far to gentle to do that,  he was soft - like a strong wind could change his entire appearance in a few moments.

“A deal?” He asked in confusion, the spoon that he stirred his tea with clinking against the mug softly.

“Yes, a deal!”

“What do you want?” His tone shifted from kind and welcoming to harsh and defensive. This man, with the scathing tone and eyes like blackholes, was much more like the man that haunted his darkest thoughts. Yet it still wasn’t quite a perfect fit, the edges of his pre-made mold for this being to fir into where still far too angular.

“My kingdom to be safe and thriving like it was before being attacked,” He declared bravely, yet his trembling knees gave away his indescribable fear of what would happen if the man decided not to accept his deal. He couldn’t fail his kingdom.

“Okay,” he said before taking a sip of tea.

“That’s it? No… hidden agenda?” The man confused Roman, nothing was free and the man had to have something he wanted from Roman - his money, his castle, his soul!

“Fine you got me, I want to be allowed inside your kingdom as a person and not treated like a monster. But no one is to know who, or rather what, I am. Okay?”

… Or basic human rights.

“Deal,” he said without a moments hesitation, his fear had turned into relief that his proposition was accepted. He prayed to the gods, thanking them for allowing him a chance to save his kingdom.

“You know what happens if you break the deal?” The man - and what was his name? That was never mentioned in the bedtime stories, his father too scared that a name would humanize the villain and cause Roman to feel sympathy for it - asked. He took a final sip of tea, the mug now empty, and Roman wondered when he had even drunk it at all.

“Yep, I get cursed. Blah blah blah,” Roman mocked before shoving his hand out for the other to shake it. His terror had faded, allowing his usual cocky attitude

The other did so with a smirk and it seemed as though Roman could see the whole world in that instant - he could see death and life, the end and the beginning, the infinite universe around them. It made him feel so small; and then it was over and he was back in the sparkling cave.

“There ya go, now who are you? I gotta know the first person I have seen in…. uh… however long I’ve been here.”

“Prin-” He began, before being rudely interrupted .

“You’re now called Princey,” the man said, his face blank for the first time since they met.

“Okay? But my name is actually Roman,”

“Yeah sure Princey. Uh, I’m The Creator,” he replied, rubbing his neck sheepishly - yet a good-natured smirk was on his face, as if he knew something that Roman didn’t. Which he probably did, since Roman didn’t know a great deal of things outside of his own kingdom (and the happenings of neighboring ones).

“Hi… The Creator…” Roman awkwardly greeted, the title foreign on his tongue.

“You can call me Virgil though.”

“Well then, hello Virgil! Would you like to ride back to my kingdom with me to honor our deal?” Roman grandly (and dramatically) asked, trying to cover up his past awkwardness. It worked as Virgil stuttered out a faint agreement before being pulled out of his home, away from the only thing he had known for so long.

i hate corporations and everything they stand for including mascots but honestly? the jack in the box mascot is uh, dare i say… kind of hot 

  • Steve: Peg?
  • Peggy: What?
  • Steve: Where is my shield?
  • Peggy: Your bloody what?
  • Peggy: I, uh, put it away!
  • Steve: Where?
  • Peggy: Why do you need to know?
  • Steve: I need it!
  • Peggy: UH-UH! Don't you dare think of running off doing no daring-do! We planned this dance SEVENTY YEARS AGO!
  • Steve: The public is in danger!

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A/N: This is my second and last Baekhyun one shot. I think I have most of the feels out at this point. Also Yaja Time (야자타임) , if you don’t know, is when ages flip. So they youngest people are the oldest and the oldest are the youngest. So, the youngest are in charge for a specific amount time.

This is soft smut, I think, there is no actual sex but just heated making out. Don’t hate me for putting this in the smut tag.

Part 2

~Admin Allie

One thing you hated more than the game Truth and Dare and that was Yaja Time. So, you couldn’t understand why you agreed to combining the two games and sacrificed your title of oldest for the sake of your younger members’ entertainment.  

“Since this is a game run by the younger members of each group, you cannot refuse the tasks given.” Youngji took a sip of her beer and made hard eye contact with you. You knew she was itching to get you back because last time you said the same thing.

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Cookie Dough

Summary: Running into a stoned vortex club and baking them cookies can have some unexpected consequences. Especially when you are left alone with the king himself that you just happen to crushing on. Those are consequences that (y/n) can’t say she dislikes, because she in fact very much loves them.

Genre: Suggestive fluff, slight humor

Word count: 2,244

(Y/n) sighed and slipped her backpack on. She stood up and stretched her arms over her head. She had just put in a couple hours of studying in the library and was beyond ready to go back her dorm. She had to get material down tonight, because the test was in two days and there was no way in hell she was getting any studying in tomorrow night. Not when she was being dragged of to a Vortex club party by Dana. She waved goodbye to the librarian walked out of the building. She rubbed her arms in an attempt to warm them up. She glanced over her surroundings.

The campus really was a different place at night. The hustle and bustle was replaced with stillness and crickets chirping. The cold air felt almost cleansing to her lungs, so she took a deep breath in and held it for a few seconds. She decided that a moment like this was too good to pass up, so she took a seat on one of the benches. She closed her eyes and just rested there for a few moments. Her peace was interrupted however when the loud laughter of people she recognized broke the silence.

There in all their glory, and infamy, walked the Vortex club. They all looked like they were having trouble walking from the way they stumbled and leaned on one another. Hayden blew out a thick cloud of smoke and passed something she knew wasn’t a cigarette to Victoria. (Y/n)’s eyes froze on the girl, she hadn’t talked to her since the girl’s party she held in the dorms. She in fact was avoiding the blonde, and she was sure Victoria knew it by the look she gave her. They had been playing truth or dare (Y/n) and the memory was flooding back to her.


Victoria took another drag off of her cigarette, and looked around the room with a smirk. “Alright bitches, who is gonna be my next victim.” Her eyes fell on (Y/n). Victoria let out a laugh. “Since everyone’s favorite twee pixie hipster poser didn’t show up, I guess i’m going to have to pick you, (Y/n). So what’s it going to be, truth or dare?”
“Pick fast, I don’t have all night you know.”

If there was one thing that (Y/n) knew it was that Victoria Chase was known for the most vicious dares a person could come up with. She made a girl stand in nothing but her bra and panties, in the rain, while singing some stupid show tune. She videoed the whole thing too and put it online. (Y/n) didn’t want that, so she hesitantly replied ‘truth’. She immediately regretted it when Victoria’s expression mimicked a cat who had a mouse cornered.

“Who do you think is the hottest guy here at Blackwell? One that you’d like to just have bend you over and then cuddle into afterwards, you seem like the affectionate type.”  Her eyes went wide, and all she could think was ‘fuck’. She couldn’t answer that, not when the person happened to be the person that Victoria thought of as a brother.  She stared at the girl like a deer caught in the headlights. “I’m waiting, (Y/n). Or would you rather me gather the entirety of the boys dorm and have them watch while you dive into the pool naked. Your choice, make it a wise one.”

(Y/n) gulped and looked down at the ground. “Nathan Prescott.” Her eyebrow shot up. “Did you just say the name I think you did?”
“I answered your damn question and you heard me. Besides it’s my turn, you don’t get to ask me another one.”  She never saw the other girl look so fucking smug until that moment.


That smirk that was on her face that night returned when Victoria set her sights on her. “Guys, I think I found the the cure to our little hunger problem. (Y/n) fucking (L/n) is sitting right there. Best baker in my dorm.” Her group’s eyes all found their way to the sitting girl. “Fuck yeah, Vic. You’re right.”

“And i’m sure she would be more than happy to help us, right (Y/n)? You are coming to our party, right? Wouldn’t want to mess that up.”

(Y/n) sighed and shook her head. “No, I wouldn’t;  but i’m not sure how i’ll be able to make you anything. Curfew is in like five minutes, Victoria.”

“I don’t give a fuck about curfew.” She snapped. She took a breath and smoothed out her hair. “But fine, if you’re so fucking worried we’ll just leave Nate with you. No one will say a fucking word to you if he’s there. I want chocolate chip cookies. A lot of them. Bring them to my room.” She paused and then looked at her ‘brother’.

“If that’s cool with you Nate, of course.” She was smart enough, even though she was high off her ass, to not tell Nathan what to do. They all knew how that would turn out. None of them wanted their great day to be ruined.
“Fine. What the fuck ever, as long as I get something fucking sweet. I’m taking the joint though or i’m not going.” Victoria pouted and took one last puff before she handed it to him. “You better be fast, (Y/n). Come on guys, lets go.”

Before they had completely vanished, Nathan was already barking at her. “Come on, hurry your ass up.” She rushed to follow him, but stayed a few paces behind him. She didn’t want to piss him off by getting all up in his space, she knew what happened to people who did. Well, that mixed with the fact she was a shy, awkward mess around him. More so the latter reason if she was being honest. Anytime he was more than a few feet away from her she could feel her brain turn into mush, her heart start to beat faster, and all the color go to her cheeks.

It was hard not to in her defense. What girl wouldn’t swoon over his light brown hair (especially that one little strand the fell on his forehead), his blue eyes, baby face, and lips that are just oh so kissable. (Y/n) shook her head, she got distracted. Her throat felt dry and she felt so thankful when they finally reached the entrance they needed. The door was, luckily, unlocked. That David Madsen may have talked a big game, and certainly did follow students around, but he slipped on the simplest of security procedures. Locking doors and never been his strong suit.

She let out a small laugh when she thought of the guard. ‘Thanks, asshole. I’ll still get to go to the party after all.’ Nathan walked through first, and she followed through closely after him. She walked behind him into the school’s community kitchen. His red varsity jacket was quite the contrast the the beige and cream walls surrounding them. His camera was hanging off his neck, and the lens glinted when she flipped the lights on.

Her eyes fell on him once again, but quickly averted them when he noticed. “Just what the fuck are you looking at, huh?” He barked at her.

“I-i, nothin-”

“Stop your fucking stuttering.” He walked towards her and pushed her against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to make sure the focus was on him. “Wanted to get a good look at ‘Psycho Prescott’, is that it? Huh?” His hands went  besides both sides of her face and he leaned down so they were almost on the same level. He towered over her. “ You scared, (Y/n)?” She shook her head and took a deep breath.
“No to both of them, Nathan.”

“Why aren’t you scared to be alone with with someone like me? Someone that your bitch friend Price calls crazy. I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to you and no one is here to stop me.”
“Because you’re not a bad person, Nathan. I don’t think that you’ll hurt me.”  He looked in her eyes for a moment, watched her cheeks get redder and scoffed. He pushed away from her and leaned against the counter.

“Just start making the fucking cookies already. I mean god damn, i’m fucking starved and I bet Vic is too.” She nodded and set down her bag. She walked to the pantry and got what she needed from there. She heard a zipper and turned to see him going through her bag. She let it go, not wanting to anger him any more than she had. She sent them down, and got the eggs and butter from the fridge. She set those down as well and got two mixing bowls and a large wooden spoon out as well.

“Now just to put up my hair,” She was about to walk over and get one from her bag when she felt Nathan’s hand on her head. He gathered up her hair and pulled it through a tie she presumed he had taken from her bag. She was frozen and he leaned close to her ear. “Don’t keep me waiting, sweetheart.” His voice was low and his hands ran down her arms. He walked away and took a seat on the counter, watching her. She swallowed hard and preheated the oven to 375 degrees.

She mixed her flour, baking powder and salt in the smaller of the two bowls. In the larger she mixed her sugars, butter, and vanilla extract. Then she added each egg one at a time. She swore she could feel his eyes burning a hole in the back of her head. Her hands were a little shaky and she adding her four mixture into the larger bowl in intervals. During that process however she managed to get flour all over shirt. She cussed brought a hand up to push up her glasses, what in turn left some flour on her cheek. She heard Nathan let out laugh and she turned her head to look at him with a smile on her face.

She was greeted with the sight of him looking through his camera. She heard a click and then saw him look at the screen to view his shot. “Why the hell did you do that?” She laughed out and shook her head. Nathan smirked and looked up at her.

“I like capturing beauty in my photography.”  He felt a special form of pride grab ahold him when he watched her face practically catch on fire. Sometimes he liked watching things burn. She dropped her spoon as well, which was even more pleasing. Something about a girl turning into a fumbling fool around him was just so satisfying.

She turned around quickly and picked up the fallen instrument off the table. She mixed in the little bits of semi sweet heaven into the dough and chose not to respond to Nathan’s last comment. She sprayed the cookie sheets with some off brand anti stick spray and used a tablespoon to scoop out the proper amount of dough for a cookie. She placed them and had enough for two full sheets plus a little more.  She opened the oven and placed them in. She set a timer on her phone for ten minutes.

“They will take a little while to cook, so you can have some of this extra dough with me if you want.” He hopped off the counter and she took some of it on her fingers. She brought them up to her mouth, but before she could have a taste Nathan grabbed her wrist. He instead ate the dough off of her. (Y/n)’s breath caught in her throat. His eyes closed and he let out what sounded like a small moan. He walked forwards and trapped her body against his and the island she was previously working at.

His head fell close to her shoulder, and his hands gripped the marble behind her. He took in a deep breath and moved his face to look at hers. “Vic told me.” (Y/n)’s went wide. “Nathan, I am so sor-”
“So it is true then. You want me to bend you over?” He asked, clearly amused.

“What? No! I mean, it’s not like I don’t want you to, but never said that. Victoria did.”
“Sure she did.”

She opened her mouth to defend herself once again but was quickly silenced when his lips met hers. His were surprisingly soft.  His and went up to cup her cheek and her eyes fluttered shut. She leaned into him and returned the kiss. Her hand went to his chest and grabbed his jacket. Nathan pulled away slightly to take a breath before he leaned into kiss her again, only this time the kiss was much harder. His teeth tugged at her bottom lip and (Y/n) the hint to open up her mouth. She could still taste the cookie dough.

His hand snaked back to her hair and he pulled it, moving her head to the side. He kissed down her jaw to her neck. Her breath hitched and she pulled him closer. He pulled down the zipper on her hoodie and slipped the garment off her shoulders. He scraped his teeth along her neck and she let out a noise that he knew he wanted to hear again. Her hands trailed down his belt. The next sound that Nathan heard was one that really did almost make him lose it. It was the fucking alarm on her phone.

“Nathan, I have to get those.” she sighed, pushing him away. He huffed.

“Yeah, what the fuck ever.”