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(click for full view) This is super late but I don’t care, I am absolutely over the moon with happiness with the confirmation of Jughead Jones’ asexuality, I’m going to go on a huge corny ramble below the cut because holy Christ Almighty does this mean a lot to me…

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uh…what do I have to say about this lol…
well i wanted to practice drawing comics and this is my recent interest…only 9 pages cause i’ve only made a few other comics and I wanted to start small. i also made it in only like 3 or4 days so there are some really ugly panels O_O
the story is really silly and maybe a little ooc,but it was fun to draw so I hope ya’ll like it :) !!!
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All I Wanted; C.H. 17

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A/N: Since I was asked so nicely to bother you all, I’m updating (in the middle of my New Year’s Eve party, SO FEEL LOVED). Celebrate well and stay safe!

I was tired of everything lately. I didn’t want to hear Meredith nag anymore about Calum – because yes, this wasn’t just standard complaining anymore, she was trying to aggravate me – I didn’t want to hear my dad complain anymore about literally anything I did nowadays and most of all – I wanted to be left alone for just one day. That’s also the main reason I decide to switch my phone off, grant myself with a day that was solely about making myself happy, before I had to go back to reality and do something about Meredith and her hatred towards her brother.

All that could pass through my mind was if Meredith was like this before we sort of split ways to pursue some of our individual dreams. When we were younger, did she always try to interfere with everything I did, try to do or had done? Had she always been so vile towards Calum and every other male that I would let my eye fall on when we were out? (I’ll spare you the details of how she broke down a cashier just because I said he had a nice smile)

Was that one of the reasons I had distanced myself in the first place? I couldn’t even remember why or what had happened – although I know it was something bad. We didn’t just stop talking to each other because we were busy, I could feel it was more than that – but I didn’t know what it had been.

A lot of things have passing through my mind, and it seems to have gained momentum when I wasn’t paying attention for the slightest second. A storm cloud was hanging over my head, I am aware of that, but I seemed to just keep circling around it, trying to avoid it rather than get the hell away from it. Calum, however, had been nothing but a gentleman.

A few days had passed since our ‘unsuccessful’ Christmas party and I had seen him for short periods of time, but he actually did his best to fit in right when I had time for a sneaky kiss at the end of my driveway. I still wasn’t sure what we were, but if I got this, I didn’t need any labels. I woke up to a blush causing good morning text and went to bed with one. He’d tell me lame ass stories and stupid jokes, and little by little I got to know Calum better and better.

I was still sitting in my car, in the parking lot. Even though I wanted this day to myself, I absolutely loathed going places on my own. I needed some mental preparation and then my mind would dwell on something else – like this whole ordeal with Meredith and Calum – and before you know it you’ve been sitting in your car for almost an hour.

The first thing on my list was do some shopping for a nice dress and a few well needed shirts, which I could already check off. The second was to try one of the coffees or hot chocolates from this new café in town, who apparently had all sorts of flavours and could do magic with the liquid. Meredith didn’t want to come, she thought you shouldn’t fuck coffee up.

I curse towards myself for being such a chicken and I get out of my car. It’s not as packed as it usually is when I pass here, and I thank every God I can think of as I push the door to the shop open. I let my eyes glide along all the knick-knacks they display, bathing in the scent of fresh roasted coffee as I let my gaze scan rapidly over the menu. “Hello, can I help you?” The small lady behind the cashier asks me and I grin awkwardly as I step closer to her. Eventually she ends up helping me pick something to order because there was just so much that I wanted to try.

I’ve already been sitting at a table for two for quite some time, mindlessly skimming through the morning paper before I hear a voice speak up. “Y/n, is that you?”
When I raise my gaze I’m pleasantly surprised to see Harry stand in front of me. I grin brightly, standing up straight to hold my arms out to my long lost friend for a hug. “Harry, how lovely to see you.”

“Likewise, babe. Is this seat taken?” He points to the chair in front of him and I ferociously shake my head as I take my own seat once more. “No, no. Of course not, please, sit.”
“So what have you been up to? Still in school, yeah?” Harry smiles as he takes a sip of his own cup, beautiful green eyes trained on me. I hum in return, folding the newspaper and discarding it to the side. “Sadly, yes. But I’m almost there. And you? Still at your same job?” When Harry shakes his head I can’t help but let the little gasp slip past my lips. “I quit that job. Right now I’m working in retail until something better runs along.” I nod my head in agreement before I smile again as I remember.

“And how are you and your girlfriend? It was – uh – Vanessa, right?” Harry nods his head, this is probably the first time I’ve ever gotten her name right – and it wasn’t even that I didn’t want to remember, she just didn’t seem that important to me (yes, I’m a bitch, what do you expect?)

“Oh. We recently broke up. She wasn’t what I thought she’d be. It’s better like this.” Harry sighs as he leans back in his seat, tattoos showing from underneath his loose, white shirt. I’ve always drooled over Harry’s tattooed body. I purse my lips, my hands curling around my cup as I avert my gaze from Harry’s. “That’s too bad. Well, I’m sure you’ll find someone else who’s ten times better for you.

I can’t help but softly smile in reciprocation as I see the bright beam Harry shoots me. Even though I considered him an actual man: biceps, toned chest, large, intimidating,… He was the biggest teddy bear I had ever met. “And then I run into you. You know, I’ve been thinking about you…”

“About me?” I raise an eyebrow and I feel a shiver run up my spine when I think back to one long year ago – and what presumably was the best summer of my life.
“Yeah. And all the fun we used to have. With you, there was never drama. You weren’t angry when I hadn’t got the time for you, and sex was always amazing.”

I can’t help it, a loud laugh flows past my lips and I raise my hand immediately to shut myself up, the red hue already appearing on my cheeks. “That was because it was just sex, Haz. I didn’t have the rights to be your nagging girlfriend.” Harry licks his lips and I almost can’t keep my eyes off of them but I raise my own gaze back to his eyes nevertheless.

“You can’t say it was just that, Y/n. We were mates and I trust you with my life. It’s completely different.” Harry defends whatever there is to defend with such fierce force, but he is right anyway. “I can’t disagree with you. What we had was good.”

“Would you maybe be interested in doing it again?” Harry smiles deviously and for a second I curse that I’m involved with Calum. But with Calum, it’s still different. It seems more passionate, there’s more feeling behind it. Harry was amazing for the rough sex you’d need every once in a while, but wasn’t someone I’d cuddle with after.

“As much as I hate to decline your offer like this – I’m sort of involved with someone.” An awkward smile slips on my lips. I had forgotten what a good friend Harry had indeed been to me, because without a second though his smile is bright again and his hand lands on my arm in a light slap. “Seriously? I’m so happy for you. Who is he? Do I know him?”

“Well, you know Meredith, right?” I wait for Harry to nod his head because of course he knows her, she tried to weasel her way in Harry and I’s friendship – see, I knew it had happened before – but Harry caught on to her before I did. I never said anything about it though.
“Her brother.”

“Cal? Damn. But isn’t he like - ?” Harry trails off, biting his lip and I shrug my shoulders in response so I don’t have to do it verbally. “I guess. We’ll see.”
“Of course! But still, I’m happy for you. You deserve some guy that takes care of you.” The hand that’s still lying on my arm squeezing the skin gently and I feel an urge to throw my arms around him again. I had missed being in his presence, although in the last year I had seen him it mainly revolved around sex. He was a fun chat and whenever I had things on my mind I couldn’t share with my girls, he was more than willing to help.

“It was so nice to see you again. Maybe now don’t take so long to get back on my radar?” I smile as I let my hands slide around Harry’s neck, hauling him in for one of his comforting bear hugs. He squeezes me roughly as he presses his lips against my cheek briefly, patting his hands on his jeans as he retracts. “I’ll do my absolute best. I miss my partner in crime.”

“I am not planning on being your wedding date again, Haz. That was horrible your grandma actually thought you were going to marry me someday.” I chuckle, shaking my head when I recall his grandmother trying to ‘sell’ her wedding gown to me for ‘my big day with Harry’.

“Hey, you can’t say the sex in that secluded ball room wasn’t memorable.” Harry winks and I roll my eyes, grin bright on my lips. That would definitely be one of my favourite moments with Harry, yeah.
“Well, I’m off. Text me!” I shout as I already start my way to my car, waiting to see Harry get in his Volkswagen and drive off with another honk.

I feel relaxed and relieved I had given myself this day. I had missed Harry’s presence and I was glad I could catch up with him – his girlfriend wasn’t too fond of me so we kind of chose to close off contact. If only she had known I had shared his bed way more than she ever will.

I don’t know if I’m pleasantly surprised of more shocked when I see Calum’s car parked in front of my home. I decide on the first and make my way over, his door clicking open and my handsome – well, uh – Calum comes into view. “Hi, why are you here?” I question as I lift my head up, Calum’s lips pressing against my jaw, his fingers trailing along my cheek before he raises to his full height again.

“Can we talk?” Calum starts and I already feel the pan gin my chest. As I see the way Calum’s face contorts, I’m sure he sees it on my features as well. “Oh no, Y/n, no, no. I don’t mean it like that.” I let out a sigh of relief, my heart already hammering in my chest as I avert my gaze. I’m rather embarrassed right now. “It’s about Meredith.” That’s not much better either.

P.S.: Happy New Years! May 2017 be kinder to you than 2016 has been to all of us. I hope you get to do what you’ve always dreamed of and are surrounded with only kind and loving people. You all deserve the world.

Whoever you are, I love you.


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My new hobby and favorite AU is replacing all of Dagur’s lines with Caliborn’s lines. so here have this comic.

ANYWAYS Hijack AU in which Dagur hijacks (HA) the narrative of a random hijack fanfic and rewrites it and illustrates it  to his tastes. Which are objectively bad. This was funnier in my head and also Dagur is a nightmare to draw. Uh. enjoy?

bonus panels: (ending to this comic)

(and one of my favorite caliborn quotes refitted to dagur)