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(click for full view) This is super late but I don’t care, I am absolutely over the moon with happiness with the confirmation of Jughead Jones’ asexuality, I’m going to go on a huge corny ramble below the cut because holy Christ Almighty does this mean a lot to me…

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uh…what do I have to say about this lol…
well i wanted to practice drawing comics and this is my recent interest…only 9 pages cause i’ve only made a few other comics and I wanted to start small. i also made it in only like 3 or4 days so there are some really ugly panels O_O
the story is really silly and maybe a little ooc,but it was fun to draw so I hope ya’ll like it :) !!!
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My new hobby and favorite AU is replacing all of Dagur’s lines with Caliborn’s lines. so here have this comic.

ANYWAYS Hijack AU in which Dagur hijacks (HA) the narrative of a random hijack fanfic and rewrites it and illustrates it  to his tastes. Which are objectively bad. This was funnier in my head and also Dagur is a nightmare to draw. Uh. enjoy?

bonus panels: (ending to this comic)

(and one of my favorite caliborn quotes refitted to dagur)