uh 1h

During Operation Frequent Wind (The evacuation of surviving American soldiers, civilians and whatever South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians could reach the ships), a VNAF pilot jumped from his UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” at a height of 40 feet, after dropping off evacuees on USS Midway

This was the standard for VNAF (and stolen ICCS) Hueys, where they would drop off their evacuees on the aircraft carriers, ditch the helicopter and have an escort ship pick them up. Unfortunately, in the process of one of these ditchings, the huey turned and hit USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) before it hit the water. The tail rotor broke off and embedded itself into an Air America Bell 205, and moments later another VNAF UH-1H landed on the helipad and locked rotors with the Bell, wrecking both helicopters.