IDK I wanted to try drawing the characters as I saw them in the botfightAU that we are slowly working on~
They will all eventually have bots too but wow I fail at designing bots so if you wanna give it a shot go right ahead. 
this is just super fun though :’D 


A commissioned sketch… sheet? Is that what it’s called like? And smth I made just… for no particular reason… actually it’s b/c I watched AoU and I’m a freaking mess rn…

ok now i’m curious

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The Red Ribbon

Pairing: Taekey (Taeyeon/Gwiboon)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3300+
Other notes: Content warnings for copious mentions of menstrual blood so if that’s a major squick for you…you have been warned. Dedicated to linnhe​ because we talked at length about les!taekey and period sex and eating out and yep. 
Synopsis: Taeyeon has the angry hots for that one girl on the swim team who continues to be better than her. Something something shower sex. 

It was early June, but the morning air was still cruelly chill for outdoor swimming, and the swimmers were pale and shaking after almost an hour in the water, their lips blue, and their limbs leaden. They huddled under the water at the end of the lane, trying to stay warm as their coach gave them directions for the last few laps. Only Gwiboon stood straight, broad shoulders back, folding her arms as she leaned against the white painted concrete wall of the pool. She was the best backstroker on the team and Taeyeon was second best, a fact that grated upon her every day as she watched Gwiboon’s long arms cut through the water with perfect precision.

She was just close enough to her now to see the gooseflesh that raised the fine tiny hairs across the lean muscles of Gwiboon’s forearms, though Gwiboon did not shiver. Her gaze traveled to Gwiboon’s hands, strong and square, with long fingers and blunt nails. She shuddered, but not from the cold.

Gwiboon looked at her then, and the faintest of smiles flickered in her mocking eyes and at the corners of her mouth. Taeyeon abruptly shifted her focus to the wavery distorted image of her hands under the surface of the water. She was relieved when the coach finished his instructions and sent them off again for eight final laps, and she could hide the sudden flush across her body in the cold water.

The swimmers finished their laps and launched themselves out of the pool like salmon jumping upstream, the water rushing off their bodies and hitting the concrete with a noise as sharp as hail. Taeyeon held back instead of joining them. She ripped off her goggles to ease the pressure on her head and slumped back under the water, her arms drifting, weightless, at her sides. When she stood back up and opened her eyes, Gwiboon was still in the water next to her at the end of the lane, regarding her with a wry smile.

“Caught you staring at me again,” she said, her long fingers toying with the elastic strap of her goggles as they hung from her hand.

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