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nettie!! could i ask you a question? you seem like a really positive person (or at least youre trying to be) how the hell do you deal with negativity on tumblr? like i feel like i cant go a day on here without someone poking fun of my ethnicity or sexuality or my mental illnesses and it really gets me down ;A;;

I’d say it’s easiest to block all negative tags, block discourse tags, and block anyone who starts shit with you. obviously you can’t just block everything out and some people will still find ways to get to you, but it really minimises the amount you see. other than that I’d say just try to be strong for who you are and what you believe in. most people will back off if they can’t see you getting upset by what they’re seeing. and I’m really sorry that you’re getting this negativity.

another thing id say is just make sure youre following good ppl who like arent problematic and dont start drama. i dont remember who said it but someone said that your experience is molded by the ppl you follow and its rlly true, so ya know just keep that in mind. i know its hard but just try to not let all of the shit get you down ❤

thanks to @thelovemessenger for helping with this answer :)

Item: Big Boob Cream: A variety of Herbs, Spices, and various monster bits synthesized into a breast enlargement formula. When applied to the chest, roll 1d6 to see how many cup sizes you go up by, giving an increase to charisma up to an F cup. Each fresh bottle contains 10 uses, and can be used multiple times in one action. (Roll multiple d6s in this case.) If your cup size goes over L from using this, your movement speed is reduced by 10 feet.


so i heard it was julerose june… 

otp imagine #143

Person A: if there is such a thing of true love, im sure that ill never find it.

Person B: *smiling like sunshine* oh dont worry! im sure that you’ll find it someday :) maybe you and i can find it together! :D

Person A: *under their breath* h-holy shit i found it


The process video of Britomartis! She was so fun to draw and to read about:”D

otp imagine #147

Person A: are you good at flirting? i don’t think i am, i don’t even know how!

Person B: *having a breakdown*  what do you mean you don’t know how to flirt??? i’ve already fallen for you and you haven’t even been flirting with me?? IM THE MOST EDGY PERSON ON EARTH??? my existence is a LIE-

Arcana Modern AU: Dance Teacher Edition

don’t me for the doritos in the bg


  • o shit boi’s an urban dance expert
  • 24 KARAT **~magic~** IN THE AAAAAIIIIR
  • Definitely includes Faust in some of his choreography
  • Can he actually do magic in this AU? god i hope so bc that would make his performances enchanting


  • THE HOTTEST ballroom dance teacher u will ever meet
  • pray u don’t combust from the intensity of her gaze during tangos
  • pls don’t let her movements distract u because she’s got an iron fist when it comes to teaching
  • probably also knows how to belly dance


  • HMM DAMN contemporary/ballet instructor bc the dude is hella extra and i also think he’s more graceful than he lets on
  • an excuse to put him in tight tights
  • I mean come on he already looks like a danseur noble with the pirate garb
  • probs one of those people who is more coordinated during a performance than in daily life rip

AND BASED OFF @theartofflorence (you lovely soul)’s suggestions, let’s add that:

  • Asra also knows Detroit ballroom dancing, and;
  • Julian is proficient in the swing, tango (as hinted in the game) and various other ballroom dances. Though he’s mainly a ballet instructor, he likes performing the other dances for shows and competitions because they’re more fun! 

Yeah I uh. Absolutely have no feelings whatsoever about this ship. Uh. Yeah. Totally.