So, naturally, right away there’s multiple “Fanon Nepeta: *CUTE PANEL* Canon Nepeta: *APEX PREDATOR*” posts in the pxs tag.

“canon nepeta” is both nepetas lmao I’m so confused by the statements saying she can be only one or the other.

I don’t know what comic you were reading where Nepeta wasn’t also kind (to the people she liked) and cute (fuckin’ adorable) at the same time as being a ferocious and sassy beast killer (APEX PREDATOR). This is like the “MITUNA IS NEVER CUTE HE’S ONLY AN ASSHOLE!” crap (spoiler: he’s both cute and an asshole).

The thing that makes good characters is that they have depth and multiple facets to them, not just a simple cardboard puppet that has one mode and one mode only. The real “fanon” representation of characters is when you strip them of the other parts of their personality to sway towards your ideal version of them (ie: badass only nep or UGYUUU only nep, neither nepeta is canon because both ignore the other parts of her personality)

I wanna order a Kurobaske wig. But I don’t have the money yet and I can’t decide if I should get one for Kagami or Midorima first, or just decide that I can afford both. But I told myself that this would be a cosplayfree month so that I could buy some clothes and fix up my hair. But one wig should be okay. So which one do I go with?

I also kinda wanna cosplay Aomine one day aswell