Alpaca Jin Love Exchange - DAY 3

Faith, Trust and Fairy Dust for Anon451 (@anon451)

He made the mistake of saving a fairy, and now it won’t leave him alone.

(yoongi and jin, fluff and humour, rating: t)

hug me (even just for a little) for lattelotus 

Never in his sheltered, insignificant life would Jin have imagined being in the same bed as a precious little Cinnamon Coll. Said Cinnamon Roll is also very fluffy, cute, smoking hot… And probably only ended up in Jin’s bed on accident, but Jin isn’t complaining.

(Although Jin would rather be the big spoon in this situation, he isn’t going to refuse the comforting warmth being unconsciously offered to him by the Hot Cross Bun behind him.)

(taejin, fluff and humour, rating: t)

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My favourite thing is when pisspots try to use the argument of science being just “theory” in order to invalidate a scientific theory, while ignoring that the scientific method is extremely complex and long and it takes a lot of time and effort to formulate a scientific theory that is accepted as such, because trying to debunk one theory leads to the creatin of another and that takes literal centuries sometimes. Scientific theory is supported by evidence,, that’s why it’s so fucking hard to find evidence that contradicts a theory AND isn’t purely casual. Like. Bitch.

Science is theory but the fact you got shit for brains is 200% tru and you proved it the second you opened your mouth ug h 

tord-larssin  asked:

//riding on a scooter , st r ug ggling to not fall over/ HELLO I LOVE YOUR-- //st um bl e s and falls the fuck over, godslamming into the ground so hard that it shakes the earth/ G OD FUCK ING //spITS OUT DIRt/ I LOVE YOUR BLOG //sCREAMS IN SPANISH/ (no but really i love your blog)

broski are you okay

thank u for liking my blog but jesus christ u got fucking slamdunked


I’m psyched to announce a new zine that I’m coming out with for this years SPX!  It’s going to be called Ugs, Fugs, and Grossos, and be around 32 pages of nothing but ug-ass mugs, fug-ass fugs, and gross-ass grossos.  There will be a regular edition of the book available, and a special edition with plenty of goodies like stickers, patches, and FAKE BARF!  Both are going to have screen printed covers!


Doods.  Are you ready?  My new zine, Ugs, Fugs, and Grossos is coming out in less than a month!  28 slime dripping, acne covered, veiny pages of ug-ass mugs, fug-ass fugs, and gross-ass grossos in a 3 color screen printed wraparound cover can be yours for 8 bucks for the regular edition or 13 bucks for the special edition at this year’s Small Press Expo!  What’s in the special edition you ask?  Oh, I dunno, maybe only a temporary tattoo, fake vomit, and some other rad shit that will glow in the dark or something!