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If rgb is surprised, what color would it be?

ah, I did have some trouble resolving that one, but my solution was that one can be surprised in many ways, it’s more to do with an intensity of agitation- so basically he would emit a lot of that colour, and probably in a burst (it would always involve yellow though, as the closest to the flight/fight reflex I figure that’s always going to be a feature of shock/surprise)

A birdy has told me...

That @taylorswift you maybe haven’t quite hit your follow limit yet?

If it’s the case there are 2 blogs that always come to mind when I think of people who not only love you but people that I know you would love. Warm, friendly and funny people, people like the most amazing person I’ve met because of you, my beyond amazing girlfriend Maddie. Then there’s Sally, a wonderful friend I met on here who I kind toured Australia with to see you multiple times in 2015.

You really should give both these amazing individuals a follow…

Maddie: @s-wiftlie 

Sally: @salmeier

Hope you are well. Can’t describe how excited I am for the new video and the show you’re doing in Feb


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Remember when Harry said his favourite Xmas number 1 is Thinking out loud by Ed? 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 (im in pain)

I doooo!

Also, Baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23

You know that someone is going to blast this song to exasperating levels this year…..I just hope Louis is obsessed enough with Ed, too, lol

enneagram as people from kitchen nightmares

1: person who is dead set on changing nothing because that’s how their great grandfather ran the restaurant. gets offended when anyone implies anything they do is wrong

2: overly helpful spouse of the restaurant manager/owner who keeps getting yelled at by everyone and is always crying, or that one person that went to the hospital because of an incorrectly prepared lobster

3: person with REALLY ostentatious restaurant where everything is over complicated and Gordon Ramsey has to spend an entire day simplifying the menu

4: having a complete and utter meltdown when Gordon Ramsey insults their weird unheard of family recipes, or Amy from Amy’s Baking Company

5: know it all chef who is convinced they can do no wrong and everyone high key hates, or the one waitress that knows what she’s doing and seems to know more than everyone else combined

6 (p): manager/owner sitting panicking while Gordon Ramsey tastes their food

6 (cp): person that gets mad at Gordon Ramsey for pointing out something obvious, like the fact that food shouldn’t have mold on it

7: happy go lucky but slacking kitchen staff that inevitably ends up fired

8: Gordon Ramsey. Alternatively, restaurant owners that invite him to help and then get mad whenever he tries to change anything, or even simply exists in their restaurant

9: restaurant/owner that acts like he agrees with Gordon Ramsey to his face, then does nothing as soon as his back is turned