Stop making my heart skip beats. . .

I can’t fall for something, so far from my reach.




Seriously. Cut it out. I can’t handle the automatic response I get when I see a photo, hear your name, your voice or whatever. It’s pathetic to be honest. Stoppppp being so amazing! Please?

Time waits for no woman.

It seems like she went from fiance to wifey in three minutes flat. Sure it was more like three years but I dunno … seeing your family was like a giant slap in the face. I guess all my crushes have to eventually move on, grow old and have children but I don’t know, sometimes I just feel like time is frozen for me but moving so quick for those around me.

Premature Delusions.

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My mind is already highlighting all the good things about you. Picking to pieces everything you said and bending them into something amazing. Fun fun! I love my ugly imagination, I love how it fuels these premature delusions.

BUT… can you blame me for going there!? What dorky/desperate 22 year wouldn’t? I bet you have an AWESOME video game collection & wouldn’t it be so ideal.

A match made in nerdy heaven.