ugly. really ugly

can you believe all jikook shippers antis are homophobes now :/

      yo but mineta? real talk? couldve been great. COULD’VE. he’s legit a hero doing it just for praise and love but that? has such self esteem issues. but his quirk can be really powerful and unsuspecting. like if he gave himself a shot he could be almsot as good as uraraka or momo levels of usefulness. having an endless adhesive quirk can easily help being a hero in a town and rescuing

  horikoshi vc : yeah but what if mineta did some more perverted shit lol xd

I’m really happy that I no longer get mad about ships. I used to get uncomfortable and angry about, but I realized I wasted so much energy on hating a ship and I could have been using it for something else. It’s just a ship. I hope that at some point, people that hate it also come to this realization. Shipping is supposed to be fun. Focusing on ships you like rather than those you hate makes a difference. I came to terms with it 3 years ago and I’ve felt so much better and shipping has become far less stressful and far more enjoyable.

im always shocked that ppl really genuinely love and care about hux from star wars because while i was watching the movie my literal ONLY thought about him was “god that guy is ugly” and then after the movie i saw all this shit about some dude named hux i didnt even know who the fuck he was i had to look him up on google dot com like what the fuck movie were y’all watching that this was a character that mattered even for a second cuz it sure wasnt star wars the force fucking awakens jesus christ