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» skywalker & solo family tribute | I could tell your eyes; TFA spoilers.


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THIS BEAUTIFUL, HEARTBREAKING, FUCKED UP FAMILY WILL BE MY UNDOING *ugly sobbing forever* Okay so this video I was actually thinking of discarding and never uploading because I just hate the quality so bad. Like, I hate it. But I just couldn’t wait or resist vidding this heartbreaking family because I had a lot of Skywalker/Solo family feels at the moment and it’s my own personal way of venting out my feels. So this happened. So after it was done rendering I kept seeing so many small mistakes like at 1:05 where it cuts off some of Anakin’s head and some of the OT quality was crappy because I used the wrong footage (my non-HD version) and blah boring stuff like that that really bugs me, but hopefully doesn’t bother you much *crosses fingers* I might still end up deleting this, I don’t know… But it was actually my mom who suggested I upload it because I asked her for her opinion on this video because I was very close at discarding/giving up with it, but she’s like, “NO, Cailey, you must upload it!” So I did. So hopefully, despite it’s flaws, you guys still enjoy it! Please let me know what you think in the comments! :D

Also, once the HD version of TFA comes out I WILL definitely be re-making this because then I can fix my mistakes that are bothering me AND use the better quality;D But anyways, back to the Skywalker/Solo’s THIS FAMILY FUCKED ME UP SO MUCH LIKE UGH THEY CAN NEVER GET A BREAK AND BE HAPPY! It’s always heartbreak and sadness, and I just love them all SOO much and want them to be happy but it’s like fate never allows it to happen… Seriously, this family is cursed. Bless the next person who marries into it because god they will need it. At the end of the video I wanted to show all the deaths that have taken place in this family so far and how heartbreaking it is because death keeps on taking them away from each other and UGH THIS FAMILY IS JUST PURE PAIN


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5 ) eyelid kiss

                                    He can’t,   he can’t,   he can’t ———

Stiles repeated the words over and over again in his head, like the more he thought them the more strength they would have, like if he could only convince himself of the sincerity of them they could actually turn out to be true.

                                                      It had to be a dream.

                                        A nightmare.

                  The darkness rearing it’s ugly head again, just like countless nights before.

Stiles ran faster, but there was no way he could make it in time. Scott and Derek were absorbed in the fray around them, unable to pay attention to anything else but saving their own asses in that moment. Stiles didn’t look to them for help, couldn’t take his eyes off Peter.

                                 He was too far away and Stiles was dying with the need to reach out and brush the                                                                                 matted hair away from his face, touch his cheek, anything.

The burn in his legs wasn’t even a blip on the register as his body almost seized, Stiles was surging head first into a panic attack as he sprinted across the field to where Peter lay. It took a lifetime to reach him.

Skidding to a stop over the wet ground, Stiles fell over himself succeeding is smearing mud and grime all over his torso and arms as he scrambled into a kneel. Peter was too bloody to comprehend, his insides shined in the light of the moon and made Stiles’ stomach churn with sickness. 

                                                            He wasn't moving.

                                        “Peter.. Fuck you Peter, look at me!” 

No one seemed to hear Stiles screaming as he knelt over Peter’s still body. There wasn’t anyone to come help calm him, like Peter would. There wasn’t anyone yelling his name, telling him to take cover, like Peter would. There was no one without Peter.

                                                    “Please, please open your eyes, Peter…”

This time his words were only a whisper as his chest constricted so tight he was sure he would hear the snap of ribs any second.

                                                                  Peter’s eyes remained closed.

With blood covered hands, Stiles caressed his lover’s cheek, leaving grimy streaks in the wake of his fingers. Peter didn’t stir.

                                                                            Peter wasn't breathing.

Leaning down, Stiles let his body shake with unvoiced sobs as he pressed his lips to Peter’s eyelids, first one and then the other. He pressed his lips to Peter’s warm forehead, to his blood covered cheeks.

                                                                                                                                    “I’m so sorry———— I love you.”

OMG GUYS, I’m sure it’s already been mentioned, but it makes me SO excited because did you notice that Merlin made the same face to Merida, when seeing her future with the wisp, as the one he made to Killian in last weeks episode when Killian started talking to him about freeing Emma of the DO curse?

We now know that Merlin can see the future. So this makes this theory from the lovely: tough-lass - (click here) mean so much more, because maybe it wasn’t about knowing who Killian was and about a prophesy, maybe he got a vision, like he did with Merida about the wisp causing her death. I bet anything that Merlin had the vision that Killian will be the one to wield Excalibur and free Emma of the DO curse. 

I JUST OMG *ugly sobbing forever*