The Storylines of Time Machine: “Right now Taeyeon is happy. However, inadvertently thinking of the past, she thinks of a past boyfriend. In that contented life, just thinking about it causes her chest to tighten. It was fun when they were going out. Just the smallest mistake and they went their separate ways. She often thinks about what would have happened if they continued to be together. Without a doubt, right now she is happy. But what if it was a different kind of happiness.”


3/ 「random gifs of my favorite GOT7 members a.k.a my ot3 markjinson♡ 」

mark tuan edition: winking machine + that smile :)

Photo by @ugly-machine

Our First superPulsewave Performer Announcement Is… Visuals ohhainaifu!!!

ohhinaifu travels far and wide with pixel art, poopies, and cute things galore. Using the open source program, OpenTZT, she animates these images with brightly colored patterns and timed with her own little dance movements and hopes you can dance with her too.