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Oh man I didn't know there were multiple occasions// ahh I've been a casual Shinee Stan of like three year and I want to get to know them! And then I saw all these posts about Minho hugging my little guy :'( and honestly any video of that would be just fine

minho hugging the little guy is actually my favorite thing so i’m just going to tell u about every time it’s happened (that i know of) so i can remember there is a good thing in this world and that good thing is minho

juliette win 090605

jonghyun is a precious sobbing mess. while minho doesn’t swoop in to save him until about 1:10, jonghyun spends that first minute sobbing loudly into the shoulders of some sj members before minho comes in to wipe his tears away and  hold him really close and pictures from this day also make me really emotional

tokyo dome 150315

honestly every second of this video makes me emotional more than words can express. key starts crying first and jjong goes into hug him while the other members stand to the side and smile at them. at about 6:00, key points out that jjong has started to cry and Precious Sunshine Boy minho comes in to pat his back. jonghyun then makes the most pathetic and emotional waddle over to hug taemin, then jinki–all while minho babe is standing off to the side, waiting for jjong–spitty, teary, boogery jjong–to hug him too at about 7:03. minho is extra precious here because he sways while they’re hugging and pats him a lot and i just ;;;; minho ;;;;

swc iii 140309

jjong bb just ;;; so ;;; teary and emotional. honestly he’s such an ugly and gross crier i wouldn’t come near him yet minho is just “my bro :’)”. he even wipes jjong’s tears away with his thumb and holds him from the side and then gets him a towel to cry into. minho is such a good boy.

blue night 170403

throughout this whole broadcast i just wanted someone to swoop in and hug jonghyun since he was crying so hard but no one did… and then minho came in to save the day. to save the Tiny Man. as soon as minho appears jjong does this weird thing with his neck, almost like he didn’t want minho to come, but then he gets up from his chair and minho is walking toward him with his arms outstretched and jjong just //melts//. he goes all limp in minho’s arms and lets minho sway him around. then at the end they hug again and pat each other’s butts and it’s so important to me.

in conclusion minho is the sweetest human being ever and there’s no one i’d rather have wipe away jjong bb’s tears ;;;

Math & Dinner Dates - Scott McCall

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Requested: Could you do another imagine like the one you recently did for Stiles where he confesses his love for you, but with Scott this time?

Summary: (Y/N) displays not only her sass but her knowledge in class leading to Scott asking for some help. After a few close calls Scott finally vents to (Y/N) his feelings.

“Does anyone know the answer? No one?” I sat next to Scott, my best friend since we were 2, deep in thought. I wonder how Dereks doing… I miss him… always bossing everyone around and making snarky remarks. I bet ya he’s eating baguettes with some really hot supernatural being that we don’t even know of. He was the best non-blood related big brother anyone could have. And I’m sure he looked at me as an annoying younger sister. I smiled to myself thinking about the old days when Scott had just been given ‘the gift’. 

“Is something funny, Miss (Y/L/N)?” I snapped out of my day dream and looked at Mr Trin, the maths substitute teacher. 

“No.” I mumbled.

“Oh, then you wouldn’t mind giving me the answer to the question on the board then.” He says as he leans on my desk. I smile sarcastically at him and give him a gesture shooing him to the side so I could see the question. 

“It’s a trick question. The answer is 0, just like the amount of tolerance I have for this class.” I smile sweetly at him as the class laughs a low rumble. Mr Trin stood dumbfounded, while I saw most of the class with their eyes wide staring at me as I was probably the last person they’d expect that from. 

“Damn, (Y/N)” I heard a voice from behind me as I strode out the class room. I look behind me and see Scott chasing after me laughing. “Didn’t know you had it in you!” Scott smiled. “But, on another note; you’re good at math?” He questioned.

“Surprisingly, yeah.” I giggle. 

“Would you mind if I came over tonight and you helped me out? I’m getting like 40%’s but told mum I’m getting 80%’s.” Scott winced slightly.

“Yeah, come over after school. Anything to ease Melissa’s stress.” I giggle. Melissa was like a second mum to me and I worried about how much pressure she was under with work, financial bills, Scott and his supernatural abilities, etc.

“No, you have to multiply it and then divide it. Here,” I say and demonstrate to Scott how to do the equation. I had only just noticed how close we were and we looked at one another before quickly moving apart and I did an awkward cough.

“I think thats enough maths for one night.” Scott said as he stood up ready to leave until we heard the front door open and close and in walked my dad.

“Oh, Scott. You’re here for dinner I presume.” He smiles.

“Oh, no I was just abou-”

“Nonsense. I bought way too much meat anyway.” He says with a wink. 

“Daaadd.” I whine with a slight giggle. Dad had just found out a few weeks ago about Scott’s werewolf abilities and he wont stop making jokes about raw meat or asking questions about being on heat. 

“You two go settle down while I put it on. Should be ready in 20.” He smiles and Scott puts his bag back down. 

“Come on, then.” I say as we walk up the stairs to my bedroom. 

“Why are we watching this again? It’s so sad!” I sniffle.

“You picked it, (Y/N).” Scott said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, but still!” Scott giggles and wraps an arm around me as I snuggle deep into his chest to comfort myself. After a while I begin to feel his gaze on me and I look up meeting his eyes.


“You’re just impossibly good at everything. You even look cute crying.”

“Oh, shut up. Everyones an ugly crier.” I laugh through my tears. Scott’s hand reaches up to my cheeks and he wipes away my tears. We begin to slowly lean into one another until dad calls us down for dinner. We pull apart again and make our way downstairs. 

“Thank you for dinner, Mr (Y/L/N). It was actually amazing!” Scott smiled. “I really must be going though. Mum finishes her shift in 30 minutes and I should be home.”

“Well, its been a pleasure.” My dad smiles and I stand up to lead Scott out. 

“Thanks for helping me with math by the way.” Scott smiles.

“All good…” I lead off as we awkwardly look at one another feeling an unusual tension in the air. “Ill see you tomorrow then.” 

“Yeah” Scott smiles uncomfortably before walking off. I go to close the door and then its gets stopped last second and pushed back open. “Okay, no. I have to say this. (Y/N), I’ve been in love with you for the past few months. Every time I look at you I just feel the need to be near you. I haven’t felt this way with anyone ever before. It’s insane. I just want to hold you and make sure you’re being treated right. Because you deserve the best. Better then the best, even. I know I’m rambling but I just can’t help it. I-” I quickly press my lips to Scotts and we share a deep intimate kiss. 

“I love you too” I whisper barely pulling away from him. We laugh and kiss again before I pull away and smirk at him. “See you tomorrow, lover boy.” I wink and close the door immediately pressing my back to it and closing my eyes, taking in a deep breath. I squeal softly and re-open my eyes, only to see my dad standing there sipping a cup of tea before he walks into the next door room. I smile and roll my eyes before running up to bed eager for it to be tomorrow already. 

hear me out….

Alyabug au w/ an identity reveal

Where Alya and LB both get hit by this akuma’s ray or w.e. and it makes them completely infatuated w/ each other

But like they still think normally and logically besides that

so LB knows she can just break this spell on them w/ a kiss because hey, if it could work w/ dark cupid with her other best friend, why not now?

So they kiss and it’s great and lovely but when they break apart their minds are suddenly clearer and they’re starin at each other and Alya’s rlly blushy and in awe but LB just looks kind of surprised at herself. Seeing LB’s expression, Alya’s turns heel and runs away

LB deals w/ the akuma and things go back to normal

But she cannot get that kiss out of her head and later Mari she asks Tikki if there can ever be residual effects of being hit w/ an akuma’s power, to which the answer is “No, but they can bring things to your attention you didn’t notice before”

So she transforms and she swings her way to Alya’s place and taps on her window until she hears her groan, get up, and come by to open it

LB had like this whole speech planned out but like looking at Alya (whose eyes are a little red-rimmed because she’s not dumb she can guess that LB only kissed her to break the magic) just makes her mind go blank

so instead she’s like “Um… can I come in?”

and what’s Alya gonna do, say no? Ofc not! So she steps aside and LB comes in and sits reservedly on the corner of her bed, hands clasped together and resting on her lap

“So…” LB tries to start, and she clears her throat

“So.” Alya says, her arms are crossed and LB can tell she’s like trying to keep her emotions in check

LB rlly has no idea what to say and Alya starts to pace which in turn makes her nervous?? And she knows this convo can’t wait so she deecides to just dive in

“I think we should talk about what happened between us today.” There. She said it. It’s out. Alya pauses and then resumes her pacing, th speed quickening. “Alya please? Can we just. Sit down, here, and talk this out?”

And god, Alya can’t deny her anything, can she? She sighs and sits down next to LB, farther than LB wanted, but it’s a start.

“I just-” LB says, but gets interrupted

“Look, you don’t have to worry about it, okay? I know you did what you had to do to fix things, it’s okay” Alya says, her voice breaking a little

“No, it’s not okay. You’re hurting, and that’s the last thing I’d ever want you to feel” and she reaches out and grabs Alya’s hands in her own. 

She gives her this rlly meaningful look and god does Alya’s heart stutter and trip like Marinette used to when she talked to Adrien. She decides just then, even if she is hurting, that she wouldn’t trade her love of the heroine for the world. she smiles just a tiny bit and she does feel a little better knowing that the other cares for her so much

“Really, it’s okay. I promise.”

“But you’re still hurting” she says w/ a frown

“Well, that tends to happen when feelings aren’t reciprocated, but-”

“But they are!”

Alya’s smile falters bcause of shock. “What?”

“They are reciprocated. I literally haven’t been able to think about anything other than the kiss since it happened.”

“Really?” alya asks, kind of breathless

“I mean, except for the hurt look on your face when you ran. It kind of made me re-evaluate everything-” she squeezes her hands- “and I swear I have to be one of the most oblivious people in Paris to not have realized the feelings I had for my best friend exceeded those of just friendship”

And Alya’s heart can’t take this bcause LB did not just insinuate what she thinks she’s insinuating

but she has to ask


“I’m sorry I didn’t realize how I felt before I hurt you, Peaches”

The nickname confirmed her suspicions and she feels tears threatening to spill but rlly she doesn’t care about that because she knows Mari doesn’t care if her makeup runs or if she’s an ugly crier and suddenly she’s full-on crying

LB detransforms and suddenly mari’s there and she pulls alya into a hug, letting her cry into her chest as she holds onto her and she just. lets her cry herself out.

when it dies down alya pulls away just a little and looks up at her best damn friend and she means to say something cute but then-

“I think I ruined your shirt”

and Mari snorts and laughs and Alya joins in

but that dies out p quickly so it’s just them in the silence and dark of Alya’s room

and in a super quiet voice, Mari says, “I would love to kiss you again. It doesnt have to be now, of course, I know you’ve been through a lot toda-”

Alya doesn’t wait for her to finish before her lips crash into mari’s, and even though it’s messy and just a little rough, it’s also perfect

they accidentally fall asleep on each other, arms and legs in a tangle, marinette’s hand tangled in with alya’s hair. when they wake up, they place sleepy and slow kisses anywhere they can, be it on the cheek, neck, jaw, lips, etc., content in their shared body heat

it might take just a little while for ppl at school to figure out that they’re in a relationship because, aside from the kisses, their body language and touching is almost the exact same as it was before

so im probably kinda late

So some stuff has gone around on who should be the black paladin before shiro returns(if he ever does). This isnt going to be a theory, but more of how i want it to go down.

So everyone mostly bounces between Keith, Allura, and Lance. Honestly, I want lance to be the black paladin. But not immediately.

This could possibly be a whole episode honestly. But lets get into this.

I want everyone to say “oh yeah Keith should do it, kuse thats what Shiro wanted”. And I want it to seem like it will work. Black lets him in and everyone goes out (probably moving lance to red and Allura into blue for testing) But when everyone starts going through some of the basic drills to make sure everything is okay, Black doesnt listen to keith, shes okay with him being there and sitting where shiro once did, but refuses to let him take control. So shoot we cant have Keith be the piolot. He goes back to red. Everyone wonders who should try, everyone agrees Allura should try, as her and Shiro seemed very close personality wise. They go to the hanger to start the drills again. But black wont even fucking open. Black just flat out hates Allura (kinda just doing this kuse i dont like allura and we really need her for wormholes guys…). Everyone groans because damnit we are useless without all five paladins. As everyone leaves, Lance just kind of..stops in his tracks. Blue is talking to him. He gets a huge goofy grin and (obviously) Keith looks back at him and just says, “why are you smiling like that lance?”. And lance just says, “oh.. nothing keith” And keith shrugs and just goes to the training deck, everyone goes back to normal activities. Lance however, goes to the control room to talk to allura. Allura is kind of a salty but at this point because she was so sure that Black wouldve let her pilot. She doesnt want to deal with lance, and is rather sharp when speaking to him. We see that Lace that we did before, hes insecure and un sure if he should even tell allura what blue said. He starts to leave because he doesnt want her to be even more angry. But whn he gets to the door he stops. He knows he Has to do this. For the sake of the universe, So he turns around and tells Allura, “Blue thinks I could pilot Black… I dont think i want to leave blue, but.. I think we should try.” Allura sighs, and says she’ll think about it. We get a close up of lance going from a determined face, to just…disapointment…maybe he starts to tear up. Because he just wants to help and it feels like Allura is just brushing him aside and not taking him seriously. Lance leaves to his bedroom. And we go to the night, or the next morning. Lance either cant sleep, or woke up really early and cant get back to sleep. Hes still thinking about what blue said.. And he desides that, he didnt need to run it by allura… He really shouldve told the team. But of course, hes very tired at this point and doesnt go and talk to them. he does something rash, and goes down th the hanger. and we get some more sneaky lance. maybe someone joins him, maybe not. But he goes to blue and asks if shes Really sure about this. Blue speaks, obviously we dont know the exact words, but she assures him it will be okay. He nods and goes up to black and just… stares at her. How big she is compared to blue, and even to yellow. Hes scared, he feels like if he does this, hes going to replace shiro, he gets scared that we wont see shiro again. Or if we do, shiro will be mad that Lance took over instead of Keith. He just starts crying infront of blue. Because hes emotional, he misses Shiro, he thinks he cant do it. And black just opens, no warning, Lance doesnt even ask her to, she just opens up. Lance is in shock. And he hesitately steps in and sits down. Black closes up. and Blue talks to lance for either the last time forever, or last time for a while. And she basically says “good luck Lance, the new Black paladin.” Lance is still crying (please let lance be an ugly crier, it would be adorable) and he says “I’ll miss you blue,” and grabs the handles on Black, “Lets go for a test drive Black”

Lance is just flying around the castle until someone (probably Allura) goes to the control room and sees the black lion flying around. She calls everyone in to see Who is in the lion. Everyone comes in and they all realize that Lance is the new black paladin.

Now that I’ve written this, this could be the character arc that Lance needs, he needs to know that the team needs him, that he is useful. So I supose this would be better as a few episodes instead of just one.

Now the real question is. who takes the blue lion? Well, we know that blue is very accepting of new paladins. so… Who do I want to piolot Blue?

I want coran to piolot blue. He was SOO excited to pilot red. (I wish i could find a picture of his paladin costume) He’s such a happy guy, and He would be so excited. I honestly dont think we would have any problem with forming voltron, because we havent seen anyone acctually be upset with Coran. And im sure allura could pilot the castle on her own.

  • Aries: Sporadic crier; sometimes cry for what seems like no reason; always sputter and snot everywhere when they cry, although not a particularly ugly crier; great at cheering others up when they cry; can usually be cheered up themselves pretty quickly after a bout of crying
  • Taurus: Vulnerable crier; usually, all guards are up with taurus, but taurus often uses crying to break their walls down and show their vulnerabilities; can't stop crying once they start and sniffle for a very long time afterwards; need tons of comfort in the form of self-care, comfort food, and someone to coddle them in order to go back to normal
  • Gemini: Rare crier; can usually disconnect themselves from their emotions to prevent crying when they don't want to; can also produce tears when they do; even when they are so upset they can't control their tears, gemini often cries with a smile on their face; always feel humiliated after crying for real and highkey try to downplay it
  • Cancer: Angriest crier of the zodiac; cries because of duress, humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration; loud, hiccupy crying; unintelligible when crying and has to calm down before they can speak again; best at comforting others who are crying and want someone to do the same for them
  • Leo: Excellent at faking sadness for melodrama; great at keeping real tears under control in public and prefer to cry in private because they think it's ugly, but when life really gets to them they burst can out into public, uncontrollable sobbing
  • Virgo: Often cries quietly or silently; hiccups when crying; refuses to be seen crying in public even if it means holding back tears to the point it hurts and excusing themselves from the situation; uses crying to cope with heavy stress
  • Libra: Sensitive, empathetic crier; is usually a pretty composed, albeit snotty crier; can not bear to see others cry and has to comfort them or leave the room; cries more because of other people's problems then their own
  • Scorpio: Even better than leo at faking sadness and using tears as a method of personal gain; real crying is ugly and snotty; often cries due to frustration with the disconnect between themselves and their emotions; very unstable when crying and unintentionally lashes out when anyone attempts to comfort them
  • Sagittarius: Ghost crier; you'd be hard pressed to catch a sag crying; usually cry when in physical pain; emotional pain/stress must be unbelievably high before a sag cries and when they do, they do it for hours in private
  • Capricorn: Private crier; doesn't cry often, but when they do, it's very easy to tell; most prone to getting bloodshot eyes in the zodiac; somewhat quiet crier; almost never cries because of a movie, show, etc
  • Aquarius: Tear-shedder; 99% of the time, they can cry without a single sound, only tears dripping down their face; a very rare, rare 1% of the time, however, they are the loudest, ugliest, least composed criers of the zodiac and can howl into their pillow for hours, and then it doesn't happen again for long, long time; they don't understand people who cry all the time over trivial things, although they themselves have probably cried over their favorite book/movie etc
  • Pisces: Biggest crybaby of the zodiac; cries due to pretty much anything; sessions can last from one or two tears to hours of crying; crying is usually wet and snotty and they go through a million tissue boxes; least prone to getting bloodshot eyes but most prone to have very sensitive eyes all the time; most prone to crying because of movies, tv shows, books, etc; people often don't take them seriously when they cry because it happens so often but pisces ALWAYS have a reason for it (even if they don't know what that reason is themselves)

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Hello ^^ I love your Voltron Family and I was thinking... If it isn't a problem How do you imagine Shiro and Keith's last, 50th proposal? Are they old and grey already or not? Will Shiro stop proposing after that 50th time? I'm just curious :) Oh and thank you for your work!

Ah, this is such a wonderful thought. Thank you for this! Also Shiro didn’t stop proposing at his 50th time. ;D 

[The Voltron Family] The 50th proposal. (1, 2)

Shiro and Keith got married at the age of 30. By the time they were 33, they adopted Pidge, Hunk and Lance. Shiro proposed the 2nd time when they were 39 and held their second wedding in Japan with the kids. 

They had their Silver Wedding at the age of 55 to celebrate their 25th year of being married, it was Shiro’s 16th time to propose. They held it once again in Japan with their children, a little bit grown up but not really. 

On Shiro’s 41st time to propose, they had their Golden Wedding. They were both 80 that time and Hunk’s and Lance’s Family attended, with Shiro and Keith’s beautiful grandchildren (there were 5! Hunk had 3 kids and Lance had 2) Pidge and her partner (being aces) brought their dog.

By the time of Shiro’s 50th proposal, Keith cried.

Keith: *tears wouldn’t stop falling* You know you didn’t have to do this for 50 times, right? I was half joking.
Shiro: *smiles* I know, but I want to.
Keith: You’re such a dork. *chuckles* *wipes his tears*
Shiro: So? Will you marry me for the 50th time, Keith? I know we had our Golden Wedding a few years back, but I want to make this just as special. Let’s have a wedding. *caresses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: I can’t believe you still want to marry me. *whispers sadly* 
Shiro: Of course, I do. What makes you think that I don’t? You’re amazing.
Keith: *looks up and more tears fell* I’m not exactly as amazing as I was back when we first met when I was 22, y’know?
Shiro: *shakes his head* That’s debatable. I still think you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
Keith: You’re such a sap. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: *nuzzles Keith’s nose* So?
Keith: *sighs* I’m old, I’m grey and I’m on… *looks up and Shiro catches the tear that falls* *whispers* I’m on a wheelchair, Shiro. *sounds broken*
Shiro: *finds himself crying too* Oh, baby, I don’t care about that. *pulls Keith towards him for a hug*
Keith: *holds onto Shiro for his dear life* *sobs* I can’t walk.
Shiro: *kisses Keith’s cheek* That wouldn’t be a problem.

Shiro and Keith had their 5th wedding after Shiro’s 50th proposal. Hunk accompanied Keith towards the altar and Shiro couldn’t stop himself from crying. By the time they reached Shiro…

Keith: Stop crying. You know you’re such an ugly crier. *teases*
Shiro: *chuckles as more tears fell* Shut up or I’m going to kick your wheelchair. This is my wedding, you’re not supposed to be mean to me. 
Keith: *smiles fondly* Well, it’s my wedding too. I do what I want, old man.
Shiro: Ass. *smiles* *grabs Keith’s hand*
Keith: *snorts* Dork.
Shiro: You love me. *rubs Keith’s hand softly*
Keith: Unfortunately, I do. *rolls his eyes fondly*

They were both 89.

shit my teachers have said

sometimes going to school is worth it.

  •  okey, you press that button & i’m just going to stand way over here. 
  •  i could go slower, but i don’t want to. 
  •  i’m glad you’re entertained. that’s very important to me. now shut up. 
  •  you have six seconds to answer & tell them to shut their phone. 
  •  oh, that’s nice. i’ve always wanted an iphone. could’ve at least fixed the screen, though. 
  •  hang on, i think my pizza rolls are on fire. 
  •  who wants to jump out of the window for me? it’s for an experiment. 
  •  what did you draw for me? 
  •  i thought people drew dicks on tables only in fifth grade. 
  •  can you hold my gun for a second? 
  •  it was not my intention to shoot you. 
  •  you laughed, i didn’t, did you notice that? 
  •  the angle doesn’t matter, does it? 
  •  oh, yes, because heaven forbid people start kissing. 
  •  as everyone knows, kissing leads to sex. 
  •  oh no! a boob! whatever are we going to do!? 
  •  what are you—five?
  •  how do you accidentally fall out of a plane? 
  •  congratulations, you just killed everyone. 
  •  THIS IS NOT A DRILL. it’s a screwdriver. 
  •  don’t be rude. share your gummy bears. 
  •  you can’t substitute water with spit. that’s just gross. 
  •  you can totally make a bowling ball out of feathers. 
  •  bless your ass out of here. 
  •  don’t give me any of that cheap stuff. 
  •  jesus can’t help you now. 
  •  i refuse to believe you’re that stupid. 
  •  i am done with your sarcastic attitude. 
  •  the only excuse for not coming is dying. 
  •  the only size that matters is the size of the statue. 
  •  i don’t get payed enough to deal with this.
  •  don’t cry, you’re an ugly crier. 
Kacchako Week Day 7: Fragile

(This was the first idea I had for this prompt. Let’s see if I can pound out the second one afterwards…)

Something Only They See

Years have passed, goals have been gained, and as similar as he was to the boy of his high school years, he was also completely different. He’s learned to compromise (somewhat), he’s learned to not be afraid to lose (even less than somewhat), and he’s learned how to carve out a huge piece of his life to fit someone else in it (a lot).

Most of all, Katsuki has learned to care a little bit more- to look at someone else’s face and see exactly what lay underneath the veneer presented. Though, honestly, he’d only cultivated that skill for one other person and she was walking through their shared apartment door two hours late without the usual spring in her step. Even her permanently flushed cheeks seemed paler. She called out an absent-minded ‘I’m home’ as she toed out of her sneakers.

Katsuki set down the phone he hadn’t been obsessively glaring at for the past two hours and shoved his hand in his pockets.

“You didn’t float your phone into fucking oblivion again, did you?” he asked shortly, trying to sound more angry than worried.

Ochako glanced up sharply, eyes blinking wide, guileless, and bewildered. The bewilderment faded the more her big, brown eyes scanned over him- the casual suit, the yellow tie she’d bought him last year, the almost tidy style to his rat’s nest hair. Her already pale face blanched to ashen, pupils dilating to pinpricks as guilt struck her like a blow to the face.

“Oh no,” she gasped, straightening to her fullest height and covering her mouth with her hands. “I totally forgot! I can’t believe I forgot!”

Tears were brimming the edges of her lashes and that’s when he knew. Katsuki had known since their first year in UA that Ochako was bright, bubbly, and annoying cheerful, but she wasn’t a pushover. Her reasons for being a hero were different from his, so vastly different, but no less important. She would throw herself recklessly into harm’s way to attain her goal, just like him. Only being K.O.’d would hold her down. So, Katsuki knew that Uraraka Ochako was not fragile.

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ElGang's reaction to getting bitchslapped in the face for no reason by a stranger


  • Hey it might’ve been a reflex but does he regret it? No they slapped him
  • Like bruh I don’t even know you get away from me with your weak ass slap
  • Actually thinks about kicking them while they’re down for a few seconds but decides against it
  • He forgives and forgets he ain’t that petty


  • Tries not to cry
  • Fails miserably
  • Honestly a blubbering baby while trying to curse them out
  • “Y-you shut fuck your mouth!!”
  • If anyone is with her, any of the boys-not Ain or Add, the assholes-expect to get your ass kicked.


  • Like Elsword, reflexively reacts but instead of hitting you? She catches your hand and flips you
  • Elves are fuckin’ ninjas yo
  • Straight up slams you on the pavement and them gasps and apologizes even though you tried to hit her first
  • Elves may be ninjas but they also apologize a lot. 
  • A. Lot. 


  • Doesn’t even fucking flinch when you slap him. 
  • Bitch deadass blinks and calmly sighs before completely decking you.
  • If he uses his Nasod Arm you better have written your will because you will not fucking survive
  • But honestly why slap this man he’s just a crow dad tryna survive


  • What do you mean slap Eve
  • One, that would hurt you, she’s made of fucking metal
  • Two, she does the slapping. Not you. Get outta here.
  • You don’t even get the chance to slap her before she’s whipped out her pimp gloves and just backhands you out into next week


  • My god like Aisha he tries not to cry and he fails, he fails so badly
  • Chung’s an ugly crier lemme tell you, but imagine his face looming over yours with tears and snot while he’s asking you why
  • What did he do to you to get hurt like that
  • Slap Chung for guilt points and bad karma like the monster you are


  • Martial artist getting slapped?? Doesn’t sound like a good idea
  • Grabs your arm and twists when you make the movement to hurt her and just
  • Boom before you know it you’re thrown against the wall, maybe even unconscious
  • If you did manage to hit her she’ll probably at least be holding back tears
  • She’s squishy what can I say


  • Slaps back
  • If it was playful expect a slapping war, if not…yeaahh..
  • You’ll be out for a few days. Have you seen the sword she carries?
  • I heard Elesis had an eight pack. That Elesis was shredded.
  • You of course think Elesis is a punk-ass bitch, and this is why you’re in a mini-coma. Dumbass.


  • Honestly attaches a tracking device to you like a spiteful shit and makes your life hell for a few days
  • I’m talking random electrocutions, attack drones showing up at your doorstep, etc
  • He even sends you an EMP bomb in a box
  • Let’s be honest he went back to his room and was just tearfully cursing you out for a while before he got to work


  • Doesn’t cry, doesn’t hit back, she just yells for Ciel and gives you about five seconds to make like a banana and split before he comes for you
  • Why on earth you would slap the Steel Queen of Demons is beyond me, and one that’s made a pact with a human…well, you’re not too smart.
  • Gets Ciel to carry her around and buy her ice cream to make her feel better


  • Honestly Lu is more mad than he is
  • Lu’s just sitting there screaming obscenities at you and Ciel’s over there trying to figure out why you slapped him
  • Did he accidentally shoot a hole in your wall? Did he trample on your plants? What did he do
  • The answer is he did nothing, you’re just an ass tbh
  • He shrugs, apologizes, and drags Lu away
  • Peaceful man stops angry goblin demon from attacking human


  • Another reflexive badass, Rose will have you pinned down and crying uncle for even trying to get near her
  • Zero’s cackling and calling you a dumbass for trying to attack a royal guard with clear amusement
  • The poor guy’s been stuck in her rucksack all day give him a break
  • It’ll take a lot to get Rose to let you go or at least let up on the pressure on your wrist, she’s already alert and battle ready


  • ????? Is this how humans greet each other? It fucking hurts
  • Slaps back because he thinks he’s supposed to at first but he doesn’t hold back
  • Twig man is surprisingly strong and you go flying
  • Elsword’s cackling like a maniac and he doesn’t know why like
  • Elsword are you ok do you need help?
  • No, Ain, but I’m sure the person you just made your bitch needs it.

Jane was out of town when all the Avengers trudged in looking the least heroic Darcy had ever seen them. Without even speaking Clint stomps threw the common room where Darcy is lounging watching DogCops. Natasha follows silently but heading the same path her friend had taken. Steve came threw next giving her a grim nod and  heading for the elevator and likely the gym. Tony and Bruce had settled at the counter and Tony is already pouring shots in between sipping from the bottle. Normally Bruce would complain but he makes no comment and knocks back his first one before staring morosely into the second. Bucky flings himself down on the armchair and Sam takes the other end of the couch both oddly quite.

“I’m glad you’re home” Darcy offers softly. Sam doesn’t acknowledge other than his eyes glazing over looking exhausted. Bucky grunts and scratches absently at his stomach. Whatever happened must have been really rough for Bucky to not even wink at her. Before Darcy can decide on her next course of action the last Avenger comes in from the cold.

“I would eat and then meet you on the train grounds, Lightening Sister.” Thor’s voice usually fills a room. Even in his softest tones his words swell to seem fuller somehow than any non Asgardian’s. Darcy nods and is standing before she realizes. “The Armour you wear for Lady Natasha will suffice” and then he’s rooting around in the fridge, back to the others. Darcy looks around but Only Bucky is even paying attention and he just shrugs.

“Have fun Doll”


“Where did you get that?” Darcy exclaims in awe when she arrives in the gym. She must have been wrong about Steve because Thor is sitting alone beside a number of impressive looking mid evil weaponry. Thor looks up from the short sword he’s holding. 

“Anthony and I fashioned them when you mentioned your interest in taking up arms” He smiled lightly flipping the sword causally. “It was an good bonding experience to bend metal with the Man of Iron”  

Darcy steps closer and can tell the Tony works from the Thor works. Tony’s look impeccably sharp and deadly. All raw edges and gleaming in the sunlight pouring in threw the windows. Thor’s however, they look just as deadly but the handles are more interesting. One is a curving a leaves and stars and it reminds her of Jane. There’s a huge double headed halberd that has a wing on each blade and is connected to a twisting center pole that ends in a hawk like bird on the end. There are several smaller knives and Darcy could spend all day looking at the things he’d made with his hand. 

“Which of these calls to you?” Thor asks gently breaking up her look at all the sweet stuff trance. Darcy’s a little overwhelmed. She had jokingly told him she’d like to be a bad ass wielding claymore warrior like Lady Sif from the Norse stories but it seemed a tall order for her to not only hold one but successfully swing one as she was 5f3 to Sif’s 6f4.  Darcy’s lamenting the lack of Claymore and her stature when she sees it. 

It’s undoubtedly one of Thor’s because the hilt is engraved with lightning and runes. If she didn’t know any better she’d call it a long sword but it’s thicker than anything she knows the words for. When her fingers close around the hilt she surprised at how light it is. The weight it perfect and she closes both hands around the grip admiring the center ridge and shininess. Thor chuckles lowly. 

“I have told you that this is a highly personal request yes?” Thor speaks again and Darcy manages to stop staring at her new found friend. She nods. “The first weapons training Asguardian children have is with their father or mother, whichever is more skilled. Most of the time parents will craft the weapon together for their young and then the parent and child go on a trip together to learn. It is different with each house and each child. It is a very special thing Darcy” He says. Darcy nods again almost afraid Thor will change his mind. He waits however needing to hear her speak.

“Did you make this for me?” Darcy gestures to the weapon in her hand. He gives her a tight smile that reminds her of all the years he has lived. He nods. “It’s amazing, buddy, I love it. If you don’t want to do this it’s okay I can learn on my own and well spar or something” He chuckles at her babbling. He holds up a hand before she can talk herself out of this. The sun is beginning to set and the way it slams into their tower windows has her sweating slightly. 

“I did not know what to make of your request at first. But Anthony tells me you have no father or mother. I have long considered you my family, Darcy and I can not hope to replace that which you have lost but I should like to be your family as much as I know how.” His lower lips trembles just enough that Darcy’s heart instantly breaks. Whatever happened today has him in knots. 

“Yes.” Her voice is thick too seeing his emotions. “Yea of course.” Thor shakes his head as if to clear whatever was bothering him, he wants to push it off a little longer. “So does she have a name?” Darcy smiles holding her weapon again and striking a pose.

“Not yet, little one, We’ll name her together when we finish.”


They practice until the sweat rolling down Darcy’s body has nothing to do with the Sun that has long disappeared. Thor shows her the correct way to hold position her top hand so the cross guard doesn’t chafe her knuckles so badly. He demonstrates a thrust and Darcy copies. He continues it shoulder muscles rippling with each ferocious jab and they repeat it until Darcy finally lets loose and completes the move with all her energy. Thor beams and they move onto perrys. 

Eventually Thor senses her tiring and calls it quits, passing her a bottle of water. Darcy is exhausted and aching in weird places her workouts with Nat don’t touch. It was incredibly difficult and she feels another flare of respect for Sif and her Claymore. 

“You would have made a formidable opponent had you learned as a child” Thor commends. “and will be sooner than I anticipate, no doubt” He winks with a secret smile. Darcy grins back. It was weird to say they bonded thru arms training but she really did feel closer to her giant bestie. 

“Did you like use Mjolnir to make this? Because I feel like that makes me pretty worthy be default. I fully expect a coronation on my first visit” She giggles. Thor barks out a laugh.

“Why wait?” He grabs his cape from where he’d tossed in on the bench and throws it around Darcy’s shoulders. The cape is heavier than she would have guessed and of course is a foot too long for her. It pools around her on the ground but Darcy stands a little straighter beaming up at him. “By the power granted me by this might hammer, I proclaim you, Lady Darcy, Princess of Asgard.” He grabs her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead. His lips linger and Darcy feels his fierce love and his emotional day surrounding her. She wraps as much of her arms around him as she can, keeping him in close. It seems so wrong that such a big guy could tremble in her arms, like a child, but his arms shake with tremors that the work out had pushed off. 

“It’s okay” She says softly. Hot wet tears splash on the top of her head and forehead. “It’s gonna be okay Thor, There’s nothing we can’t fix. It’ll be okay” She mutters gentle reassurances until he’s calmed and finally he pulls back with a watery snotty smile. It was mildly comforting to Darcy that even Thor was an ugly crier. 

“You are surely a blessing I have not earned little one.” He says. “Come let us name your blade” He smiles for real and grabs the hilt and presses it back into Darcy’s hands. She grips it expectantly waiting for instruction. Thor beams at the picture she makes, short, flushed, eager and in under armor gear and his billowing red cape. 

“So how bout Alfred?” She says awkwardly rocking on the balls of her feet. Thor laughs again and clasps his hands on the grip over hers. 

“Do your best to relax.” Thor says and that’s all the warning she has before their hands begin to glow a bright white color and heat flares up her am like she’s touched a car that’s been the hot sun. It’s almost too much to bare when Thor finally releases her and the white light fades to blue and the blue light rescinds into the weapon.  “Loki is not the only son to study with Mother” He smiles. 

Darcy spreads her fingers curiously to find two things. The first is that the dull silver lightning engraved on the grip is now an otherworldly blue and a name has been carved into the blade just above the rain guard, Thor peers at it curiously before beaming at her. 

“Eldr Hjarta ?” Darcy stumbles threw the unfamiliar words. “Fire something right?” She looks up into Thor’s eyes, thumb still rubbing the words. The lightning matches his eyes, she thinks. 

“Fire heart” He agrees. “It is a good name. My first one was called, Byrstr, or thirsty” 

Darcy laughs and the worry she held about Thor softens a little. He’s going to be okay. 

“Come let us spread the news.” He passes her the scabbard and belt. Thor is packing away the other weapons while she fastens the belt and blade to her side. 

“You’ll talk to Jane about whatever happened? and maybe Sam?” She asks. Thor hums noncommittally. “Seriously Thor if you can’t tell those two who can you tell?” 

“You are very wise, sister.” He huffs. “Very well, let us dwell on it no longer. Instead I should like to brag to Anthony that you chose a blade of my fashioning over his.” His smirk is playful and Darcy can’t help but giggle.


They enter the common room and Darcy’s so excited to show off her present she doesn’t really think before she speaks. 

“Bucky look at my sword!” She shouts the second she’s off the elevator pushing her hips  toward his face.Sam must have gone to bed or he’d be laughing at the bewildered owlish look on Bucky’s face. Bucky blinks rapidly at her pelvis for a moment before seeing the actual weapon 

“That certainly would explain a lot about you Lewis.” Tony sniggers from behind his glass. Darcy glowers. 

“As if I would call my hypothetical dick a sword!” She scoffs. “It’d be a Thompson gun” She smirks. Bruce chokes out a laugh and even Tony cracks a smile. 

“I happen to be a weapons expert Doll” Bucky winks with a smile. Darcy pats his head affectionately and beams at Thor..

“So am I Buck, so am I” 


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(( NERVE AU ))

(A/N): I just watched Nerve the other day and got so inspired by this one BTS edit someone posted on Youtube.. I’m really sorry for this angsty shit nobody asked for!

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, drabble, a dystopian world.

Trigger Warnings: Major character death, the use of weapons, explicit language.

Word Count: 1420

Description: “It’s such a tragic, dramatic situation. The Watchers had matched you up with each other and given you challenges that brought the both of you so close together, letting all kinds of sparks fly and hearts swell; they had led you to believe you two were forever before ultimately, the true nature of this terrible game reared its ugly face.

The Watchers had wanted love to blossom, but now they demanded you rip it out by its roots.

It’s cruel because Players like you have no say in the matter– You and Taehyung were presented with only two simple options. Give in, or give up.”

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Before tonight's stream, an incomplete list of absolutely perfect VM quotes from EP86

“You’ve never played boulder, parchment, shears!?”

“Is it drugs?”
“YES IT’S DRUGS! Let’s talk about this in front of everyone I’m training!”

“Taryon Gary Garrington.”
“Wow, he really is an asshole.”

“Man, you should have led with daddy issues.”

“Hey! Now we know he’s an ugly crier!”

“Then she’ll be a made maid Marion!
…. I may be drunk.”

*Dodie writing down the entire script of the ugly crying scene*


“So then, after taxes, eleven thousand.”
“She’s tax exempt!”
“How is she tax exempt?!”
“She’s a baroness.”
“Make it sixteen.”


“Is she your girlfriend?”

“Are you a pirate?”
“She meant that as a compliment.”
“Where do you get your clothes?”


Pairing: Reader X Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Prompt: After Dean goes to Hell for the first time you struggle to get used to him not being around. One night Sam hears you crying from outside the motel room and walks into you sitting on your bed in tears.

Warnings: This is one of my sadder story so I want to put in place a trigger warning - mention of Dean’s death, mention of feeling very alone, some swearing

A/N: Italicized text is a memory 

You sat at the edge of the dirty motel room bed, your head in your hands as you felt the tears well up in your eyes. It had been two weeks since Dean had died. Two weeks since you had heard his raspy voice. Two weeks since you had seen his rare but contagious smile. Two weeks since you had smelled his scent, a strangely satisfying mix of musk, apple pie, and gun powder.

When you had first started to travel with the Winchester’s it was a strictly work situation. Bobby was like a father to you and he threw you with the two brothers knowing that they were in need of an extra set of hands as well as a female to put them in their place. You could still remember the conversation as if it was yesterday.

“I still don’t get why you think I need two partners.” you muttered, tossing your backpack over your shoulder as you glanced out the window at the Impala sitting in the driveway, engine on, two guys around your age in the front seats.

“I don’t think you need partners, I think they need you.” Bobby responded before taking a swig of his beer. 

“You know I don’t like people.”

“I have a feeling you will like these two.” he chuckled, setting his bottle down on the counter and walking over to you. 

“Doubt it.” you mumbled under your breath.

“I’ve known you, Dean, and Sam since you were all kids, take my word on this one.” he smiled before opening the door and waving at the two boys.

Tears began to fall down your cheeks as you recalled the memory. Dean and you had clicked almost immediately from the very moment he heard you humming along to ‘Carry On Wayward Son’ in the backseat of the Impala. 

The two of you could mess with each other and joke around together. You could hunt together without him having to worry about how you were handling yourself. He could turn to you for anything and you could turn to him for anything in return. Whenever he couldn’t talk to Sam he would talk to you. You two just worked.

And then in one night it all changed. The nights you used to spend talking to him were now spent mourning him with tears streaming down your cheeks. Tonight was no exception. 

“(Y/N).” you heard someone speak in a calm voice next to you. 

It was Sam. 

You had been too caught up in your thoughts to have even noticed him open and shut the door. 

“Hey.” you spoke in an attempted nonchalant voice as you brought your hands up to wipe away your tears. Sam watched as you blinked back more tears, your eyes wet and blood shot. You sniffled slightly as he dropped the grocery bag he was holding and sat on the bed next to you.

“I miss him too.” he said after several moments of allowing you to get your composure back. “But we’ll find a way to get him back, I pro-”

“Can you stop fucking saying that.” you muttered, your eyes dropping to the ugly patterned bed spread. You heard Sam swallow hard. “I can’t think about the possibility of him coming back Sam.”

“(Y/N), you have to have hope that we can get him back.” Sam tried to coax but you only shook your head in response. 

“I’ve had the hope for two weeks Sam and if I really want to I can have that hope until I die and see him down in Hell when I get there.” you said, bringing your eyes up to meet Sam’s, a single tear sliding down your cheek. “I can’t keep believing that he’s coming back because-” you paused, sniffling your nose to stop snot from coming out, “-because what if he doesn’t?”

“You can’t think that way.” Sam responded quickly. “We’ll find a way.” 

You let your eyes drop back down to the sheets as the room was plunged into silence. You kept replaying Dean’s smile in your head over and over, so much that you could almost hear his laugh. 

“You know, you never realize how lonely you are until it’s the end of the day and you have a bunch of things to talk about and no one to tell them to.” you whispered, another tear running down your cheek.

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“Dean and I used to sit on the hood of the Impala and talk for hours about our lives and what we thought about anything and everything. We used to sit there and talk about you, Bobby, your dad, my family, everyone.” you sniffled again. “And now that’s gone. And I can’t stay hung up on the hope that he’ll come back because if I do than every night is gonna kill me. Waking up without him in the motel room, sitting in the car and still smelling him but knowing he isn’t there. Hoping that he’s gonna come back just makes me think, okay only a few more days of this and then he’ll be in that motel room or he’ll be in the drivers seat.” you pause, your voice beginning to strain. “But in reality he’s dead. It’s not just a few more days and I can’t wake up every morning thinking that.”

And with that the room was dropped back into silence. But this time only for a brief moment.

“He loved you.” Sam said in a quiet voice. 

You felt a sharp pain in your heart at the three words leaving Sam’s mouth. 

“When you were asleep in the back of the Impala he would always check the rearview mirror to make sure you were still there, not like you would’ve been able to go anywhere.” Sam paused, his own voice straining now. “He always had his eyes on you whenever you weren’t watch as if you would disappear if he looked away. I’ve never seen him like that with anyone.”

The two of you sat in silence for several moments, tears blurring your vision. Finally you couldn’t hold them back anymore as you let the floodgates open. You knew you were an ugly crier but you didn’t care as you openly sobbed in front of Sam who now had his own eyes growing damp. 

“I miss him so much.” you cried out, your hands coming up and covering your face as you leaned forward, Sam’s arms coming around you and pulling you in tightly. You let your tears soak through your fingers and into his shirt as you continued to cry.

You loved him too. And now he was gone. 


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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k (way longer than I expected)

Warnings: angst, heartbreak, teenage love, sacrifice

Prompt: Song fic for Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, set from pre-series to season 5 finale.

Author’s Note: So this is my first ever fanfic, I just was listening to Ed’s album and this though popped into my head so I said to myself, “Fuck it.” I figured other Sam girls may appreciate this so if it’s alright let me know and maybe I’ll write more in the future! I understand this is changing some canon events, so I’m sorry in advance. Thanks for taking the time to read and have a wonderful day!!

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I feel like jared is the kind of guy who does karate and brags about being black belt but he's not good at all, he just kept asking and was annoying so they gave it to him so he brags about it and someone didn't believe he was good so they fought and jared lost and was made fun of so he went home and cried and ate bath bombs and his tears were exploding the bath bombs and then he'd eat them and they explode more but he's an ugly crier so all of the foamy soap was just dripping from his mouth

This escalated very quickly to a place I should have been expecting but wasn’t

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Heavens are so my favorite *^* I have a smol request, how will the Heavens member will cry

Heavens when they cry:

yamato hyuga

  • hulk smash
  • hates to cry, so just gets angry
  • has a lot of built up emotions that eventually spill
  • C H I L L

Eichi Otori

  • dad 
  • doesn’t cry since Heavens look up to him
  • stress at all time high
  • keeps emotions bottled up

van kiryuin

  • ugly crier
  • prefers to be comforted 
  • dramatic af
  • goes to mama Kira to vent

eiji otori

  • sobbing babe
  • puffed out cheeks 
  • pouty face
  • love him pls

shion amakusa

  • sniveling baby
  • hides in closet
  • wrap him in a burrito 
  • protect him

nagi mikado

  • “I’m just emotional, okay?!”
  • sobbing mess
  • borderline tantrum
  • help him

kira sumeragi

  • proud mom
  • emotional eater
  • silent tears
  • doesn’t let anyone see him cry