• Aries: Sporadic crier; sometimes cry for what seems like no reason; always sputter and snot everywhere when they cry, although not a particularly ugly crier; great at cheering others up when they cry; can usually be cheered up themselves pretty quickly after a bout of crying
  • Taurus: Vulnerable crier; usually, all guards are up with taurus, but taurus often uses crying to break their walls down and show their vulnerabilities; can't stop crying once they start and sniffle for a very long time afterwards; need tons of comfort in the form of self-care, comfort food, and someone to coddle them in order to go back to normal
  • Gemini: Rare crier; can usually disconnect themselves from their emotions to prevent crying when they don't want to; can also produce tears when they do; even when they are so upset they can't control their tears, gemini often cries with a smile on their face; always feel humiliated after crying for real and highkey try to downplay it
  • Cancer: Angriest crier of the zodiac; cries because of duress, humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration; loud, hiccupy crying; unintelligible when crying and has to calm down before they can speak again; best at comforting others who are crying and want someone to do the same for them
  • Leo: Excellent at faking sadness for melodrama; great at keeping real tears under control in public and prefer to cry in private because they think it's ugly, but when life really gets to them they burst can out into public, uncontrollable sobbing
  • Virgo: Often cries quietly or silently; hiccups when crying; refuses to be seen crying in public even if it means holding back tears to the point it hurts and excusing themselves from the situation; uses crying to cope with heavy stress
  • Libra: Sensitive, empathetic crier; is usually a pretty composed, albeit snotty crier; can not bear to see others cry and has to comfort them or leave the room; cries more because of other people's problems then their own
  • Scorpio: Even better than leo at faking sadness and using tears as a method of personal gain; real crying is ugly and snotty; often cries due to frustration with the disconnect between themselves and their emotions; very unstable when crying and unintentionally lashes out when anyone attempts to comfort them
  • Sagittarius: Ghost crier; you'd be hard pressed to catch a sag crying; usually cry when in physical pain; emotional pain/stress must be unbelievably high before a sag cries and when they do, they do it for hours in private
  • Capricorn: Private crier; doesn't cry often, but when they do, it's very easy to tell; most prone to getting bloodshot eyes in the zodiac; somewhat quiet crier; almost never cries because of a movie, show, etc
  • Aquarius: Tear-shedder; 99% of the time, they can cry without a single sound, only tears dripping down their face; a very rare, rare 1% of the time, however, they are the loudest, ugliest, least composed criers of the zodiac and can howl into their pillow for hours, and then it doesn't happen again for long, long time; they don't understand people who cry all the time over trivial things, although they themselves have probably cried over their favorite book/movie etc
  • Pisces: Biggest crybaby of the zodiac; cries due to pretty much anything; sessions can last from one or two tears to hours of crying; crying is usually wet and snotty and they go through a million tissue boxes; least prone to getting bloodshot eyes but most prone to have very sensitive eyes all the time; most prone to crying because of movies, tv shows, books, etc; people often don't take them seriously when they cry because it happens so often but pisces ALWAYS have a reason for it (even if they don't know what that reason is themselves)

t-t-time for a couple craig headcanons~

  • craig is an ugly crier, his face gets all red and splotchy and he gets drool and snot everywhere. Partly because he’s an ugly crier, he can’t stand crying in front of anyone.
  • craig has a whole collection of Red Racer merc; he even has a limited edition red racer figurine that is among one of his most prized possessions.
  • between tweek and craig, craig is the most SAPPIEST even though he tries to downplay it. like this boy will send tweek heart emojis 24/7 and is always down to cuddle.
  • craig still plays pokemon go hardcore and is not above waking tweek and the gang up in the dead of night to go hunt for a dratini.
  • all the contacts in craig’s phone are a mesh of emojis and nicknames courtesy of clyde. when asked why he hasn’t changed them, craig just says it’s too much work, but secretly he loves them.
  • when he’s stressed/nervous, craig chews or pulls on the ends of his chullo. tweek thinks it’s kinda gross and insists craig wash his hat regularly.
  • craig has the WORST hat hair out of all the boys, cowlicks galore

“My love,” Loki murmured softly, “you’re going to be fine, you’ll get through this, I know you will.”
“How?” You struggled to ask between sobs, tears rolling down your cheeks in droves and nose plugging. You hated being what felt like an ugly crier, but it didn’t matter, you were too upset to stop..
Loki pulled you tight to his chest, holding you close, “because I have infinite faith in you, you have gone through so much and you will continue to do so, because you are so brave and so strong.”
Leaning into his chilly embrace, face against his chest and just trying to breathe deeply, you nodded. You didn’t believe him, not really, but you appreciated his faith in you. Perhaps if Loki believed it, maybe you could grow to believe it as well.


He was always about fairytales and dragons. You were the only family he had left and you, him. He had often called you a Princess and he the Dragon who guards the tower she was locked in. Smaug: “I suppose there will come a time for the Dragon who loves his friend dearly, will die willingly by the Prince’s mighty sword if it means the life of his friend will be spared. When that day arrives, I pray you will not cry as the Princess did. You’re an ugly crier, really.”

Thorin:‘The Dragon’ is dead. Erebor is under her protection now.”

Gandalf: “You had taken your revenge on the Dragon, you had given your word to spare her life. Your bloodshed ends here.”

Thranduil:Erebor, it is a code to the immeasurable assets that it holds across the world is it not? Very well, I offer you my help - to find the girl - in exchange, you will return what is mine, precious rare gems, known to only a very few, owned by even fewer in this world.”


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How do the 2ps cry?

2P!Denmark|Markel Køhler: Silent tears and a poker face. The only sign to prove Markel is crying are the tears dripping on his cheeks. His expression is unchanged, but his eyes are pooly and red.

2P!Norway|Lokki Losnedahl: Lokki always lets out silent sobs when he’s crying. He bites his lips a lot and tries to muffle his sobbing. He’s far from being an ugly crier, as his tears slowly pull into his eyes before escaping on his cheeks. He rarely cries in front of others.

2P!Iceland|Egil Steilsson: Avoid Egil at all costs! He is an angry crier. He usually simply bursts out in frustration and he is going to cut and shoot everything in a 9 feet radius. He’s not silent, he’s not calm, he just lets all his anger out through his aggressive tears. He’ll probably cut you and then cry in your deep wounds.

2P!Finland|Thurston Väinämöinen: Another guy that cries out of frustration, or after an important loss. Thurston screams a lot when he’s bailing his eyes out, be it out of pain or anger. His vision gets blurry fast and he needs to repeatedly wipe his tears away.

2P!Sweden|Bernard Oxenstierna: Bernard lets all of his sadness out. He’s usually sobbing forcefully and his face becomes quite a mess. His nose starts running and his voice cracks a lot. Ber doesn’t like being seen like this.

I was once told I was an ugly crier, now whenever I cry I cover my face and hide it from everyone.
I was once looked at funny and laughed at because my laugh was too loud and my mouth opened too wide so now whenever I laugh I cover my mouth and look down.
I was bullied about my eyes and how they were “too big” so now I try my hardest not to look at people for too long because I’m afraid they’ll notice.
I’ve been told my forehead is too big so now when I take a picture of myself, I cut it out of the frame.
You don’t realise how much the things people say affect you until you remember the person you used to be. That’s what I hate about this world, people have no trouble telling someone they aren’t good enough.
—  Grow up and let someone laugh the way they want to (M.R)

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about me: married to 17 years to mantu. a bonafide cat lover. aishwarya rai enthusiast. ugly crier. porn blogs and non mutual men do not need to be in my dms.

KkamzjJjHahHz. Abahhahahahaha YOU READ ME WELL 11/10 well done

I like how u got my one tru mantu love involved