• me: makes a mistake
  • someone, inevitably: well you're only human
  • me, aloud: haha
  • me, mentally: god stop fucking reminding me. i could've been a dandelion. a fucking weed w/ no ability to feel any of what i'm feeling rn. eating sunbeams. but, no. i'm this. not a rock. or bird. an ugly, flawed little human


  • Articuno: BEST OF THE BIRDS; STILL UGLY 6/10
  • Moltres: HORRIBLE. CHICKEN IDIOT 1.5/10
  • Mewtwo: he’s alright i guess 7/10
  • Mewtwo (mega X): WEIRDO 4/10
  • Mewtwo (mega Y): LESS WEIRDO. but still 6/10
  • Mew: beautiful. i love you. my babygirl. i love you 9/10


  • Raikou: dog mustache. 2nd best dog 6.5/10
  • Entei: dog mustache. best dog 7.5/10
  • Suicune: no mustache. worst of dogs. prep 5/10
  • Lugia: GOOD bird : ) nice 8/10
  • Ho-Oh: GOOD bird : ) cool 8/10
  • Celebi: MY BABY. my baby boy. i love you. kiss your head 9.5/10


  • Regirock: UGLY 2/10
  • Regice: UGLY 3/10
  • Registeel: SLIGHTLY LESS UGLY. but still 3.5/10 
  • Latias: good. i love her. airplane 7.5/10
  • Latias (mega): why did they do this to you? 4/10
  • Latios: asshole. bitch. be nice like your sister 4/10
  • Latios (mega): somehow even worse 3/10
  • Kyogre: horrible. hate this idiot’s tiny mouth fuck this gen 2/10
  • Kyogre (mega): same but shiny. not any better 2/10
  • Groudon: ugly weirdo. tiny arms. fuckhead 3/10
  • Groudon (mega): same but shiny. still ugly 3/10
  • Rayquaza: barely any better than his two idiot brothers 5/10
  • Rayquaza (mega): cooler. 8/10
  • Jirachi: beautiful. beautiful. child 9/10
  • Deoxys: weirdo 6/10
  • Deoxys (attack): cute 8.5/10
  • Deoxys (defense): ugly 3/10
  • Deoxys (speed): ugly 4/10
The True Fursona Of The Signs
  • ARIES: a blue dragon with big titties and 1,567,842 porn commissions of her
  • TAURUS: an unnervingly realistic-looking reptile. The fursuit is even creepier.
  • GEMINI: a black wolf with RED EYES and a BIG GUN and a BIG DICK
  • CANCER: an unusual animal anthropomorphized in an original and interesting way. Drawn once and never again. The world weeps.
  • LEO: a generic fox who makes fun of "sparkledogs"
  • VIRGO: an "ironic" opossum drawn in an "ugly" style
  • LIBRA: a bird fursona. The lowest of the low.
  • SCORPIO: a dog- no wait, a snow leopard- no, actually a dragon- oh hang on, what about a bat? no,
  • SAGITTARIUS: isn't a furry
  • CAPRICORN: a pink cat who has no personality outside of #aesthetic
  • AQUARIUS: actually has a ponysona who is in love with Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna
  • PISCES: a worm with a hat
psst any ornithologists out there?

rescued this dude from two asshole crows who were trying to (successfully) pull out his tail feathers. he can’t fly and is pretty much tailless at this point. 

i’m planning on driving him to the bird sanctuary tomorrow, does anyone have any tips on what i should do with him for now? i treated the wound and put him in a box, but I don’t have any heaters or lamps to keep him warm. he doesn’t want to eat anything, but overall is doing pretty good so far.


bandlover154  asked:

What would the 104 cadets and the vets reaction to the modern world like planes cars and schools

Mikasa: Cool, I guess
Reiner: SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME. Except school, that sucks lol
Bertholdt: too. much. input. help.
Annie: *__*
Eren: What’s this, what’s this, there’s colors everywhere
Jean: Can’t calm down about how cool everything is
Marco: It’s a bit scary, but surely convenient. 
Sasha: Misses the animals 
Connie: Thinks most of it is sorcery
Historia: Not impressed
Armin: Is amazed how far humanity has evolved, then learns about how fucked up everything is and is more disappointed than amazed
Ymir: Look at those ugly birds!
Levi: Do these people even do anything themselves still?!
Hanji: Do you know this one guy from Avatar with the foam in front of his mouth? Yeah that’d be Hanji
Erwin: Is amazed
Nanaba: Is intimidated
Mike: Not sure how to feel about all that stuff
Moblit: ehhhhhhhhhhhh


While researching possible pterodactyl descendants, me and my sister found the shoebill and let me say it is one of the most beautifully terrifying ugly birds in history.

The other rangers are soon to follow, in the meantime, enjoy Trini:

A Complete Ranking of the Bird Emoji Listed on Emojipedia

decent shape, but over-shaded. eerie, beady eyes that seem to plead for god’s forgiveness. an uncomfortable bird. not a friend. 3/10.

a soft and gentle bird, a good friend and ally. i would trust this bird with my secrets. 8/10.

a bold bird! a hardworking bird! he is trying his best, but alas, he is far too angular. too sharp. i do not want this bird anywhere near me, but i wish him the best. 4/10.

an abomination. it has the attributes of many different birds all stitched together haphazardly in some sort of horrific experiment. how many bird emoji were destroyed to create this godless, misshapen chimera? avoid at all costs. 0/10.

an unpleasant bird, although it is at least recognizable as a type of bird. somehow looks both cartoonish (appropriate for emoji) and as if it were ripped out of a cursed photograph of some sort of clay idol (inappropriate for emoji). approach this bird with caution. 3/10.

not even a bird. i don’t believe the designers at HTC have ever seen a bird. this is some kind of sick joke. i will not be tricked into rating this emoji.

an avian version of the HTC non-bird emoji above, but another unidentifiable bird. i would give him the benefit of the doubt, but he also looks like he’s planning something. a mischievous bird, chaotic neutral. 5/10.

a well-meaning boy burdened by his cursed form and stumpy, useless, strangely spiky wings. his kind heart shines even through his dead eyes. i hate this bird, yet somehow i can’t help but root for him. god’s favorite mistake. 7/10.

ah! already he receives a chance at redemption! but unfortunately, though most aspects of this new body are very cute and a vast improvement (except the oversized head), it lacks the heart of the previous bird. a solid effort, but it falls flat. 4/10.

a return to the pigeon style, but this boy looks far sweeter and more genuine than his cousins. he bears the thousand-yard stare of a bird who has witnessed the abominations before him and has vowed to atone for their crimes. 9/10.

this escher bird seems to be drawn in at least 2 different perspectives at once and is the concept of sin in graphic format. the longer i look at it, the more uncomfortable it makes me. 0/10.

i was beginning to believe it didn’t exist… a bird emoji that is recognizable as an actual bird! unfortunately, this bird is also far too detailed for use as an emoji. i fear that upon shrinking it down it will become a muddled, ugly mess. a bird of duality - successful as a bird, a failure as emoji. 7/10.

“ You could be so much better …”

You could be so much better ,you could be a better person ,being at peace by yourself ,being an whole ,revealing how deep ,emotional ,delicate and lyrical as the man you are,but no ,you keep smashing into pieces your beautiful mind ,the ropes and strings of your heart pouring sliliness into words and actions like a clown ,a lost soul with nothing more to lose ….

You could be so much better ,you could be the Poet with kindness in your heart ,be wise and greatful  about your state as a human ,but no ,you keep enjoying  displaying the most awful roots and egocentric manners of someone who still wants to get back his youth  by wandering and rambling across garbage mingled words of others ,stealing the other’s lives ,calling attention to youself…

You could be so much better ,you could be the reason of other’s delight by showing your side of light instead of a rotten old prey bird searching to a place by pouring your ego trying to catch all that is gone ,trying to overcome opinions ,invading spaces those arent yours nor will never be ….

You could be so much better ,you could be ,a simply and powerful reason by using your inteligence in the benefit of others with small deeds , full of significance ,but no ,instead you prefer to waste your precious life by selling ,by trading ,my hurting yourself among a crowd which is fading away and you are the only one who can not see …

You  could be so much beter,you could reach out the control of your vessel ,being an anchor ,resting in peace with your conscience but you prefer calling yourself unspeakable and dirty names spoiling the true meaning of you ….

You could be so much better, if you looked  youself in the mirror and accept that you cant achieve what is gone ,what you had made wrong ,what led you to your insanity …now, you are like a swan in the pond staring the mist of your future ,shallow ,empty, getting lost ,alone ,screaming as  a dying creature but look at yourself ,you are merely a shadow of what you once were…

You could be so much better ,not because i have a meaning or i ever saved you ,no, i was all along watching you drowing and i could not be held by you to the bottom  of the pond and yet,  im sad and my sorrow ,is only for seeing you’r drowing more and more and my hand is not the hand you want to held  you back  nevertheless in that misery with your ridiculous behavior, i know there  is still goodness in you …

You could be so much better ,not because im  better than you or nor because  im the owner of the truth or  owner of the reason but because you have lost yourself to another side of the pond’s bank, you merged deeper and one day you will not see the difference between the reality and your foolish ideals of being grandeur….

Im so sorry for you because you could be so much better and leave a mark in this insane world as a reminder of beauty   but the more you merge  i realize you will be sooner or later only an ugly mere bird who got lost because could not fix the map of his existence…

You could be so much better ,i think now it is too late …you are broken and from that journey that you insisted on doing you will never return…

and i weep for you …

30 Day Pokedraw Challenge

Day 1: Your favourite Eeveelution

Day 2: Your favourite legendary Pokemon

Day 3: Your favourite genderless Pokemon

Day 4: A fossil Pokemon

Day 5: Your favourite starter Pokemon

Day 6: A shiny Pokemon

Day 7: A quick 5 minute sketch or a speed painted Pokemon

Day 8: A Pokemon using an electric attack

Day 9: A pokemon battle scene

Day 10: Porygon/Porygon-2/Porygon-Z

Day 11: Dark type Pokemon

Day 12: Dual type Pokemon

Day 13: Mew and Mewtwo

Day 14: Hawlucha

Day 15: Favourite pairing

Day 16: Bulbasaur

Day 17: Your favourite Pokemon

Day 18: Ugly Pokemon

Day 19: Bird Pokemon

Day 20: Favourite dragon type

Day 21: Pick a fighting type

Day 22: Pick an underrated Pokemon

Day 23: Your least favorite Pokemon

Day 24: Fire type

Day 25: Water type

Day 26: Grass type

Day 27: Ice type

Day 28: Raichu

Day 29: Any Pokemon

Day 30: Draw a Fakemon!

If you use this please tag your drawings as #Pokedraw so I can see what you’ve drawn!

artiowyvern  asked:

So Yoongi is a siren, does it mean he have a tail ? 🙃

i based yoongis siren off of the greek mythology so his “true” form is the ugly bird human  

sadly in this au the mythological creatures are all watered down and only ever appear human (aside from shapeshifters) so we will never get to see yoongi in his ugly bird form :(