Lannister!reader x Jaime...

((Just for the purpose of this one shot, Jaime was released from the Kingsguard after Robert’s Rebellion and retook his place as Tywin’s heir. I did my best to stick to your exact request. I hope you like it!))

Word Count: 2,162

Warning: Some Smut. Definitely. I suppose cousin incest.

You were born to Ser Kevan Lannister and Lady Dorna Swyft and were raised in the halls of Casterly Rock right alongside your cousins, Jaime and Cersei. You were beautiful, as all Lannisters are, and you had a bit of wit and spunk as well. Growing up, you had the typical look of a Lannister and was often compared to Cersei.

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Headcanon: Levi secretly enjoys Erens presence. Eren doesn't know bc he is dense as fuc. He likes how eren is such an ugly ass bastard because he can then relate to him on a spiritual level like 'guess what. Were both ugly af... So Lets have hawt smecks ;))))))))))))'


Small progress but, progress nonetheless. Finally got the hands sorted out, started shading the drake skull and experimenting a bit with mixing the highlight color, which if you can believe it, will be the first green paint applied to this guy. I am really loving working on this ugly bastard, ‘es quite the fun guy.

Blue Ivy and North West are the perfect example of how black girls are not allowed to just be themselves. Even before birth, people have been calling Blue ugly and now white gays saying she look like a man. Black men fetishizing North and using her as a reason from why they want babies with non-black women. Little black girls can’t even breathe without you ugly worthless bastards demonizing and degrading them.

  • Junkrat: Do you know how many girls there are in the world?
  • Roadhog: Yeah, about three billion.
  • Junkrat: Do you know how many of them I’ve slept with?
  • Roadhog: Yep.
  • Junkrat: None.
  • Roadhog: Yeah, I know.
  • Junkrat: I mean, statistically that’s really quite phenomenal, isn’t it?
  • Roadhog: Not for an ugly bastard like you it isn’t.
  • Junkrat: I wonder what sort of great girl would suit me?
  • Roadhog: Blind one. Well, blind deaf masochist really
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How would the companions react to a sole who's very self-conscious about their smile because they have a tooth gap? Like they cover their mouth every time they smile, won't show their teeth etc? (By the way I'm hella excited to see your blog grow! You've got a unique style dude!)

First off, I love this ask so much. Second, thank you so much I’m so excited to expand and improve!

Cait: Cait isn’t great at picking up on these sorts of things, but the fact that Sole is so frequent in attempting to conceal their teeth, she would eventually notice. “Hidin’ yer’ teeth?” She would honestly be a bit dumbfounded by Sole’s insecurity, after all, they probably had the healthiest smile in the Commonwealth. “You may have got a gap, but at least ya’ ain’t missin’ any teeth!” She would joke around quite aggressively with Sole and while it wasn’t exactly the best reaction, Sole appreciated the effort. 

Curie: Curie would probably be a little confused as to why Sole was self-conscious about something of the sort. To be fair however, Curie found it to be adorable and she was absolutely intrigued by such small differences that occurred in humans. “Madame/Monsieur Sole, why do you try to hide such small things? Especially when they are considered, how do you say- cute?” Sole would be absolutely flattered by Curie’s comment, and it actually helped them a little with the insecurity. After that, Sole began smiling around Curie a bit more often.  

Danse: Behaviors such as these truly irked Danse, he felt that they were foolish and insignificant. However, he was actually much more understanding of it only because it was Sole who felt such an insecurity. “Soldier, you have much more important things to be concerning yourself with. Regardless, it doesn’t look bad. In fact, it suits you.” Danse was honestly quite terrible with being supportive, the Brotherhood had molded him into an overly abrasive man who concealed his true emotions, but Sole had come along and taught him to be just a tad more sensitive. He figured this was paying them back for that.

Deacon: “Boss, if you keep on hiding it like that we won’t match!” Deacon would flash a bright smile, showing off a tooth gap of his own. After that, he’d give a huff and pretend to be offended. Why would Sole not want to match with their best bud? Sole would end up laughing as per usual, and from that point on, the two of them would go out of their way to show themselves off. 

Hancock: “Sunshine.” He’d drawl, displaying his own ghastly grin. “You’re really gonna’ put yourself down about looks when you’re around this ugly bastard?” His reply was a bit insensitive, but he meant it. The ghoul was truly dumbfounded by the fact that Sole ever felt down about their looks. In his ever so humble opinion, Sole was hands down one of the most attractive people in the Commonwealth, if not the most attractive“C’mon Sole, we both know how good you look.” He’d give them a soft smile, one hand cupping the other’s cheek. “In fact, it’s my expert opinion that you’re the best looking in the Commonwealth.” Boy, Hancock always knew how to make Sole feel better about themselves. 

MacCready: “Wait, you’re kidding me right?” He’d give Sole a confused yet blank stare. “You have to be kidding, Sole.” It wasn’t any secret that Mac had horrible teeth. After all, the man grew up with no dental hygiene and his meals mostly consisted of candy and soda. “You’ve got that tiny gap and you’re feelin’ bad? C’mon, I’ve got a crooked yellow mess for teeth. You look fine, boss. Don’t sweat it.” He have Sole a gnarly smile, laughing a bit. Sole didn’t like it when Mac put himself down, but he had a point and it made Sole feel less insecure about their smile.

Nick: “Awe kid, I know how it is to not like something about yourself. I mean hell, just look at me.” He gave Sole a fatherly sort of frown, which soon curved into his trademark grin. “Ya’ look great, kid. Don’t put yourself down. And if you ever feel bad about your smile, just remember I’ve got a bunch of rusted metal for a grin.” He gripped Sole’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Really, if you ever feel bad about anything, just think of me.” 

Piper: In truth, Piper felt the same way about her own smile. Diamond city somehow had a reconstructive surgeon, but not a dentist. That was something that Piper thought about a lot, and it didn’t exactly help her cope with her insecurities. “Blue, don’t feel bad. You’ve got a great smile!” Piper would never admit to her own insecurity, and she definitely wouldn’t admit that she was jealous of Sole’s smile. That truly made Sole feel better, Piper was great at cheering them up.

Preston: Preston couldn’t exactly relate this sort of insecurity, he had a great smile after all. Well, for someone who grew up in the Commonwealth that is. However, Preston always tried his absolute best to comfort Sole. “Chin up, General. You’ve got a great smile.” Preston gave Sole a sweet grin, patting them on the arm. Preston’s killer smile didn’t help them, but his genuine compassion sure did.

X6-88: Truly, this was absolutely irrelevant X6. He didn’t understand why Sole would get caught up in something so ridiculous. “Sir/Ma’am don’t trouble yourself with such things. They’re not issues you need to concern yourself with. Such worries are trivial.” Sole knew X6 only meant to help them, in his own way that is.  

(I’m horrible at writing X6, can you tell?)


Seeing the hilarious How-Old thing done for Hera and Ezra recently, I thought ‘Hey, why not do the Imps in all their corrupt glory!?

For some reason, Tarkin’s face didn’t register from a number of pictures selected. How-Old must have thought that he was one ugly-arse bastard that his face broke the system. XD

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

Harry’s first Quidditch game as seen by Lily and James

*Flint fouls Harry*

Lily: That ugly bastard. Did you see how he’s trying to throw Harry off of his broom?

James: *proudly* Quidditch is a tough game and he’s pretty good at dealing with it.

*match goes on as normally as it could since it is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin until Harry loses control of his broom*

Lily: James what’s going on with his broom? There’s something wrong, he’s going to fall off, why is no one doING SOMETHING?

James: Someone is jinxing it. Look at Snivellus and Quirrell, one of them is jinxing while the other is trying to stop it and I have no idea which one is which but I have a hunch.

Lily: James, don’t be an ass.

James: I am not, I just know how Snape treats him so why would he try and protect him right now? I am just stating the facts. What’s Hermione trying to do? *laughs loudly* DID SHE JUST SET SNIVELLUS ON FIRE? I LOVE THIS GIRL.

Lily: *apparent relief in her voice* Never mind that right now, Harry got back on his broom. 

*They watch silently until Harry spots the Snitch*

James: *suddenly starts shouting, Lily jumps* Come on Harry, come on now. Almost there

Lily: Merlin’s beard James, calm down a little, you scared me.

*Harry swallows the Snitch*

Lily: Umm, James, did he just.. did he just swallow the Snitch?

James: *unsure and confused* Yeah, I– I think so Lils. Oh god, he’s going to be sick.

*Harry throws up the snitch, Gryffindor wins. Lily takes a calculated step back as James starts to throw punches in the air*

James: THAT’S.MY.BOY. Lily they WON.

Lily: I am fully aware of that, I watched you play, too. *sarcastically* I know the rules a little bit.

James: I’m sorry but he won his first game ever as a Seeker even though his broom was jinxed, this child is going to be a legend.

Lily: He already is, love.

James: *chuckles* Oh yeah, forgot about that.

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