ugly truth

Although it was the toughest thing, you were exactly what I needed. You were a lifetime of lessons in one human being. A single person to teach me all the different kinds of betrayal people can give a person. Like one gun with so many bullets

And I was meant to survive you

—  WritingsbyAN
  • Hermione: If you think we're going to finish what we started at the Yule Ball, You are out of your mind. You lost your chance.
  • Draco: Oh, c'mon, I never had a chance with you.
  • Hermione: You're right. I had a momentary lapse in judgement when I thought you were more than you are, but you aren't. Clearly.
  • Draco: Oh, yeah? Well what does that mean?
  • Hermione: [mockingly] I'm Draco Malfoy. I like girls in Jello. I like to fuck like a monkey. Don't fall in love. It's scary.
  • Draco: Yeah, it is scary. It's terrifying. Especially when I'm in love with a psycho like you.
  • Hermione: I am not a psycho!
  • Draco: I just told you that I loved you and all you heard was "psycho." Well you're the definition of neurotic.
  • Hermione: No! The definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive acts, and, and physical ailments without any objective evidence of...
  • Draco: Shut up! Yet again I just told you I'm in love with you and you're standing here giving me a vocabulary lesson.
  • Hermione: You're in love with me. Why?
  • Draco: Beats the shit out of me, but I am.
  • [she leans over and kisses him]
I’ve noticed that sometimes people hold a grudge just to hold something. Because to not hold something would mean to be empty handed. And sometimes being empty handed feels so much worse
—  WritingsbyAN