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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.


Animation Tutorial 1! GODDAMN YOU WALK CYCLES

So I’ve been thinking about making animation tutorials, and voilá!

DISCLAIMER: I’m a human animation student, therefore still learning individual. What I teach in these things is subjective to what works for ME. Also, I’m sorry about the ugly drawings, but i hate flash for drawing, and I can’t animate in photoshop for my life.

Animation dudes and dudettes, let me introduce to you one of the most hated yet necessary movements: WALK CYCLES.

The reason as to why they’re so complicated is the fact that there’s a whole bunch of things happening at once, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So first let’s separate these one by one:

- Pelvis

- Head & Torso

- Legs

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll exclude arms for now.

Together they form Captain Planet a Walk Cycle

But Pencilwing! How the fuck am I supposed to draw that?

Great question proverbial reader!

For a basic walk cycle you really just need 4 frames (some people say 3 but fuck ‘em).


Your starting point. Since it’s the widest pose in a walk cycle, not only is it necesary, but also the easiest to start with. You’ll build the rest of the walk cycle from this.


Next you’ll draw the lowest pose. As the body hits the ground from the previous step, it’ll coil on itself. The foot making contact with the ground is firmly set, and the knee is bent. The back foot peels off the ground, knee also bent. The torso, head and pelvis all go down.


Our next contestant is the highest pose (I know, crazy right?). The leg set on the ground is completely straight, lifting the whole body with it. There’s a vertical movement to this frame, and it’s what gives walking that “bobbing” feel. Exagerate as needed, depending character and situation.


This is the one which some people consider optional in a core walk cycle. It’s basically an inbetween from pose three to pose one (inverted, ill talk about this in a moment). It’s function is to unify the whole walk cycle, but it’s not just an inbetween- the back foot prepares to land, and the front one is just about to peel off the ground, but remains firmly on it.

But Pencilwing! Where’s the other step?

Jesus christ, don’t you ever shut up? The other step is basically the same 4 drawing, but inverting which limb is doing what.

So if this is how the first frame looks:

The fifth frame looks like thiiiiiiiis:

And so on with the rest of it.

There! You know how to walk cycle! Bear in mind that these drawings are quads, meaning that in a 24 fps animation, each image would last 4 frames. Inbetweening is necessary to smoothen it out, and making it look decent, but this is the basic gist of it.


Since you really just append them to the rest of the animation, unless they’re super vital in the movement specific to your character, I skipped them over. But since you’ll more often then not animate characters which are proud owners of arms, here’s a slowed down gif so you can see what’s going on.

I’ll cover them more in detail in a tutorial about secondary movement, but that’s for da FUTUREEEEEEE (So like, comment and subscribe, you mindless sheeple).

Hope this was exhausting to read helpful!

Happy 1 year anniversary to my blog Dangerous-Stain-Builds!

I’ve learned a lot about sims, building, Photoshop, photography, and even myself this past year. Looking back on my houses its hard to not feel embarrassed about about how bad some were, or how ugly the screenshots look, or all the mistakes I uploaded some houses with. It’s hard to learn to deal with mistakes from the past, and to accept the fact that getting better at things will make old projects look worse BUT THAT’S OK. In the end these are good problems to have, and it’s good to look at old work to see how far you’ve come in your journey, whatever it may be. 

The point is to not give up, but to also remember where you started - and we all started with 0 followers. 

Current follower count - 1,667


Aedion took up his place flanking her, shoulders back and head high, already her protector and warrior.

“My only wish is to see her again. Just once, if that’s all the  gods will allow me. If they grant me more time than that, then I’ll thank them every damn day of my life.”

↳ for nymphdoras. happy birthday scarlett!

Got a little time to myself and thought I’d design something that I could model and possibly rig later for practice. I figure it’s time to come clean. I’m making a game (No surprise there, really). Just a small fan game to put in my bucket o’ things to flaunt when I graduate, It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be headache-inducing, and it’s going to be ugly until it’s not anymore. And I am doing this 100% ALONE, so it’s not going to be a fast project either. But luckily I have a year until I get my degree to get this right. 

ninestreet  asked:

hey there!! love your blog and your art. how do u make your lines so clean and nice? im getting into digital art now (only did traditional for a long time) and my lines are a mess. i try to have a steadier hand, choose the smooth line option, but they still are ugly ;-;. is it like, a software thing or a getting used to digital art thing? thx and never stop drawing!!

hi friend thanks for the asssk and the nice compliments ;o;

ill do my best to explain straight lines, the boring answer is to practice a lot
the other answer is if you use photoshop, work big
photoshop lines can be cheesed if you work quite large and make ur lines close-up

on sai i just dial up the smoothing to help out cus im the laziest, but i think the most important thing is to be “sure” about your lines, like making one quick stroke where you can instead of sort of making each line with a bunch of sketchy motions

 I try to make my lines very quickly and add weight to them and define areas later.. it means i ctrl-z a lot, but i think it helps make everything real smoov cus each line is made with one wrist movement



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Lix, I wish all you the best and I hope you had an amazing birthday!. And I’m so sorry for the delay x’D. You deserve to be the happiest person in the galaxy!. Oh well, I don’t know what to say hahaha. I am not good with words, so I just leave you this awful and shitty present for you hahaha. It’s really ugly but I was going to make something better when my laptop cracked and my skills with photoshop suck lol. I know it’s just a little thing but I know you really love Squinoa <3. 

🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉 🎂🎉🎂


Is anyone else having problems with theyre gifs looking like absolute garbage on mobile but fine everywhere else? I’m making them the same way I’ve always had and I’ve tried different things to see what it might be but no matter what they still look so pixelated and ugly on tumblr mobile only.


get to know me meme [1/10 shows]: Glee (2009-2015)

“It takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is, but as it should be. A world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. Glee is about imagining a world like that, and finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That’s what glee club is. And for the longest time, I thought that was silly. And now, I think it’s just about the bravest thing that anyone could do.”

snapsnap-mofo  asked:

hello, question, question! if you have the time only! i'm new to this whole digital art thing, so can you show me how to give your court of owls AU thing that screencap appeal?

Hi hi, I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly so I’m going to show how I do mines :0

First of all, I used a 2560x1600 canvas (then I just adjust the size if it’s too big or too little). Most of the time, I choose the size of the bar with my eyes, I don’t really how I should do it. I look up real screenshots for reference too. Don’t forget to keep the black bars as the highest at all times

Then I just sketch it,

Imagine yourself as the director of a film. How would you film this scene if your character was an actor and you had all of the things needed for your scene? 

Here comes the lining part. I call it the torture session. 

The smoother it is, the better. Keep your line as simple as possible. You can cheat it a bit thanks to sai with the vector tools. (There’s a vector tool on photoshop but I never got the hang of it.) The thing that I like about Sai is that you can fix the edge of your vector line in post like that

Normally animation lines aren’t “slimmed out”(???) but I like to do that. It’s up to you if you want all the way through the screencap effect. 

 The I drew my ugly background

I’ve been taught to lay all the base colors first but I do it element by element, I don’t know why. 

I generally start with the skin

(Make sure that your lines are closed so you can select the zone to colour and don’t forget the little pixels forgotten by your selection tool. Check on the edges and corners)

Shading time, I generally don’t use more than two shades. You can limit the shade with your vector tool and then fill the gap. I think it gives a more authentic look, i don’t know why.

Important, it’s better to do each step on different layers and don’t be a lazy ass like me and name them. A clipping layer/group/mask(whatever) is always useful when you want to shade something. 


Add some simple effects now for example for the hair I added some highlight under the shadding layer and used the skin tone over it all to smoother it

Add some more effects, play with the layers settings

The last effects are done with photoshop. After I fixed the colors of the character so it doesn’t stand out too much compared to the background. I blur everything and add some light effects like some black around the canvas and the character. The background must be more blurry than the character. 

Try to see what could be fixed to add some drama (or not) to the picture. Last but not least add subtitles if needed. I used the Verdana font with a white subtitles and black contouring. Use Yellow if it’s not visible enough. I don’t really know what size to pick so meh just let see how it looks.


That should be enough. Last little check out to make sure that everything is alright and add some more effects and you’re done

I saved it as png but apparently jpeg can give an even more authentic look. I have absolutely nooo idea, and see how it looks for you. 

A LOOOONG time ago, when I used to do this more frequently with naruto oc’s, I did a little video showing how I did this kind of stuff, there’s not even any music, and since it was for a collab the background wasn’t even made by me. I’m not super proud of it but here you go 

Anyway, I hope it helped. you can still come to me if you have more questions. There are a lot of videos better than mine on youtube, maybe you’ll find better things than what I could offer you.And most of all, have fun! :D

anonymous asked:

i love your art! may i know what brushes or brush settings do you use?

Thank you anon!

I get asked about my brush settings occasionally but below is what I usually use. (Ah note everything I’m about to describe is for Photoshop!!)

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♥ ~ Smooch ~ ♥

I’ve been on a roll with making graphics every day for these last two-ish weeks, but I decided to put that streak aside to do something a little different today. I’ve been wanting to try those “redraw screencap” things for a while, and have really been wanting to try coloring / shading in photoshop for over a year now (never found the time) so doing this was a good way to kill two birds with one stone… sort of.

Except I’m not really an artist (not a good freehand one anyway), so the crappy, ugly, hastily drawn lines are more or less a direct trace from the actual cap. That aside, I’m quiet pleased with the coloring, since it’s my first time trying something like this out, so maybe in a few months next time I’ll try drawing something of my own. :)

seokkshine  asked:

hi there! i like your art ! what drawing tablet and software do you reccommend for a beginning artist? :)

Hello to you too! 8D Thank you so much for liking my art! <3 I don’t really have other tablets except for a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Graphic Tablet Model Number CTL-460 which is this one: 

For beginners, I’d say go with a small tablet. It’s pretty easy to carry around and it’s not bulky so that’s a good thing! This one’s pretty small just perfect for fanarts, unless you plan to go with something more pro then there goes the Cintiq for you which I also dream to own–one day hopefully. 

For a program, it depends on what more you like but as for me, I find Photoshop easier to use compared to the rest because I’ve been using it ever since and it was the first one I was exposed to. I’ve tried SAI (which I have failed miserably to understand I’m sorry, I wanted to try the water color effect coloring but I was too stupid to figure out HOW) and even Corel Draw (which was nice because no matter how ugly I drew it fixed my lines :))) Most artist prefer SAI though for some reason, but personally it’s love at first use with Photoshop. Use Illustrator is you’re more into vectors, I’ve tried that too, quite fun but drawing there (like I do with my fanarts) I found it a bit difficult.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t that helpful but that’s how I started. :D Practice doesn’t make things perfect (no such thing really no matter how pretty an art is there will always be imperfections), it just makes it better. ;)

anonymous asked:

Nope sorry I'm ugly

Anon, I have to disagree. First of all, ugliness is entirely subjective. Secondly, cute isn’t all about appearance. Cute is about personality and quirks and the way you are with your friends and the things that make you excited. Cute is a way of being. Cute is what happens when you laugh. Everyone has a different way of being cute. Some people are cute in pretty ways, sure, but some people are cute because of weird things or unique things. Some people are cute because they’re sarcastic fucks. Some people are cute because they can take a totally creepy image and Photoshop a hat on it and find humor in that. Some people are cute because they’re very genuine in their reactions.

For instance, one of my friends covers her face with her hands and pretty much falls over whenever someone compliments her. This isn’t cute because she seems bashful; it’s cute because the compliment brings out an uninhibited reaction that reveals who she is when she isn’t consciously monitoring her behavior.

My boyfriend is cute in the mornings because he turns into this totally incompetent person and scrunches up his face like getting out of bed is the most impossible thing in the world. It’s annoying, but it’s also cute because the extent to which he loathes getting out of bed is funny and makes me laugh. (After an hour, though, it definitely stops being cute.)

My friend Adriel is cute because he does this thing where he pulls his hoodie sleeves over his hands and straightens his arms and holds them at an angle and kind of flaps them like a penguin, and I don’t know anyone else in real life who does that.

My friend Andrew is cute because he’s totally cynical and criticizes things like crowds and party girls and classmates of his, but he takes good care of the people he likes, like his girlfriend Lizz, who is also cute because she loves cats to a ridiculous degree and meows when there’s a lull in conversation but turns into a totally ruthless badass when someone crosses her (even though she’s the shortest person in our group of friends).

Some people I know are cute just because of the way they laugh, or because they have an interesting voice. Giraffepoliceforce is a very cute person because he constantly spreads positivity and loves ice cream as much as I do (which is extremely impressive) and has a really unique and intelligent sense of humor and he’s very good at articulately dismantling negative attitudes.

My friend Hayley is cute because she takes delight in some of the most vulgar things, like weird, hilariously what-the-fuck porn, and has no shame it admitting that she finds it funny. I think that’s really awesome.

Basically, cute may be about how things look, but it’s much more about who you are and what makes you unique. I mean, it’s not like I get to see anyone’s actual appearances that much. People on Tumblr are cute because they rarely rely on their appearances when they interact with other people on here; they express themselves through the things they like and the way they talk and the things they find funny. It’s much cuter when people share their personalities.