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I love how you said Empty Graves would probably be pretty niche, and now it's the most popular of your fics on ao3 by hits and kudos. (This is not meant to be passive aggressive. I really love it.)

I significantly underestimated the appeal of making Martha Kent a backwoods bitch with a shotgun

The Great 146 Romance Tropes Aesthetic challenge

Dear Shipper who runs a whole blog dedicated to your fave OTP I challenge you to make 146 aesthetics of one specific ship before the year is over. Here are the 146 most popular romance tropes of all time. Can your OTP pull off all of them? That remains to be seen

1. abduction to love

2. accidental pregnancy

3. afraid to commit

4. all grown up

5. amnesia

6. antihero romance

7. arranged marriage

8. athlete

9. bait and switch

10. beauty and the beast

11. best friend’s lover

12. best friend’s sibling

13. best friends/ friends first

14. billionaire

15. blackmail

16. blind date

17. bodyguard crush

18. boss/employee

19. boy hates girl

20. boy meets ghoul

21. boy meets girl

22. break his heart to save him

23. brother’s best friend

24. bully turned puppy lover

25. can’t live with them, can’t live without them

26. celebrity loves commoner

27. celibate hero

28. childhood enemies fall in love

29. childhood friends

30. childhood marriage promise

31. Cinderella story/wrong side of the tracks

32. classes clash

33. clueless love

34. consanguinity

35. crazy love

36. Cyrano/matchmaker

37. damaged lead finds happily ever after

38. dark secret keeps them apart

39. different worlds

40. disguise

41. enemies to lovers

42. everyone can see it

43. fairytale

44. fake engagement

45. fatal attraction

46. first love

47. fish out of water

48. fling

49. forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet

50. friends with benefits

51. girl wants bad boy

52. guardian/ward

53. guy wants cheerleader

54. huge guy, tiny girl

55. if I can’t have you, no one will!

56. imaginary love triangle

57. impotent love

58. innocent cohabitation

59. instant/false sweethearts

60. it happened in Vegas

61. jilted bride/groom

62. law enforcement

63. long distance relationship

64. long-term lovers

65. love at first sight

66. love interest has a profession protagonist abhors

67. love interest reminds of estranged family member

68. love potion

69. love reforms villain

70. love triangle

71. love/hate

72. lovers in denial/ they’re the last to know

73. mad love

74. maid/janitor

75. mail-order bride

76. marriage of convenience

77. men in uniform

78. mistaken declaration of love leads to love

79. mistaken identity

80. noble rescuer steps in

81. nobody thinks it will work

82. not good enough for him/her

83. oblivious to love

84. older man, younger woman

85. on the rocks

86. one night stand

87. one wants true love/other wants a fling

88. oops! fall in love with the wrong person (which could ruin everything!)

89. opposites attract

90. orphan

91. overly shy love

92. parent/childcare worker

93. partners in crime

94. passionate lovers

95. Plain Jane get the hottie

96. playboy

97. politics

98. pretending to be married or engaged

99. protector

100. redemption

101. rejected as unworthy/ turns life around

102. reluctant sex worker

103. removing the rival

104. rescue romance

105. return to hometown

106. reunion romance

107. revenge

108. rich man, poor woman/ rich woman, poor man

109. rivals/ protagonist vs. antagonist

110. road trip romance

111. rock star hero

112. royalty

113. runaway bride/groom

114. scars from the past

115. second chance at love

116. second time around

117. secret admirer

118. secret baby- He doesn’t know she’s PG

119. secret that can end everything

120. sibling triangle

121. sibling’s ex-spouse

122. similarities attract

123. sleeps with everyone but you

124. sorry, I’m taken

125. stranded together

126. student/teacher

127. sudden parent

128. the one that got away

129. time travel

130. tortured hero(ine)

131. tragic love affair

132. tragic past

133. two-person love triangle (involves some mistaken identity) ex: superman

134. ugly duckling

135. unobtainable love interest/ one-sided

136. unrequited love

137. unrequited-love-switcheroo love triangle

138. unwanted harem

139. virginal/innocent

140. wallflower noticed by the rake

141. was it all a lie? (undercover love)

142. widow(er)

143. (wo)man in peril

144. working with the ex

145. workplace romance

146. She’s dating Mr. Wrong

The challenge is simple, chose a trope, make an aesthetic, tag it #146RTCH and share your genius with others. good luck guys!

Supergir’s Superman straight up threw a humanoid alien out of a window, essentially killing him, then made a quip about it, so I don’t wanna hear how he’s a better Superman than the one in the dceu. You can like or hate either or both, but never again will I hear one more thing about how he’s “your Superman” if y’all don’t condemn his flippant actions after condemning MoS’s Clark’s (less flippant, more sorrowful) ones.  

Above: Have you ever had one of those dreams that you turn up to school and your lead suit turns to transparent glass? 

 The Chronological Superman 1959:
Although there are a few important landmarks in the comics, such as Supergirl’s debut (In Action Comics vol.1 No.252, May 1959), it’s the real world where the changes that most affect Superman’s course are taking place.

George Reeves, TV’s Superman and the walking, talking, breathing and smirking Man of Steel to an entire generation of kids, takes his own life on June 16, 1959. The impact this has on an entire generation and their parents cannot be overstated. Keep in mind that the parents of many of the kids who were addicted to the Superman TV show had, themselves, grown up listening to the adventures of Superman on radio or reading his comic book adventures.  Attempting to resolve, both intellectually and emotionally, the sad death of an invulnerable superhero may have had much to do with the increasingly lurid and complicated conspiracy theories which surrounded his passing, as it tends to do with any towering figure in the public consciousness who has died well before their time.

Meanwhile, Jerry Siegel very quietly returns to the offices at National Periodical. Obviously, his name wasn’t returned to the masthead – creators still weren’t credited at DC Comics in 1959 – and it would have been additionally unthinkable for Jack Liebowitz to give an inch to the man with whom he’d so often and so bitterly quarreled.

Siegel’s return to DC tends to be portrayed as a humbling event, with Jerry returning, tail between his legs, whipped into submission. Siegel’s simmering anger expressed in many late Seventies’ interviews reinforce the idea, but the fact was that Siegel had – from the start – a contentious and complicated relationship with Liebowitz (who was, at this time, more involved with the acquisition of distribution networks than the day-to-day running of the comic books). More than likely, Siegel was stung but no unhappier with this arrangement than he was with the original arrangement, and he was back doing what he was meant to do. Besides, resentful or not, he was going to leave his mark once again on the character he co-created.

Meanwhile, on the printed page…

Supergirl does indeed debut in May (stealing the thunder of Metallo’s non-comic strip debut in the same issue), and promptly settles into a recurring series in the back pages of Action Comics. Previous stabs at giving the Man of Steel a youthful sidekick were always handled tentatively, but the Girl of Steel is more-or-less locked in from the start (Even if the editorial team left themselves a way out by having Superman deposit his cousin at a rural, out-of-the-way orphanage. Had she failed to catch on, she would’ve probably been left there without any further explanation).

Making the rounds, Supergirl meets Krypto in Action Comics vol.1 No.258 (Nov 1959), Jimmy in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.40 (Oct 1959) and picks up her own snooping love interest, Dick Wilson, in Action Comics vol.1 No.256 (Sep 1959). Meanwhile, Superboy meets Oliver Queen in Adventure Comics vol 1No.258 (Mar 1959), Lois Lane again in Adventure Comics vol 1 No.261 (Jun 1959), and has a bittersweet run-in with the Legion of Super-Heroes when they make their second-ever appearance in Adventure Comics vol 1 No.267 (Dec 1959).

This year seems to start the trend of explaining away every little question about how Superman’s powers and accoutrements work. Readers learn the secret of his X-ray-impervious glasses in Superboy vol.1 No 70 (Jan 1959), are introduced to the complexities of having un-cuttable hair in Superboy vol.1 No 76 (Oct 1959). These kinds of stories will become a big part of the Silver Age.

Luthor appears fairly frequently, including as “Kryptonite Man” in Action Comics vol.1 No.249 (Feb 1959). He also shows up in Action Comics vol.1 No.257 (Oct 1959), Action Comics vol.1 No.259 (Dec  1959), and World’s Finest Comics vol.1 No.100 (Mar 1959), in which Brainiac also makes an appearance by way of a flashback. Luthor also appears in World’s Finest Comics vol.1 No.104 (Sept 1959)

Bizarro crosses over to Superman’s world in Action Comics vol.1 No.254 (Jul 1959), and Bizarro-Lois in the followup issue, Action Comics vol.1 No.255 (Aug 1959). Along those lines, Superman and Lois meet another bizarre, backwards and misshapen duplicate of the Man of Steel – a personal favorite among the thousands of characters introduced in assorted Superman titles over the years, The Ugly Superman (Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.8, Apr 1959).

Let’s talk about love: Lori Lemaris, Superman’s mermaid sweetheart, debuts in Superman vol.1 No.129 (May 1959), Lois’ sister and Jimmy’s on-again off-again girlfriend Lucy Lane appears for the first time in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.36 (May 1959), and Pat Boone threatens to get in the middle of the Clark/Lois/Superman triangle during a guest-appearance in Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane vol.1 No.9 (May 1959).

And now let’s talk about primates: Beppo the Super-Monkey debuts in Superboy vol.1 No 76 (Oct 1959), and Titano the Super-Ape – complete with kryptonite vision – in Superman vol.1 No.127 (Feb 1959).

Mxyztplk is dead, long live MxyzPTlk! In Superman vol.1 No.131 (Sep 1959), the fifth-dimensional imp receives a name-change and a sort-of “clip show” detailing his many antics for the audiences who may’ve missed his last prior appearance in 1956.

Two last, notable events: Jimmy once again dons the stretchable garb of Elastic Lad in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.37 (Jun 1959), while Red Kryptonite is now defined as causing “weird unpredictable effects”  in Action Comics vol.1 No.259 (Dec  1959) wherein Superman battles Superboy for the lives of Lana and Lois (it’s only a hallucination, it turns out)…

in the late ‘50s, dc created a character called “ugly superman” for the daily “superman” newspaper strip. he was a less-than-attractive wrestler who dressed up as superman in the ring and developed stalky tendencies towards lois lane. dc brought him back in the '60s to fight jimmy olsen. you know, because.