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So I heard Keith’s the original silver child and I died OTL | Redbubble



i drew this like two months ago and i post it on my twitter but i didn’t wanted to post it here yet because i wanted to design hunk!,sadly my tablet broke so i don’t think i’ll doing it for the moment.
this are the design for my vampire hunters au! (is a klance au).

if you want to know more about this au, i wrote here  and here a little of the role of each character.

also i drew some klance nsfw-ish about this

I just realized how much I like Matt being back, not only for the fact that we’ve been waiting for him A LOT of time, but for pidge and her reaction.

See, these kids are on war, they practically didn’t have a proper youth, they were forced to mature really early, pidge even more, I mean the girl is only 15 and she’s one of the most matures in the team. As we’ve seen in the flashbacks pidge was a genuine little girl, who liked to play with her brother, ever since they started to be paladins pidge has been serious, sassy, more focused, almost like a grown adult.

But when matt came back she was laughing and jumping everywhere, just look at how exited she was for showing matt the castle, how smiley she were the whole time.

she was being a kid again