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Doesn't 13 reason why trigger you at all? Idk how people can watch something that glorifies suicide. Just my opinion :/

Because it doesn’t. Simple as that, it shows just how invisible depression is, and that no one see it. How do the show glorify suicide? A lot of people are saying that, but I can’t see it. It’s ugly, the show and the scene where they show it is ugly. Everything about it and surrounding it is ugly, but for Selena Gomez to have the courage to want to talk about a topic like this is amazing. No one else would have done that, and everyone is talking about it, I know me and my friends are, and how we don’t really see what other people are going through, maybe what we do can be the last straw. Self harm and suicide is something that I have dealt with, and i know that Hannah and Alex portray how it feels like to me. I’m more like Alex though because he doesn’t try to seek help, while Hannah actually does, but she doesn’t get any help, because Mr. Porter doesn’t believe that there is a problem. I’m sorry but how does this show glorify suicide?

And no, it didn’t trigger me, I just skipped the scene where she kills her self. That was the only trigger for me.

On being known for who she dates with not who she is: “I would try to promote something that I loved, and the entire interview would be about my personal life. I would leave a room feeling defeated, feeling embarrassed, but I would always make sure to put that smile on my face because I wasn’t going to let them get to me.”

Reality - Jelena One Shot.

Selena’s POV

August was coming to an end, so was my tour break; I relaxed, I had fun, I rehearsed, I did everything I had to do: lately I loved going to parties or clubs, so me and the girls were either throwing them or looking for them.

I heard my iPhone ringing while I was chatting with Ashley, Fredo’s name showed up on my phone.
“Fredo!” I shouted grinning- “What’s up?”
“Hey Sel, nothing new, what about you girl?”
“I’m here with Ashley, just chilling.”
Ashley screamed “Hiiii” to my phone and Alfredo laughed, “Listen, I wanted to invite you two to my house, tonight I’m gonna throw a small party, it’s at 9:30.”
“I’m in!” Ashley replied, but I had the usual issue.
“Did you invite him too?”
“Uhm, yeah.. but he hasn’t gave me a response yet.”
“Did you tell him that you were gonna invite me?”
“I don’t know Fredo..”
“C’mon, I thought that you were fine!”
“I thought that too, but lately he makes my blood boil.”
“Aren’t you a little too harsh?”
“Mmh, no. I don’t think so.”
“And why is that?”
“Sel, we haven’t seen each other in like two months, I already invited half of your tour crew, I miss y’all! Can’t you try to stay in the same house as him for a couple hours for me?” I could feel his pout through the phone.
“Ugh, okay. Just because I miss you too, weirdo.”
“Great, see you later!”
“I’m not leaving your side tonight.”
“Like you ever did.” I smiled and hugged Ashley: we started debating on our outfits for the party.
“Sel, you keep wearing black! I started questioning if I could see colors because you always, always wear black clothes.”
“Half of my closet is black, the other half is sweaters and pyjamas.”
“Okay, I have no other choice, I need to find something for you.”

We went to her room, searching for some cute colorful outfit; she was right, I was starting to look like a goth or a widow.
“This color fits you so well!”
“Are you sure? Isn’t it too much?”
“Trust me, it really suits you.”

Ash gave me a short red dress, not too vulgar, not too short, not too formal.

Justin’s POV

I decided to go to Fredo’s party an hour before it begun, so to “punish” me, he forced me to help him to clean his house and to set up the photobooth: everyone loves photobooths, right?
“So how many are coming?”
“Twenty or thirty people.”
“Good, I need to ask you a little favor, I’m sweating so much right now, can I take some of your clothes for tonight? I really need to shower.”
“Yeah sure, let me grab some towels for you.”
“Thanks bro.”

He handed me all I needed and I went into the shower: usually I spent a lot of time under the water because I completely relaxed and thought a lot about everything happening around me; so I guess that party would’ve started without me.

I was still under the shower head whistling and singing when I heard some noise outside the door, then the door opened.
“Aaah!” A voice screamed- “I’m just- just washing my hands.” The shower doors were blurred and dark so she wouldn’t have seen anything anyway.
“It’s not like you’ve never seen this, Selena.”
“Justin? Oh fuck. Really?”
“What?” I smirked.
“Why are you showering with your door unlocked, while a bunch of people is coming over? Oh right. Everyone has seen you naked already. Twice.”
“Ouch, I felt burnt and it wasn’t the water. So you’ve seen those too?” Even if she roasted me, it made me laugh.
“Why are you laughing?”
“Why are you still talking to your naked ex boyfriend when your friends are in the other room?”
Selena groaned and her clicking heels moved away, obviously she slammed the door: poor Fredo, she’s gonna yell at him so much.

I got out of the shower shortly after and dressed up for the party.
“Thanks a lot Justin, I thought you were gonna lock the door!”
“I guess I forgot..Sorry.”
“You’re such a dumbass, you’re lucky I consider you a brother.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that Selena would’ve been here?”
“She’s my friend and of course I would’ve invited her. Now I have to warn you?”
“It would’ve been nice if you did..wait, did she know that I was coming?”
“I told her that I invited you but you didn’t give me a reply yet. I had to beg her.”
I didn’t say anything, I went to the kitchen and started eating some of the chips in the bowl, greeting some of my dancers; with a glance I saw Selena in a corner of the living room talking to two boys, two of her dancers, I guess.
Fredo put on some music and everyone gathered to dance, everyone except for her and Ashley who went outside.

I immediately knew that she was avoiding me and I couldn’t find any reason for that; sure, there’s been a lot of drama involving me lately but, I thought that she couldn’t give a shit, her attitude tells me the opposite though.
I approached them, “Ashley, hi, how are you?”
“Um, I’m good, thank you, how about you?” She glanced at Selena next to her, feeling embarrassed.
“I’m great, can I talk to your friend for a second?”
Ashley stood there while Selena was begging her to say no with her eyes, but in the end she nodded and stepped away; I could see Selena’s look of disappointment.
“What do you want?”
“Just an explaination.”
“For what?”
“Why are you avoiding me? And don’t say that you’re not.”
“Because I don’t wanna talk to you.”
“Because I don’t want to! That’s it, now I’m gonna dance with my friends, bye.”
“That wasn’t an explaination.” I grabbed her arm. “Why are you mad at me? I thought that we were friends.”
“I guess we’re not.”
“Okay, you won’t tell me why you’re mad at me; look, I don’t wanna ruin Fredo’s party, and I know you don’t want to as well, so can we act like normal people and have fun tonight? Deal?”
“Great, why are you so serious, though? Where’s the Selena I know?”
“She’s still here.” She finally smiled at me, I felt satisfied.

“Who wants to do some karaokeeee?” Alfredo shouted on the mic, everyone cheered up at the idea.

Selena’s POV

“Ashley, pleaaaase, can we do a song?”
“Sel, no freaking way.”
“Please! Do it for your bestie..”
“Nope, I am not a performer outside our house.”
“Ugh, I hate you. I can’t sing Disney songs by myself.”

Justin was already on stage picking his song, “I’m gonna sing A Whole New World from Aladdin.”
“What? That was MY karaoke song choice.”

Oops, I said that out loud; everyone turned around and stared.
“I know, but it’s a duet, you can sing it with me.” Justin smirked, offering me another microphone and the crowd went wild chanting my name. I hated him so much, the chant was becoming deafening, so I finally had to accept.
“Don’t pretend you won’t have fun just because you’re singing with me. You can pretend I’m Fredo or Ashley.”

While we were singing, I bursted out laughing because I couldn’t take him seriously: everytime we went karaoke-ing, it ended up like this.
Justin started laughing too, luckily the song was ending, but I saw some confused looks on our friends’ faces and I think I heard somebody whispering “I thought that they hated each other” before clapping.
I quickly got off stage feeling a little embarrassed, while the Diva, I mean, Justin bowed down and said “Thank you, thank you very much and of course, thanks to my Disney duet partner.”
“I guess some things are never gonna change.” Fuck, why did I even say that?
He smiled shyly and came to me “That was the funniest thing I’ve did in months. Why did you start laughing?”
“I don’t know, I couldn’t take you seriously.”
“Or maybe it reminded you of when we were singing it at our house and I wanted to take the carpet, but I was ON it, so I slipped?”
“Please, don’t make me think about it again.” I managed to say through the giggles and laughs.
“That will go down in history.”
“Your fall or this karaoke?”
“Both.” I smiled.
“Hey, by the way, do you wanna come to one of my shows? I’d really appreciate it.”
“Of course Sel.”
We spent the night talking- with Ashley and Fredo- about the highlights of our tours, the weirdest, the funniest, the creepiest, anything; our conversations flowed naturally, it sounded like nothing ever happened between us and we last met a day before. We drank some shots, it was a happy drunk kind of night.
“Who wants to go to the photobooth?” Alfredo asked to the four of us, so we ran to it before somebody else occupied it.
“Okay, first we do a serious one, then we do funny faces.”
“Let’s see who’ll win the funniest face award.” I said.
“I already have that in my hands.” Justin smirked but Alfredo made him shut up.
“It’s a duel between the men apparently. But we’re gonna win.” I stuck out my tongue at the two boys.

“Say cheeeeeeeese!” Me and Justin stood behind Ash and Fredo and we shot a cute one, but now it’s war; I made one fatal mistake to look at Justin when the camera snapped, which made me laugh hysterically and lose the ugly face war.
“We have a loser! Selena, I’m sorry. And Justin, you could’ve done better. I win.”
“Hell no Fredo, I definetely win.” Ashley crossed her arms.
“I’m sorry guys, but my face was so ugly that made Selena laugh, so I absolutely win.”
“I hate you.” I pouted.
“Yeah, sure.” He smirked at me, Fredo finally gave Justin the victory and he exulted as the competitive ass he is. “What is the prize?”
“Really? There’s no prize. I’m gonna eat something, I’ll be back later….or maybe not, ‘cuz you’re annoying when you’re drunk AND competitve.” He pointed at Justin and Ash followed him, leaving me alone with Justin.

In that moment, a lot of memories flew in my brain, I didn’t see Justin as my ex boyfriend, someone who I shared years of my life with, somebody who slept in my bed and lived in my house; until that moment.
As the camera snapped our six pictures, we changed poses, faces, until somehow our faces were inches away, our lips were close: I was going to give in, maybe because I was fool enough to believe that I just spent a night with the old Justin I fell in love with, maybe because I was trying to convince myself that if I relived this night as if it was 2012, everything would’ve really changed. While the distance between us was disappearing, he suddenly stopped: “I can’t do it.” Justin whispered.
“Why?” It was the only thing that came into my mind.
“I’m..I..I am seeing somebody else.”
“Wow.” Again, my mouth seemed capable of using one-syllable words; I laughed bitterly and stepped away from him, exiting the house.
“Selena, wait!”
“There’s nothing to say.” I said in a serious tone, but inside of me I was burning with rage.

No One’s POV

“I don’t understand you! First, you beg me to let you go and to move on and when I do, you get all jealous but you say you don’t give a fuck!” Justin started shouting at her in the parking yard.
“I don’t care about her, I’m not jealous!” Selena yelled back without caring about if people were hearing them.
“Then what is the problem?” Justin put his hands up, seriously confused.
“You really don’t get it? The problem is that you act so angelic and friendly and shit and you fucking trick me! Then you say “You can’t”, I don’t think you ever said this everytime you cheated on me.” Selena smiled, but her eyes pierced him.

“Are you ever going to let go of that? I’m not the same person, okay? I’m a grown man, and you just seem like a jealous little girl.”
“I hate you so much, Justin.”
“I thought you loved me until ten seconds ago.”
Their words were so dry at that point, no one dared to raise their voice anymore, they were almost whispering.
“That’s the fucking point; I loved you and I love you, but I can’t help but hate you right now.”
“I think you’re just acting like this because I started dating another girl.”
“That’s where you’re wrong.” - Selena stepped closer to him and pointed a finger to Justin’s chest - “I am acting like this because you decided to grow up and be a man for a girl you barely know instead of the woman who loved you and was willing to give everything up for the one she loved. Goodnight Justin.”

Justin stood there without saying anything; what Selena said created a big lump in throat and he couldn’t dissolve it.

Selena’s POV

The first show of my European leg was about to start in a hour; I was still hurt by my argument with Justin but after all, I felt good, I felt great but I still needed to channel my emotions into something.
“Guys, I hope you won’t kill me but, can we play The Heart Wants tonight?” I asked to my crew and band.
“What? Are you crazy?”
“But the setlist will be messed up!“
“And the band doesn’t know it.”
“I know how to play it on the piano and I think that one song more won’t upset the fans at all..”
“I guess you’re right..When are you gonna play it?”
“Uhm, right after Transfiguration.”

“This next song -I usually, don’t play this song at the show..I actually thought that I would’ve never sung it again, but the thing about songs is that they’re therapeutic, they help us dealing with everything happening in our lives. This is The Heart Wants What It Wants.” The crowd wasn’t clearly expecting that because it went wild like never before; I was surprised by my self-control, how I managed to not cry.
As I expected, also the social medias went crazy but I wasn’t going to comment on anything, apparently they already knew that me and Justin met at Fredo’s house party and already figured that something went wrong.
I’ve never told him or Ashley about our fight, also Justin didn’t tell them, I just said that I was feeling dizzy and I went home.

I heard a knock on the door, Ashley opened and came in: she immediately asked what was wrong; I opened my mouth “I..” and I started sobbing and I reached for my best friend’s arms for a hug, she knew that I needed to let everything out so she didn’t say anything.
“Why am I so stupid every damn time? Why?”
“You’ll be over him Sel, don’t worry.”
“It’s been two years since we broke up..I thought I moved on, but everytime I see him, I keep wishing..that everything would’ve turned out alright.”
“I know you wanted to stay friends with him, but this is slowly deteriorating you. Like you said, when you see him you get your hopes high. You need to stop seeing him, even if it means turning down Fredo’s invitations. He’ll understand.”

Justin’s POV

My relationship with Sofia was getting worse each day, it didn’t leave me any kind of feelings inside, the attraction faded away, that’s not how I wanted it to be. “Can we talk?” We met in front of a cafè.
“Sure, what’s the matter?”
“It’s about us. I don’t have..I can’t feel anything anymore; I really wanted it to work because you’re such a nice girl and I think I can’t give you what you need.”
“Did something wrong?”
“No, no, absolutely not. But I did, I threw myself in this relationship too quickly and it crashed even quicker. See, the problem is that I want passion, I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t feel the sparks.”
“I appreciate your honesty, I’m sad because there’s nothing I can do about it..I wish you the best luck in love.”
I hugged her, “I’m glad you understood, I wish you the best too.”
“And I hope you find her again.”
“What? Are you talking about Selena?”
“Obviously. I could see it, you’re not over her..” I smiled shyly, a little shocked but I knew I had to talk to her again, but I needed a couple of weeks to reflect, I needed to know what to tell her. First, I booked a two weeks vacation for myself and Mikey only, I didn’t need people around me; then I took a plane ticket for Denmark, where Selena was going to perform next. Nobody saw me at the airport.

I got Ashley’s number and called her: “Ashley please, I just need to talk to Selena for five minutes, then you can kick me inside the gates of hell or whatever punishment you want to give me. Just five minutes.”

I watched the show between the fans hoping that they would’ve not recognized me in my black hoodie but, I guess they were too busy having the time of their lives to care about who they were bumping into. At the end of the show- which was truly amazing and spectacular- Ashley led me backstage and told me to wait in one of the locking rooms.
“Selena!” I said almost breathlessly but she shut me up with a “What are you doing here, Justin?”
I couldn’t decide if she sounded more annoyed or worried, or maybe a little bit of both.
“We need to talk.”
“I think I already read the script of this movie.” Selena crossed her arms.
“Please, let me talk.”
“You don’t need to talk, Justin; I already know that you’re here because you realized that you fucked up and you didn’t really want that girl, if I’m wrong stop me. You’re begging me for the millionth time, you’re here because you want another chance, you’re here to say that you’ve changed while we both know you really haven’t, but we both end up believing that because we’re hopeless and in love. You’re here to tell me that you’ve worked on you, that you want to treat me like I deserve, even though you should’ve done that years ago. Am I lying?” Her voice was dry, but tears fell down her cheeks; the ugly truth was too scorching and I couldn’t handle that, I couldn’t look in her eyes because she was damn right.
“No” was all I could respond, looking down at her boots.
“I wish you could feel what I’m feeling right now. I wish you would see things from my perspective..”
“Then help me seeing things from your eyes.”
“Okay then.. think about me, think about the mistakes you’ve done, but pretend I’ve done that to you, many, many times. How do you forgive me? Can you?”
I squeezed my eyes because that was a reality I didn’t want to see, because it was awfully true. “I can’t.”
I opened my eyes and realized that Selena was crying, my first instict was to hold her in my arms.
“I’m sorry I did that to you, I’m sorry that you had to live that.” In that moment, I just couldn’t forgive myself; the weight of guilty was too big for me to carry, I felt like I was falling beneath it. I wondered how Selena did this? How could she be so close with somebody who hurt her so bad?

Selena’s POV

I didn’t let my walls crumble down like that in years; I didn’t know how I ended up crying in Justin’s arms, who lets the shooter come so close to his target? But, I guess that when you’re already demaged like that, you stop caring.
“Justin, promise me one thing.”
“You’ll be 23 next year, stop getting involved in relationships that you won’t take anywhere, okay? It might not seem like it, but those girls care.”
“I promise.”
“Good.” I laughed.
“The show was perfect.”
“Really? Thank you.”
“Yeah and I saw how little girls look at you, you’re special.”
“You’re special too.”
“It’s better if I go now..Bye Sel.”
“Bye Justin.”

One last gaze before he closed the door; I felt a weight disappear, an immediate sense of nostalgia, but with a smile on my face.

No One’s POV

After that day, they hadn’t met once, not even at Fredo’s parties or award shows: Justin got himself a house in Canada for two years before heading back to L.A for music; Selena still lived in L.A, but whenever she had breaks, she would head back to her home in Dallas.

In an October day, four years after their last meeting, it started raining out of blue: Selena just got off a taxi cab and ran into the nearest open cafè, which wasn’t that near. The pouring rain got her soaking wet, she felt so embarrassed to stand like that in front of the door, even if there weren’t many people inside. The day before, Selena got rejected from a role she really liked and it didn’t look like it was her best week, she was constantly mad because of something;
“Can I buy you a coffee? It looks like you need it to start your day well.” A masculine voice said from one of the stools next to her, Selena was about to snap.
“No thanks, I don’t- Justin.” She instantly interrupted herself, exclaiming in surprise; she didn’t pronounce that name in too long, those letters felt weird rolling down her tongue.
“Hi Sel.” Justin smiled at her, feeling something he hadn’t felt inside in a very long time; he never forgot how it felt to look at her, it felt like falling in love, every single time. Selena smiled back. “By the way, a cappuccino would be perfect.”


i wanted this to be verrrrryyyyyyy sad, but i felt bad because we’re going to a lot of shit already so we needed a break from the drama and i added some shit heheh. 🌝

let me know if you enjoyed it and what did you like the most, love you always and thank you for reading my bs. ❤❤😁😁😁


“I think the next time will be much different…which will definitely not be any time soon. That’s a growing up kind of thing. I was 18 years old, and it was my first love. The older I get, I’m guarding certain things more. After being put through the scrutiny, I understand what it is. When you’re young and you’re being told so many different things…it almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way. It was really weird but it was incredible. I would never take it back in a million years. You l i v e and you  l e a r n, you know?[insp]