ugly scribbles

So you are on your fourteenth shower in the last twenty-four hours and yet you feel dirty, your insecurities cling to you better than your skin and they even flow in your bloodstream. 

The word FAT refuses to go down the drain because it is too big to fit in through the hole and the word UGLY is hanging onto you by your nails, the word UNSIGHTLY is stuck in the mirror in front of you and the word LONELY just entered the bathroom. The word UNATTRACTIVE is still your closest friend because it never left, and the word PLAIN-LOOKING is the compliment you’ve ever felt


Will that hot guy ever look at me the way he is looking at my friend?
Will I ever be confident enough to call myself beautiful?
Will I even be good enough to have a boyfriend?
Will I ever be pretty enough for a guy to give me a second look?
Will I ever be able to say out loud that a hit boy is checking me out?
Will I ever be cute enough to not just be called cute but sexy too?
Will any boy ever like me enough to date me?
Will my guy friends ever see me as a girl?
Will people ever stop judging me for being ugly?

Just for once can I be the beautiful one

—  What goes through my head when I am among my friends // JustScribbledWords

i guess it’s like a prequel to this 

lol angst angst w/e funeral are actually really fucking depressing tho 

whatever, the real question is where tf they get all those good suits like damn B)))  wickerbottom in a suit would be fucking rad, any good lady in a suit is 10/10 tholmfao.