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Totally agree with your movie vs. tv Magnus Bane post. I would also love to see what you have to say about the "preferring GG's Magnus with MD Alec's" thing cause I've also noticed it & it rubs me the wrong way. I just can't quite put my finger on the exact underlying reasons why people do it. First instinct is "It's cause GG "passes" & HSJr does not", but I don't think that's the case here. My other guess is "Magnus is better as a pretty prop, don't want to face that asians are ppl" ...

Hi! Thanks! You saw my tags :) Yeah, truth be told, my blood pressure rises, whenever I see an edit / a fic or a shipping suggestion with Godfrey’s Magnus and MD’s Alec. Personally, I see it as nothing more than racism and fetishization with a weird mix of colorism.

I wouldn’t say that Godfrey’s “passing” but, for whatever unfathomable reason, some people do:

Sometimes I read that I’m not 100 per cent Chinese, because I don’t look all that Chinese

I really have no idea why. Maybe because he’s tall or something… I’ve seen a lot of people thinking similarly in regards of Gemma Chan, and saying that she is biracial (which she isn’t). And that’s another thing I’ll never understand. Racism has a lot to do with this, for sure.  

I’ve actually seen one fic writer saying that they imagine only Godfrey’s Magnus with MD’s Alec when writing “because Godfrey is hot”. Basically, the implication here is that:

  • They don’t find Harry attractive enough [you-know-why.gif]
  • Their whitefave “deserves” only the “hot” Asian.

It’s fetishization and racism all in one ugly package. Neither Harry nor Godfrey deserve this kind of crap.

Godfrey doesn’t deserve it because this kind of thing:

Isn’t a “compliment”. It’s ugly racism. 


As promised, here’s my haul from yesterday + some stuff from today.

Anthr0p0l0gy :

•Makeup brush

H0t t0p!c :

• lace thights (not on the pictures cause I’m wearing them 👅 )

F0rever 2!

• Makeup bag

The b0dy sh0p :

• mango lip butter
• grapefruit lip butter
• born lippy lip butter

Sh0ppers d®ugmart

• l'Oréal infaillible liquid lipstick (would 100% recommend. It stays on all day long)
• False lashes (not on the picture cause the packaging is ugly)


• beauty blender
• bare minerals loose powder

B & 8 w0rks

• vampire blood scented candle (love love love Halloween stuff)




• Copic-like markers
• Pocket sized sketchbook
• gel pens (I’m almost happy to take notes in class with those)


• To-go mug (works like shit, I’m always spilling hot tea on myself. It’s cute tho)

Be$t buy

• earphones (originally for my baby sis but I might keep them 👅 )

H & ^^

• Floppy hat (covers my weird ass hairline with style )

$unri$e ®ecord$

• Gorillaz CD (for my baby sister)

CHo©olat$ Fav0ri$

• peanut butter chocolate fondue (for my big sister)
• apple pie chocolate fondue (for my big sister)

Well, that’s it, that’s all.
Mall total : 227.23$
Today’s total : 97.73$

Haul total : 324,96$

Sorry for the long ass post 😘

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Please preach about why 8-man is so easy to root for despite being superficially despicable.

Wataru Watari, author of Oregairu, has gone on record saying many times he doesn’t like a ton of stuff on how (japanese) fiction and content creators do stuff, specifically, the inherent formulaic nature and how generic and same-ish it gets: Japan is a culture of bandwagoning, so once one thing catches on, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE follows it.

He really doesn’t like that. So he took matters into his hands.

Hikigaya Hachiman is, and at the same time isn’t, the normally identifiable, relatable reclusive and solitary no-friends loner at school who gets thrust into a series of events that end up in the story and in him being in constant contact with these desirable, pretty girls he otherwise wouldn’t have had any chance of coming into contact with otherwise, also known as “romantic comedy” or “harem” (and make note of how I am avoiding the word “befriending” here). He is in the sense that he definitely is the loser, socially awkward protagonist that otaku should feel identified with to live vicariously through him, as is the case with basically any other modern school-setting piece of fiction in Japan in the last I don’t know how many years with maybe one or two exceptions. At the same time, he isn’t, however, and this is the very important part, because Hachiman hits too close home. He IS what the demographic of the usual romantic comedy is, with no sweet lies disguising the ugly package and no gateway into fantasyland letting one live vicariously through an ideal character who is everything the reader could want to be: Different and armed with an opportunity. Hachiman is not the “actually nice just socially awkward teen boy with perhaps a perverted reputation but actually very nice and legitimately good!”. Hachiman is the ugly truth. Hachiman hates himself, is bitter and jealous, doesn’t have any hope left, and, this is the best part, is an actual, medical case of depression. Not “fiction depression”. Actual, textbook, medical, real, cruel, painful depression. Following me so far? Let me elaborate so I can go deeper.

The generic romcom protagonist is someone who also has zero to few friends, a generic, blank slate of a male character who is just “understanding and legitimately good”, an extra addition to the main dish of romcom/harem that the demographic is looking for: The girls. It’s just a POV character that exists for two express purposes: 1) so the reader can relate and project through them, living vicariously through this bland male character and 2) for the girls to fall in love with him for this or that reason, which leads to the romcom/harem situations. This bland main character archetype is everything the normal unlikable as hell lonely otaku wants to be: Someone legitimately likable armed with opportunities, “opportunities” being “the childhood friend with a hidden crush”, the “loving younger sister who may or not be adoptive and who doesn’t really care about the whole incest thing”, the “assorted girls who have been thrust into contact with the main character”, etc. It also works because some people that aren’t unlikable as hell lonely otaku can, by all means, like this formula and have fun with it, and there’s nothing wrong with liking romcom, all I am saying here is that this is the technical process behind the construction of a romcom. Don’t take it from me, do your own research if you want.

The point I am trying to make here is that Watari breaks that into a million pieces with Hachiman.

Hachiman is not someone you want to identify with because not only actually unlikable and lonely people can identify with him a bit too much, but because he does encompass, at first, the pain and melancholy of a period Japanese media romanticizes way too much: High School. He is not having fun. He has abandoned all hope by the time the story starts. He has accepted that he deserves no happiness (one of many aspects of depression), and instead vies for loneliness, excusing it over and over as his true nature via many speeches that, through different wording, say the same: Humans are scary and I don’t want to be around them. When he does interact with others? He is awkward and nasty. He doesn’t know how to deal with people. He doesn’t want to. He hates it. Initially, it’s treated as a joke how many horrible experiences Hachiman had in Middle School, but as the novels advance/as the show advances, you see that everyone stops treating it as a punchline and instead they try to be kind about it with him. The only one who keeps treating these as jokes is Hachiman himself, which is brought up, because trying to make light comedy of one’s pain all the time, too, is part of depression. He is told to stop by Yuigahama and by Hiratsuka. He is told to please give himself the chance to deserve happiness. He doesn’t want to because he already decided he doesn’t deserve it, and this is not explicitly said, it is clearly visible in his actions. Show, don’t tell. Hachiman is a mess. You do not want to be Hachiman.

That is what makes him fascinating. He hits too close home to many of us’ pain. He is not someone we want to be, yet we want to see where he goes. He is a character, a person, of his own, not a bland main character meant to be used as the relatable vicarious living-through character. The thing with Hachiman is that he’s not a romcom character, he is the main character of a story that is not a romcom, as the title really clearly states.

The parallels grow apparent when you look at it technically: Hachiman has a little sister, except, this little sister also is a character all of herself instead of the usual over-protective-or-tsundere imouto masturbatory aid incest character usually associated with romcoms, this little sister is a spunky little pepper who gets along well with her brother as siblings and wants nothing more than to match him up with a girl, ANY girl. Hachiman has a childhood friend, except instead of being a twintailed-or-tomboy hot girl, it’s that fat chunni fuck who is only pathetic comedy relief except when he gets his guns on and, what do you know, is an actual superbro that helps out Hachiman in his moment of great need. As I’ve said in all these previous paragraphs, Hachiman is a lonely high school boy, except instead of being a bland, gold-hearted boy meant to be used as the object of the reader’s projection, he really is a mean bitter nasty fuck with serious attitude problems and a despicable, shameless nature when it comes to how he just doesn’t even want to work for himself. Hachiman ends up meeting these hot desirable girls, except they initially dislike him just as much as he dislikes them. He doesn’t want this. They don’t want this. He was just put up against the wall and into this shit by his teacher, the one damn person that apparently cares for the poor, bitter kid. If he had the option, he’d up and leave during the Oregairu early game and we’d have no novels/show.

To finally answer your question, it’s easy to root for Hachiman because we are constantly seeing him grow as a person, despite having hit the bottom, despite having been left a depressed, self-hating mess of a person. We see him go through these situations, and we see how his shitty experiences have affected him, and we want to see him change. What is his main method of problem solving initially? Self-sacrifice. He doesn’t mind bearing everyone’s hatred if it can solve a problem. Why? Because Hachiman hates himself and believes he deserves this hatred in the first place. It’s initially seen as something that gets results, but it soon becomes apparent it doesn’t. Not only does it horrify and hurt Yuigahama and Yukino, two people he has grown to become friends with after their joint struggling, but it also provides a quick fix to things that doesn’t really solve the problem’s root: Ruri still gets ostracized in her school even after he broke all the relations around her, for example. We see him do this to himself and we want him to stop, to see how he has legitimately impressed and helped the people around him without him even knowing, to stop using these methods, to maybe start believing in himself and his right to joy again. Taking the heat for someone else and sacrificing yourself for something or someone, in Japanese media in general, is seen as an exclusively righteous thing. Oregairu, as you can see, doesn’t share that view. We share for Hachiman because it’s refreshing to see things in more than the formulaic way without it being a heavy handed critic, because Oregairu is still, despite all that’s been said here, a funny and endearing story that will split your sides with some good jokes and catch your attention for real with its interesting developments. We see consequences to actions, and we see growth to the characters.

It’s easy to root for Hachiman because he feels like a person. We can relate to him in the sense that no doubt a lot of us had some of the problems he has. No doubt some of us were loners at school, or had/have depression, or maybe something as comparatively minor as being socially awkward. He doesn’t “get better” from one volume to the other, we see how long it takes, because change takes time. We are 11 volumes in and we are still seeing how Hachiman is growing and slowly but surely solving his inner demons. We root for him because he is a person we want to see win, because his adversity is palpable and you can’t help but feel invested in his victory. I want him to win. I want him to accept his happiness again. I want to see him discard the essence of self-destruction in favor of coming up with solutions that don’t involve gathering everyone’s hatred, like he has finally started doing, 11 volumes in. It doesn’t feel cheap. It’s not something that got solved from one moment to another. The healing has taken time, and it’s paying off.

It’s easy to root for Hachiman because it is only natural to want to root for someone who is trying so hard to get that genuine something he so dearly wishes for, someone who doesn’t have it conveniently easy (and man, does he have it hard), but keeps going anyways.

my anxiety about makeup is so bad that literally picturing a makeup store like sephora or ulta in my head makes me feel sick to my stomach like… i know that sounds dramatic but idk how to stop it… i hate makeup, i hate makeup stores, i hate makeup salespeople who try to sell me the idea that im ugly, i hate makeup packaging trying to sell me the idea that im ugly, i hate makeup advertising, i hate the names of makeup colors and brands, i hate the hyper sexualization of makeup brands, i hate all the lights and the colors, i hate looking at the other girls at the makeup stores, i hate the music they play, i hate being surrounded by isles and isles of consumerist culture literally centered around exploiting women for their insecurities, i hate the people who make money off of that. im not afraid to say that i literally hate makeup. i think it’s fundamentally harmful to women no matter how empowering we wanna pretend it is. i think that at its core makeup was invented for a reason, and i think that the reason it was invented is fucked up. i hate makeup. i wish more than anything that makeup never existed. 

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I don't know if you like the books and sorry if you dont!!! But what are your thoughts on the characters and writing for the mortal instruments?

oh boy.

um, a literal disaster. a trainwreck.

first of all, she plagiarized all of it. second of all, she has a long history of plagiarism in the harry potter fandom.

so, everything that i actually enjoyed about the books—the humor, the creative worldbuilding, the entire plot of the first book: stolen.

and that’s not even counting the stuff that i hated about the books.

we’ll start with clary.

she’s literally an idiot. she’s possibly the biggest moron on the face of the planet. she’s whiny, indecisive, petty, selfish, ~~endearingly clumsy~~, ~~~~not like the other girls~~~~, oh, and don’t forget that she’s not beautiful except for the fact that she’s skinny and white and literally has people fighting over the key to her heart because she’s just so ~~~amazing~~~ and ~~special~~. she is the ugliest combination of all the worst stereotypes against girls in YA fiction. i literally think she might even be worse than bella swan. she’s treated like a child, and she acts like a child. honestly though, my single favorite line in that entire series is when hodge tells her that all teenagers spend their time whining about how they’re not made for this world, she’s not special, it’s just that it happened to be true for her. (although, granted, cassandra clare probably stole that line from someone else.)

moving on to jace.

jace is everything i hate about male characters wrapped into one ugly package. casually misogynistic, but in a way that is subversive so that people call you crazy when you point it out. casually abusive, but you’re not allowed to hold him accountable for his actions because he had a really rough childhood :( to love is to destroy :( he’s suffering, poor baby, we need to save him from himself :( but of course, despite being an abuse victim, jace shows no actual symptoms or lasting influence, except for the fact that his ~~~dark past~~~ makes it okay for him to treat everyone like shit. which simultaneously normalizes abuse and trivializes and mocks abuse victims. his love for clary is obsessive, possessive, and controlling. he intentionally acts recklessly, putting his loved ones in danger, and refuses to listen to their correction. he whines, and whines, and whines, and whines and doesn’t ever stop whining. and of course, just to add the icing on the cake, he’s superhumanly attractive to the point where people stop dead in their tracks and drool over him in public. this is done solely for the purpose of making clary feel inadequate and probably so cassandra clare can jack off when she writes about him


isabelle is a young teenage girl (i believe she’s actually fourteen? at the very oldest, she is sixteen.) who goes out to clubs and sleeps with full grown adults, while her body and her face is described like a thirty year old woman, and all of this is treated like there’s nothing alarming about it. not to mention that this whole ~~~weaponizing feminity~~~~ thing is such fake feminism, all it really says is “you must look hot all the time. you’re not allowed to kill things unless you’re dressed in a sexy outfit while you do it. fight demons in high heels. fucking do it. yeah, you go, girl.” gag me.


okay, i’m gonna do my best simon lewis imitation, ready? “wahh, clary doesn’t love me, i’m in the friendzone, she loves this stupid guy instead and i hate him. oh no, i’m a vampire now, i don’t wanna be a vampire this sucks. i’m going to pretend i’m not a vampire because i hate it. wah, two drop dead gorgeous women are in love with me, whatever am i to do.” i give myself an A+.

alec’s sole purpose in the story line is just… to be gay. he’s also horrifically biphobic toward magnus.

and that about sums it all up.

I’m stress eating in ridiculous amounts. I’m gaining weight so fast. I’m smoking like a fiend. I’m not taking important medications. I haven’t exercised weeks.

I am self destructing.

I just recognized this now. Just put all my behaviors together in one ugly package.

How do I snap out of this and get back to not slowly killing myself?