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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.


5h meme - favourite member(s) (½): dinah jane hansen

“i am hopelessly in sister-love with you and it’s pathetic. but here’s the thing everyone. if you knew dinah jane you would do the same thing, because this woman is damn magical.”

Underrated MCR things:
  • Boy Division
  • Conventional Weapons
  • Tomorrow’s Money
  • Also Conventional Weapons
  • Ambulance
  • Did I mention Conventional Weapons
  • Gun.
  • I should probably add Conventional Weapons
  • The World Is Ugly
  • Idk if I stressed this enough but Conventional Weapons
  • The Light Behind Your Eyes
  • You can guess what I’m about to say here but idc Conventional Weapons
  • Kiss The Ring
  • Maybe Conventional Weapons, I’m not sure
  • Make Room!!!!
  • Conventional Weapons????
  • Surrender The Night
  • CW
  • Burn Bright
  • Conventional Weapons

This was a private request build but I just wanted to share pics because I spent a lot of time on it and I think it’s real cute!! 


Last weekend’s feis was definitely the last hurrah for the baby’s itty bitty beginner jumper that I made her for Oireachtas. I had to put a two-inch panel in the back just to make it fit this time! I’ll make another one for her next year- she’ll be old enough for the family special by then. 😄

KH Orchestra (LA)

OOOOoo I almost forgot to mention! I recently finally bought my tickets to the KH Orchestra in LA! I’m going to the June 11th  showing! If anyone is going that day as well HMU because tbh even though my mama’s coming with me for emotional support I’ll need someone to help her hulk my post-sobbing comatose body out the door. (just kidding) 

I have one kh bud from KH-positivity discord going! :)

Snapchat- Josh Dun

Sorry this is just a short piece. I’m in the middle of a few different multiple part pieces right now. Enjoy!!!!

You were standing at the kitchen counter making breakfast for you and Josh peacefully. That was until he came in all hyper.

“Hey guys look at my girlfriend. She’s super shy and hates when I call her beautiful. Isn’t the right beautiful?” Josh teased with his phone recording on snapchat. You rolled your eyes at the camera.

“Really Josh, ugh I hate you.”

“Awe, love you too babe.” He added the video to his story and then started recording again.

He quietly wrapped his arms around your shoulders and you pulled you into a kiss. He pulled away and then said. “Told you guys she loves me.”

“Josh were you recording?” you said noticing his phone in front of you.

“Yup” he ended the video and put it on his story again with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey snapchat king, do you mind not taking videos of me right in the morning. I don’t have makeup on yet.”

“You don’t need makeup you’re beautiful.” He said as he played with the filters on snapchat.

“You might think so but your fans hate me to begin with so…”

“I honestly don’t care what they have to say bad about you because none of it’s true. They don’t know you like I do.” He said putting down his phone and turned all his attention to you.

“Well in the past 7 months we’ve been dating I’ve been told I use you for the fame, I’m only in it for the money, I’m ugly, Debby was better, You don’t even love me, and that’s not even the bad things I’ve seen.” You started to get emotional because you never let the comments bother you but today they did.

“Well like I said none of it’s true. I know you’re not in this relationship for anything but the sake of this relationship. Y/N you’re so beautiful and I love you.” Josh pulled you into a hug kissing the top of your head.

“I love you too Josh.”

anonymous asked:

honestly? phil had to ruin this w the wigs what the fuck they couldve worn makeup and painted their nails instead i hate

why spend ur money on uglie wigs when u could spend it on nail polish *dan voice* its what the people want