ugly merchandise

What NCT would Receive for Christmas
  • Taeil: Express Yourself Better books, hair treatment coupons, music artworks
  • Hansol: manga, duffel bag, headphones
  • Johnny: ugly Christmas sweater, Yoona merchandise
  • Taeyong: fruit basket, febreze set, massage coupons, snapbacks
  • Yuta: soccer shoes, hair treatment coupons, sociology books, earrings
  • Kun: classic books, sparkling wine
  • Doyoung: kitchenware, mp3 player, coffee maker
  • Ten: bluetooth speakers, chocolates, hoodies, earrings
  • Jaehyun: cookbook, work out equipment, headphones
  • Winwin: Korean learning guide, ice cream, dried seafood
  • Mark: hair treatment coupons, vitamins, hats/caps, notepad
  • Renjun: scented candles, moomin merchandise
  • Jeno: led light up shoes, manga, ugly Christmas sweater
  • Haechan: moral guide book, bean pillow, cookbook
  • Jaemin: ugly Christmas sweater, GoPro, vitamins
  • Chenle: anime DVD set, Korean learning guide, earplugs
  • Jisung: ugly Christmas sweater, dance sneakers, EXO merchandise

It’s very telling how much privilege cishet aces have in society when they can wear their (ugly) ace merchandise in the street and at worst get a few questions and weird looks but if I, a gay, wore any sort of obvious LGBT merchandise I run the risk of getting harassed, beaten, and possibly even KILLED over my gay pride shirt. But aces are the oppressed ones, right?

So there I was, innocently browsing Ebay for Alien: Isolation t-shirts when I came upon this:



What is this perfection and how did it come into existence.

Here’s a link to the auction if anyone’s interested.

The seller’s asking an amount that is waaaay too rich for my blood, otherwise I would have snatched this sucker up, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t save every single one of those photos for future reference.