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{Victuuri a.k.a. skating duet & official YOI art}

or “How to kill the entire fandom in few steps” by Kubo Mitsurou

Just look at this Yurio-toy at the last one, I can`t <3


happy birthday to ten!!! aka nct’s thai prince!! nct life in bangkok will always be my favorite thing ever!! #happytenday

can that peebee gifset die already i’m sick of seeing notifications for it


marktownsend1: ”Doing my favorite kind of hair today! Not up, not down, but somewhere in between! @dove #ExtraHoldHairspray and @scunci hairpins”

marktownsend1❤: “ Because I so love a half up hair moment ❤ @dakotajohnson making my hair dreams come true yet again ❤ @scunci hairpins + @dove #ExtraHoldHairspray#HairdoOfTheDay #oscars #academyawards #MarksEyeView #MarksMuses

kateyoung: “@cartier & @gucci

instylemagazine: “For my last post of the evening I give you @dakotajohnson’s @gucci accessories! Thanks for following along! Love, @kateyoung

kateleemakeup: “Amazing beauty 🖤 @dakotajohnson 🖤sporting a cognac eye and a rose lip. Beautiful hairs by the one and only @marktownsend1 and dressed by the coolest @kateyoung swipe for more pics #makeupbykatelee #redcarpetbeauty #motd 🖤#dreamteam #dakotajohnson #50shadesofgrey

kateyoung: “#dakotajohnson in @gucci & @cartier #voguebestdressed”

anonymous asked:

People on twitter are doing the most. Saying she looks horrible. What? She is the prettiest woman on tv rn. She could wear a sack and look better than your faves.

They be doing THE most, she can wear better dresses but she never looks ugly they need to gtfoh.

Why does everyone have to get so riled up by the way Bioware models their women? They compared both twins to their models and yes, Scott looks like a super model while sara looks like a normal woman. But what about Liam? He doesn’t look like a super model he just looks like a normal guy. And Cora’s only ugly cause she looks like Miranda and Miranda was a bitch. (I say jokingly). Is there something wrong with having supermodels and “normal” looking people in the same game?
(On a not so serious note, Vetra and Jaal are both pretty freakin hot, am I right?
I have plenty of love to go around when it comes to the aliens of mass effect)