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50 Things To Remember In Life

Dear Friend,

There are 365 days in a year
And you and I both know from many unfortunate personal experiences,
That not all of those days will be good.
For some, the majority of those days will be a breeze
For others, each day will be a trial.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is an interesting place.
I am here to give you a few reminders
To keep up with this trying world we live in.

1. Follow your own heart and dreams. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do.

2. If you want something enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

3. You will meet people who hate you, and you will meet people who love you, and you will meet people who you think love you. Don’t be fooled. Some people are just passing by in your story called life. They’re there to teach you something, so always be aware.

4. Always remember that bad things and situations you don’t like will end. It may take minutes, hours, days, or years, but never forget that they will end eventually. You can get through anything.

5. You are your own person, not anyone else’s. Don’t let people take control of you and change your beautiful self.

6. The people in your life who make you giggle and smile in the darkest of times are ones you need to keep with you forever. There is always the potential for hard times, and you’ll need someone to cheer you on.

7. You do not have to live up to any standards or expectations. Family and peers and society are constantly telling us that we have to be a certain way, or else we aren’t good enough. Tune out of that thinking and just be yourself. That’s the best thing you can be.

8. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Being out of the box can bring on so many amazing new opportunities you never even thought existed.

9. A lot is going to happen to you during your lifetime, so let yourself feel anything and everything. Always feel as much as you can. It makes you experience things at a higher level and you can say, “Yes I know this feeling. I’ve been here before.”

10. A good cry cleanses the heart and mind and soul.

11. Appreciate the small things. They can teach you to love and be at peace with everything around you.

12. It’s okay to take a break from everyday duties once in a while.

13. Travel whenever possible, it opens the mind. Go on adventures in new places and learn about the world. You will come back a new person.

14. Get up the courage to talk to strangers. That’s how you meet people. Who knows, the next person you meet could end up being your new best friend.

15. Stand in the rain and breathe in the wide open air and absorb everything you can about the earth.

16. Long walks are something that can clear the mind and resolve many issues.

17. It’s okay to lay in bed with a book all day.

18. Look out the window and watch the snow silently fall. It’s one of the most peaceful and relaxing things you can do.

19. Remember that everyone is living their very own life with their own problems, so always be kind and respect others.

20. Keep and open mind and listen to people’s thoughts. You might discover more than you think.

21. You are not defined by your weight or skin color or career or the number of friends you have or your grades in school or your decisions. You are so much more than that.

22. Everyone makes mistakes in life, so don’t judge a person based on their decisions.

23. Keep your own limits and morals. Don’t give them up for anyone.

24. Live a little. Be spontaneous and experience all that you possibly can.

25. Aim to live a life that you will be proud of and content with when you’re 90 years old.

26. Things in life will tear you down, but time heals everything.

27. Rumors don’t help anyone. Don’t start or spread them.

28. Your soulmate is out there in the world searching for you too. Don’t lose hope. You’ll find each other one day.

29. Treat yourself once in a while.

30. Random acts of kindness can make someone’s day and it can make you feel good too.

31. You’re going to have to work if you want to live a truly happy life. Don’t cheat or make someone else do the work for you. That will only make an unfulfilled and empty life for you in the end.

32. Be proud of everything you do.

33. Self love never hurt anyone.

34. Find things to look forward to. It will keep you excited and more hopeful for the bright future.

35. Leave a piece of you in every place you go and with every person you meet.

36. Always listen to people. Everyone just wants to be heard and understood and feel like they matter to someone.

37. Do what is best for you in the long run, even if it hurts at first.

38. Love with all your heart and soul at every opportunity.

39. Never settle for less. You deserve the best and whatever makes you truly happy.

40. Don’t feel bad if someone doesn’t like you. It’s their loss because they won’t get to experience your magnificent presence.

41. Never fear love. Love can make you grow and blossom and teach you so much. Don’t fear it, but proceed with caution. Broken hearts will heal with time, but they are never fun.

42. Dancing silly to your favorite songs will guarantee some giggles and smiles.

43. Always sing in the shower, and when you’re home alone, sing as loud as you can.

44. Put effort into everything you do. It makes it all worthwhile and you feel better about it in the end. You can reflect and say “Look at this. I’m proud.”

45. Exercise makes you feel good and you’ll feel accomplished too. Try it sometime.

46. You are beautiful exactly how you are. Don’t deny yourself of your own loveliness.

47. You may not be perfect, because no one is, but you’re hella radiant, which is near perfection.

48. To grow as a person and expand your mind and soul, learn at least one new thing everyday.

49. Don’t beat yourself up about things you have no control over.

50. Happiness is not a goal or a point on a map. It is a state of being that everyone deserves.

Now my friend, I hope you can carry these things with you in your heart
Because every time you are down
You can always get back up.
Every time you are afraid
The fear won’t last forever.
This world and the people in it may knock you down
But you need to keep getting back up.
You have to.
Live, live, live.
Live your dream life. Make things happen.
It will be hard and it may seem hopeless and pointless sometimes,
But just remember that things really do get better.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is a beautiful place.
But only if you believe it to be.

Don’t lose hope.
I love you.

Sincerely, Me.

—  s.h. (via evanescentbeings )
Romione Fics in 2016
In alphabetical order… a list of Romione Fics published/updated in 2016 (mostly from Tumblr authors I’m aware of but if you’re an author let me know!) @aloemilk - No Hyphens Needed - Love Me...

I will keep updating the previous post, but incase you get a non-updated reblog across your dash, this list is a stationary page that should always be the most up to date (and much easier to bookmark and come back to.)

Noah fence but lukes his spending his money on the most ugliest and stupidest SHIT, SO, let’s make a list:
• ugly red door house in LA
• DISGUSTING yves saint laurent clothes
• that hoodie with holes (like ur meant to be getting the cold out not letting it in??????)
• that dumb ass Club 33 like wtf boi, just get a fast pass or whatever


Top Ten Rom Coms

My top ten Romantic Comedies in no particular order :)

1. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

2. Two Weeks Notice

3. The Proposal

4. Love Actually

5. The Ugly Truth

6. Friends with Benefits

7. This Means War

8. Crazy, Stupid Love

9. What Happens in Vegas

10. Notting Hill

The Ugliness I’ve Caused

I’m sorry for marrying the steel

blade with your pale skin.

I’m sorry I made you

wear those scars

like a charm that you 

brought upon yourself.

I’m sorry for the tears

you cried each night

because I never helped

you realise that some

people aren’t worthy

of your body.

I’m sorry I destroyed

everything you used

to be.

-M.K. poetry challenge 8/30 - the ugly you have caused

List of canonically Queer characters in Star Trek series:


-Soren (The Outcast): Arguably transgender, born into an androgynous race but identifies as a woman. 

-Odan (The Host): Expresses attraction toward Crusher when she is in a female host; attraction does not seem to be based on gender. Arguably genderfluid/genderqueer.


-Jadzia Dax: Bi/Pansexual, arguably genderfluid/genderqueer. (Presumably this also includes Ezri Dax although we never see her express an attraction to women).

-Intendant Kira: Bi/Pansexual.

-Lenara Kahn (Rejoined): WLW, sexuality uncertain. 

-Mirror Ezri: WLW, possibly a lesbian but uncertain.

-Mirror Leeta: WLW, probably a lesbian.


-Tieran (Warlord): Has a relationship with a man and a woman simultaneously (it should be noted that this is while he is in Kes’s body).

I think it’s interesting to note that almost all of these instances involve women (Tieran even appears in a female body). This does seem to suggest that men in relationships with other men is somehow more taboo than women loving other women, at least in television. Possibly this is a result of lesbian relationships being seen as enticing to male viewers who find them arousing.

Regardless, seven or eight characters in 728 Star Trek episodes is truly despicably low representation.

(And, of course, there are plenty of other characters who can be interpreted as Queer very easily-I even almost included Garak because his flirting with Bashir was so obvious. But these are only the blatant canonical examples.)

hey @owlsofstarlight just wondering but literally what the fuck is wrong with you

if you want to make a blacklist for ~aphobes~ then go ahead, maybe i can find some new mutuals on it, but how about you stop putting jewish people on a block list with nazis? victims of csa on a block list with pedophiles? trans people, especially trans women, on a block list with terfs?

your antisemitism is showing and it’s fucking ugly! your transphobia and disregard for vctims’ safety is just as bad! if your block lists are that goddamn important to you then make them separate you coward

you can say you’re against ~harmful ideologies~ all you want, but you’re putting jewish people and other people of color, not to mention trans people and victims of csa, in danger with your childish list. congrats on your harmful ideology, when will your put yourself on your list?

not sure how to break this to you, but our physical and mental safety is more important than your desire to call out your self proclaimed aphobes, who half the time haven’t even done anything to get on your list

you’re ugly, your blog is ugly, your fucking lists are ugly, and if you have even a shred of decency then either get rid of your list or separate it– 

if you had enough patience to add over 700 urls to it, you should have more than enough to know what each person has done and why you have them on a list that makes them targets for harassment.

Endless List of Dream Roles (2/?) - Hans in Anya Reiss’ Spring Awakening

I really like this version of Hanschen. If you don’t know, Reiss’ Spring Awakening is a modern retelling of the play. In this adaptation, the kids also play all of the adults, which is a very interesting take on it, I think.

[Pictured: the top left corner is Ekow Quartey in the 2014 premiere production directed by Benn Kidd and the other three are of Simon Gagnon in the 2015 production with The Rotunda Theatre.]

can you imagine how miserable we would’ve been if it wasnt steve working with louis rn but instead somebody z list or ugly j*mes… steve & his team truly saved everything things would’ve been soooooooo ugly right now, i thank god everyday calvin harris couldn’t make it to that vegas show last year.

frxnkiero  asked:

things i think of when i think of you, a short list: ugly animals, rubyect's art, spaghetti, big greenhouses??????, vampire aus, firetruck red, that one time gerard was like 'fuck off its meese', weird looking animals (very different to ugly animals. crickets are weird looking animals, whereas pepe is an ugly one.)

sammie my chap…… ‘fuck off its meese’ is THE #1 best gerard quote……. im…..

But with all the fluffy Mystic Messenger HC that float around, the cynical side of me still has to wonder if most of the RFA would actually romance and fall in love with the MC if she weren’t conventionally attractive and cute.  Maybe she’s super overweight, maybe her face is scarred up badly from an accident or surgeries as a child, her eyes wander or have scar tissue from previous injuries maybe her voice is raspy and croaky because of a sickness, she doesn’t dress cutely, or she just checks off every square on ‘conventionally unattractive/ugly’ list through no fault of her own.

I don’t think Jaehee or Jumin would care overly much unless the MC’s voice was so grating to them that they didn’t call her and don’t bond with her as much, because Jaehee isn’t romancing you in the main story and Jumin isn’t normally into physical attraction anyway, but.

I can’t help wondering how much they’d lose interest when the cute girl they’re talking to turns out not to be the cute mousy girl after all. Particularly 7, because while Zen and yoosung and the others only see the MC after getting close to her, 7 saw her immediately, and so has no such filter.

as I said.

that cynical side.


My dolls got some presents from their family and friends from @sightdoll ’s! Verve and Altijd were too big to sit together in one shoot, unfortunately.

These gifts are so CUTE though!! I opened Al’s little bracelet first, love the purple color. Very reminiscent of his original design. And he got the tiny tiny tarot deck! With a card of him! Look how tiny these cards are too, they’re absolutely stunning. Really amazing to see them all in real life. There’s cards of all our old and current characters there!

Verve got a GORGEOUS scarab necklace and bracelet from her little sis Neela, they look stunning on her. She also got this super cool purse from her mother, together with an ugly christmas sweater. Of course.
Alas Herla forgot how quickly kids grow up, but it fits Jack. Sort of. Sexy christmas sweater.

Involved in some of these pictures are Neela’s angry floating head, and her pet Rosebud. They’re both over at my place for some painting.