ugly existence

idc about being pretty anymore cuz physical ugliness doesn’t exist we just assign negative meanings to certain traits and thats whats truly ugly, it’s how cruelly we treat ourselves and the traumas we inflict ourselves chasing illusions and impossible standards, im not saying i still won’t indulge in using sheet masks lol but the bottom line is: i just want to be a good person

i’m really sick from seeing all women’s legs shaved while men strut around with incredible amount of leg hair, can you fucking imagine what kind of deep ingrained fear of humiliation would cause entire female population to shave their legs, regularly, every time before they show up anywhere in public? do you realize how much hours this is in women’s lives they spend just on making sure they don’t appear “disgusting” and “ugly” and that don’t get looked at as if they’re wrong and ugly and unworthy of existing like that? fuck beauty standards, if men can walk around hairy and unconcerned about their natural features why the fuck can’t women do the same without getting hurt for it.


We’re getting drawn into some kind of military thing. I don’t like it.

joke: everyone is beautiful no one is ugly

woke: transform the cultural norms that don’t allow uglies to exist in peace