ugly erwin


Do you know snk is having a stage play this summer?

More important, do you know how Levi and Erwin’s actors think of each other’s character???

Endo Yuya (Levi): Of course I love Levi, but I personally like Erwin Smith too.

The Dehi (Erwin):  I personally like Levi   (m ´>ω

Endo Yuya: Let’s dedicate our hearts together this summer. Please take care of me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

The Dehi: Yes, let’s dedicate our hearts (。・`ω ρ  ´・。)

Levi saves Erwin’s book (kid AU)

“You’re such a creep.” Erwin holds his book hard against his chest, pouty lips drawn tight in a grimace. The three boys nearby glare him down like dogs. “You’re so ugly with those eyebrows.”

Erwin blinks wide, blue eyes. He’s been sitting alone every day for a month, keeping to himself, reading to ignore the deafening silence. But today, he had the displeasure of dealing with Nile and his friends again.

“What kind of loser sits alone and reads during recess? Don’t you have any friends?”

Erwin looks down. “No,” he admits. Nile gives a haughty laugh, reaches out to snatch the book out of his lap. Erwin tries to grab it, but Nile is fast retreating. The three stand up and run, leaving Erwin sitting helpless on the school steps. He can feel his throat closing in on itself, the rims of his eyes pinking. Small hands fist into the fabric of his trousers, and he tilts his head down to hide.

Nile screams a few feet away, Erwin’s head jerking up to see him pushed to the ground. There’s a smaller boy standing over him, pale as snow, hands balled into fists. He kicks him in the stomach before grabbing back Erwin’s book, steps over Nile as he cries and screams. Erwin doesn’t know what to say when he stops in front of him, mouth open in wonder.

“Here,” the boy grunts and holds out the book. “Don’t be such a wimp.” Erwin doesn’t quit staring, the boy frowning in response before placing the book down on the steps. He’s shorter than Erwin by a few inches, inky hair reaching the tops of his shoulders. Erwin can smell his clothes from a foot away. “If he takes your stuff again, I’ll kick his ass.”

The blond jumps in surprise. “That’s a bad word.”


“Yes, my dad says so.”

The raven crinkles his nose. “So what? Your dad’s not the boss of me.” Erwin ducks his head, looks at his feet in thought.

“Thank you for getting my book,” he speaks up after a second and gives a faint smile. The smaller boy blushes, fiddles his fingers together before scurrying off. Erwin can’t hear what he says, but he can see how red his ears are beneath the tangled mess of hair.

headcanon that erwin wears really ugly socks with sports teams or holiday prints on them.  his favorite pair are tie-dyed tube socks that he dyed himself during craft time with the kids.  he wears them to the zoo with strappy sandals and levi threatens to leave him for someone with better fashion sense every time