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Do you know snk is having a stage play this summer?

More important, do you know how Levi and Erwin’s actors think of each other’s character???

Endo Yuya (Levi): Of course I love Levi, but I personally like Erwin Smith too.

The Dehi (Erwin):  I personally like Levi   (m ´>ω

Endo Yuya: Let’s dedicate our hearts together this summer. Please take care of me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

The Dehi: Yes, let’s dedicate our hearts (。・`ω ρ  ´・。)

Meet Ugly: 1 Star Review

The “meet ugly” list is getting to me- comedic gold. I hope I did this justice. May end up on ao3 later, may not. ~800 words, mostly dialogue. Only warning is swearing.

Levi sat outside on the shaded café patio reading his book and watching dog walkers, pram pushers, and the odd jogger pass by. He was just about to mark his place and head home when a man’s voice was directed at him.

“Hello,” A tall blonde man holding a steaming coffee said, “I don’t normally do this, I promise, but I noticed the book you’re reading. I’m reading the same one.” The man fished in his messenger bag and pulled out a copy of the book as proof.

“Huh,” Levi grunted, “Why? It’s one of the worst pieces of shit I’ve ever read.” He roughly jammed the book face-down on the table and crossed his arms. The man sat down across from him, placing his things down, suddenly even more animated.

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kittyboo8015  asked:

Eruri #4 please? I live for awkward kisses

Me too, Kitty, me too. Happy Belated Birthday!

4. Awkward kiss for Eruri

College Roommate AU (Hi, I secretly love & crave this au) 

“Nana asked Mike out,” Erwin said absently, plunking down next to Levi on his bed.  He shuffled back until he slumped against the wall, and wiggled his sock-covered toes.  “Finally, eh?”

“Whatever.”  Levi felt himself blush.  He could feel Erwin’s body heat radiating and the bed dipped under Erwin’s weight, pitching Levi across the mattress towards him.  “Sit on your own bed,” he grumbled, picking at his fingers.  His skin was dry and his knuckles burned where they’d started to split from over-washing.  Erwin lolled his head to grin down at Levi but his gaze caught on Levi’s hands and his smile faltered.

“Hey,” he said softly.  “Can I?”  He held out a big, soft palm.  Erwin lotioned his hands.  Levi watched him do it out of the corner of his eye before bed at night.  He liked the steady, soothing motion of the ritual.

“Levi?”  Erwin started to retract his hand.

“What?  You wanna hold hands, Erwin Smith?”  Levi tried to spit it out, but he put a faintly shaking hand in Erwin’s warm grasp nonetheless.  He couldn’t help himself.

Erwin made a soft sound and ran his fingers across Levi’s knuckles.  “Levi, that looks painful.”

Levi shrugged, trying not to shiver and shut his eyes at the gentle attention.

“You should put something on them.”  He turned Levi’s hand over and stroked across his fatelines.  Mike and Nana were probably kissing somewhere like normal people with crushes and here Levi was, bleeding his nasty hands all over his gorgeous roommate.

Levi couldn’t think straight, and he blurted something he’d been wondering since September, since the first time Erwin smiled at him and held out a hand to introduce himself.  “Erwin, you ever kissed anyone?”  His fingers twitched and he tried not to yank his hand back and flee.

“I have,” Erwin said carefully.  He glanced up at Levi, brows pulling together.  “Have you?”

Levi sighed.  “Yeah, loads,” he drawled.

Erwin’s frown deepened at his tone and Levi sighed again. 

“No,” he muttered.  “I haven’t, okay?”  

Erwin turned his hand back over and brushed his thumb across Levi’s knuckles.  Levi thought his heartbeat would be visible through his shirt if Erwin looked.  

“That’s fine, Levi,” he soothed.  It made Levi furious.  All of it.  Erwin kissing other people, stroking his hand, murmuring soft placations so close Levi could smell his expensive cologne.

 “Wanna?” Levi said blithely, to get a reaction, desperately hopeful.

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i was gonna draw mike wearing a xmas sweater with rudolph and a red nose but time man and dumb doodly shit

Thanks for the request anon! levi’s my fav but i got terrible pun ideas at 6 in the morning cries