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                                      I think you’ll notice when things become d i f f e r e n t ,
                                                    The good v i b e s in our lives won’t feel so consistent.


::drops drawing, runs away rambling incoherently about how badly I want to touch him::

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anonymous asked:

do ya have any advice on writers block?

Read. Read a book or a magazine. Read the newspaper. Reread your favourite book or start a new one. Read the back of a cereal box.

Revisit people’s stories you love and see if something inspires you to write your own. Or revisit your own.

Tell yourself you don’t have writer’s block. At the very least, don’t tell yourself you do have writer’s block. Try to convince yourself you have something to say. Because odds are you do. You just need to find the right words. But don’t worry about being too fine in your first draft. First drafts are supposed to be messy and ugly. You can always come back to a bad page and edit it until the words sparkle. But you can’t revise a blank page.

Meditate. Clear your mind as best as you can. Rid the fears and doubts and worries that currently plague you. Leave the past behind you. Let the future stay in front of you. Focus on the present moment and go from there.

Write. Write something even if it’s the same word or sentence over and over again. Write your name. Write out the last text you sent someone. Write down what you need to get at the grocery store. Watch and wait to see if one word turns into a sentence before it becomes a paragraph.

Allow your characters to be their own characters. They’ll come alive. Give them space and time to do so. Let your story to come alive.

Draw. Paint. Sketch. You can still base your characters around stick people.

Dance like no one’s watching. Sing like no one’s listening. Do the same with writing. Write like no one is ever going to read your work.

Think about someone you love. Write a story about them. Or get him or her to tell you a story that actually happened to them. The reverse can work too. Think about someone you hate. Then plot their demise slowly, painfully. You’re a writer. Sadism is in your blood. (I joke.)

Listen to a band you like or a song you love. Use the lyrics as inspiration. You could copy down your favourite line and come up with a new verse.

Take a break. Take a nap. Take care of yourself, your body and mind, everything.

Switch it up. If you’ve been writing poems lately, write a short story. Working on a mystery novel that isn’t going anywhere? Start a fantasy piece.

Edit. Revise. Proofread. Edit that old YA novella you began but haven’t finished yet. Revise a personal essay. Proofread your blog post.

Change your location. Go to a coffee shop you’ve never been to before. Instead of working in your office, try your bedroom.

Call a friend or family member. Catch up with them. Ask questions. Listen. Enjoy all the awkward silences.

Talk to yourself. Pretend you’re having a conversation with one of your characters. Ask them about their life. What foods do they like? What are their biggest dreams? What kind of person do they aspire to be?

Watch a movie or a TV show or a YouTube video. Imagine their backstory. Envision their future. Who were they a month ago? Who are they ten years from now?

Listen to a podcast. Listen to the radio. Eavesdrop even. A conversation between two people on the subway can be a life-altering experience.

Go on Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram. Find a picture that’s your aesthetic. Then write about it. What’s in the image? Who took the picture? Why did the photographer choose to capture that specific moment? Better yet what or who isn’t in the pic? What didn’t get captured?

Grab a writing prompt from an online generator. Go crazy with it.

Free write. Brain dump.

Exercise. Sweat. Stretch. Physical activity can stimulate your brain.

Remind yourself that you have a story to tell. And what a shame it’d be if no one got to hear it.

Embrace rejection and failure and whatever else is holding you back from writing freely. Remember the child in you who spoke without a filter. Who voiced ideas without thinking twice about what people thought. Be that little boy or girl again if only for a moment. Jot down what comes to mind. Don’t shoot down your ideas before they even make it onto the page. You don’t know what could’ve been.

Ask what if. What if this happened? What if that didn’t happen?

Personally I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a writing session, even the worst ones. But I do look back on the times I didn’t write for whatever reason, and I realize I’ll never know what I was thinking or feeling that particular day. It makes me want to write whenever I can, even when I feel uninspired or blocked or unmotivated or empty.

Happy writing. I hope something I’ve said helps.


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anonymous asked:

Hi c: do you have any tips for graphic makers whose edits are always ugly af XD

Omgosh anon don’t say that about your edits!! Everyone has to start somewhere! :)) For tips, I would recommend that you first come up with a graphic style that you really like. For example, my style is more minimalistic and I like using paler colours. From there, it’s easier to find resources that will help you bring out your style. Regularly check resource blogs here like yeahps and itsphotoshop for PSDS, textures, fonts, etc. that might inspire you. Also practice makes perfect, open PS once in a while to play around with settings, how to use textures, etc. :)

(Admittedly I have to say I’m more of a gif maker now and my graphics these days are kind of lacklustre. I started out as largely a graphic maker, I’ve made literally more than 100 graphics and my inspiration for graphics is almost running dry. ://)